Monday, July 4, 2011


Louis Dean and I have been celebrating the 4th of July all weekend!

My good friend, Candie, came to spend Saturday afternoon with us.
We attended Fellowship Church that evening for worship service followed by
food, fellowship, fun, and fireworks!
My camera isn't the best and most of the pics did not turn out but the fireworks display was pretty festive!

Yesterday we took in a ball game at Quick Trip Park.....
the Airhogs winning over Fort Worth.
We enjoyed this from the comfort of a luxury air conditioned suite complete with hot dogs, hamburgers,
chips, cucumber salad, lemon souffle.....the WORKS!!

It's all in WHO YOU KNOW!!
This is my favorite Marine in all the world!

I even had my picture taken with Ace the Airhog who made a personal appearance in the suite just to meet us and have a photo shoot!

We ane spending this actual 4th of July finishing up projects around the house....
a long overdue denim baby quilt for a baby boy (soon to be followed by one for a baby girl!)..

and I am winding up these framed mirrors.
Step one!

Step two!

One more sanding after it's dry and they are done!
I still have a large chest, two end tables, a step stool, another large mirror and assorted frames to do.
Step by WILL happen!

I ordered my wall paper Friday and I LOVE it!!

It should be arriving in a couple of weeks!
So - as HOT as it IS in Texas - I have to finish the RE finishing so I can move on to other aspects of redoing our bedroom. I hope to be DONE by September 1st!

So whatever and however YOU are celebrating this awesome holiday......
I hope we ALL take a moment to pray for our troops who insure us the freedom
we enjoy.

"The patriot's blood is the seed of Freedom's tree."

~Thomas Campbell


Deb said...

I love going to watch the airhogs...we haven't been this year...

Pondside said...

You sure pack a lot into a weekend! Such a sweet photo of you and Louis Dean.
I hope there will be a picture of the denim baby quilt!

Flora said...

Wow...what a weekend!! You are a busy busy lady!!

Texas Tales said...

Sounds like a great weekend with good people and lots of fun! So glad you got to go to the game.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

What cute, cute photos!!!

But you my Dear, ALWAYS look cute, in photos! How do you do it???????

Gentle hugs,