Monday, December 27, 2010

The After Glow.....

of the holidays continue! We still have New Years to look forward to and I will continue to enjoy the decorations for at least another week or so.

The Grand kids came over to spend the day. They talked Aunt Amber into playing Pet Shop for awhile before we headed off to the movies! Despicable Me was a GOOD movie! The kids got the moral of the story and explained it all to ME! They had already seen it a few times but were good sports about seeing it once again!

As soon as we got back Faith and Sam wanted to play Checkers in the gazebo. Faith said, "Since we ALREADY have our COATS on!!"

I took them out cups of hot chocolate with the marshmallows we had dipped in chocolate and coated with sprinkles. We also dipped pretzels in white chocolate for our snacks!

I LOVE playing NUTS! I have told the Grand kids they can play with the grownups when they are twelve years old! We can PRACTICE in the meantime and that is what we did this afternoon. They have the game rules down and are pretty good for beginners! I can't WAIT to have more NUTS fans in the family!

As we were finishing our card game Amber arrived to pack up her cats and head back to Katy!
We will miss Snowball......she was at the vet this morning and her blood sugar was 320! WAY too high!
Amber gives her injections every morning and evening.....the vet upped the dosage today.

July was not thrilled at having to travel yet again! We will be missing this little old lady as well!

All too soon they were loading up and......

heading out! Back to Katy with all FOUR of their pets! Snowball and July, of course, and their two LARGE labs! What FUN!! They will finally be all together in their new home!

We waved good bye......why do Mothers always get teary eyed when their kids go home?

We came back into our warm and cozy is COLD in Texas today!
Had a supper of potato soup, cheese and crackers.

It was a FUN day!

I put clean flannel sheets on our bed and have already turned on the heated blanket! Now to don my flannel nightgown and curl up by the fireplace to watch two episodes of The Closer!
A perfect ending to a PERFECT day!!


Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Sounds like loads of fun!!! Happy for you!

Amber said...

It was a great day and we miss yall already! Will be looking forward to the next time. Love you mom!!

Judy said...

After Glow...most appropriate title! It all looks warm and cozy over there.

Blessings to you in 2011!

Vagabond and The Gypsy Wife said...

Hi Linda, I really appreciate your comments. Glad you're enjoying the blog. I can see that you've had qan enchanting Christmas...Paul

Deb said...

what fun times with the family...