Sunday, December 19, 2010

Our Winter Gazebo.... all spruced up with Snowmen! This is a theme I can leave up past Christmas!
Winter does not last long in least in the years when we actually HAVE some winter weather!
So I plan to leave these decorations up for awhile.

Louis Dean used his new electric 'blower' to rid the gazebo of the accumulation of leaves that had blown in.
He then set to the task of fixing the Christmas lights. I generally just toss them in the trash if they don't light up. He, on the other hand, determines what is wrong and FIXES it!

It is seldom so cold that we cannot enjoy a little 'sitting' time out here.
We had a fire in the fire pit as we were working .
 A bucket of pecans from LAST year made for pretty good kindling.

This tree holds all of my Snowman ornaments.
This is one Summer gave me.

I made this in the 70's.
Even though it is old and not too pretty anymore,
I simply can't make myself throw it away.

So while other parts of the country are enjoying SNOW for Christmas-
we will make  do with our SNOWman gazebo!

So get comfy in this chair and we can have a cozy chat....
I have blankets if you get chilly!
Hot chocolate or coffee?


Amber said...

very nice!

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

It's so comfortable and homey. The old ornaments are the best! Enjoy your Christmas gazebo :)

Diana Ferguson said...

Definitely hot chocolate, please! Love it.

Mummers AKA Summer said...

Can't wait to sit in the gazebo and enjoy your snowmen and a good cup of joe...(levi-ism)