Sunday, July 10, 2011

Looking Through the Lens: An Artist's Eye

My husband's nephew, Bradford, is an artist with a camera. He is also a gifted man in all things technical.
Put those two talents together and you have a professional photographer who sees things behind the lens in an extremely creative way!

This is a panorama he took from his roof one night in June.
A stunning photo if I ever saw one!

"Super Moon"...largest full moon in 20 years taken on 3/19/2011.

This moon shot was taken from his backyard in Carrollton on June 13, 2011.

Not only is he a gifted photographer and astronomer......he graciously shares his talents with others!
Here he is teaching a class on telescopes at a local elementary school.

These next pics are some he took early one morning in our back yard.

He knows just when to snap that pic!

We love all the birds around here!

Bamboo wind chimes

Standing watch!

Wooden shades

Only Bradford would have noticed the beauty in an old clay pot!

Love this one!!

Louis Dean's 'custom made' fountain.

Whistling Pete!

Lake Brownwood on 6/17/2011

Bradford showing the low water level at Lake Brownwood.

He took this one with his mobile phone!!
Said he 'tweaked' all the camera settings on it!

He does photography with an eye for the artistic!

May I present to you Bradford Leonard!

Portraits, events, weddings, and landscapes
Thank you, Bradford, for letting me show you off!


  1. awesome photos...I know you are so proud...


    Thank you for sharing!!!


  3. What beautiful really is a talent and a good eye. Enjoyed
    the pictures. Thank you for posting!

  4. Wonderful pictures! THanks for sharing.