Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Christmas Den!

 There are many memories associated with all my decorations! I wish I did not feel compelled to use so many.....but WHICH ones would I put back in the box??

How could I leave off the 'Merry Christmas' Cross stitch I made over 25 years ago? Or the paper bear cross stitch Summer made Benjamin back in 1988, the year of his birth.Or the Santa's...on balls, light bulbs and spoons? And can you see the Cinnamon Stick person on the bottom right? Benjamin made this in 1991....he was 3 years old..

I hung each and every ornament with fond memories!

Summer has gifted us with special ornaments each and every Christmas after she grew up and left home.
This 'Fishing Santa' was Louis Dean's special one from 2009.....even though we didn't put up a tree since we were in Scotland. First year EVER I have not had my own tree! However, Amber and Mike had one in their flat in Aberdeen and that worked just fine!

To the left of the candle flame is a toy drum Jesse, Jr. made when he was six. He is now 44. How can I NOT hang this one each and every year?? The little photo is of Jesse's first born son, now 8 years old. The Mop Santa's (there are two of them) were made by Amber and Benjamin when they were children.

We love our fireplace and often sit in the evening with a glass of wine and  gaze into the fire. We talk a little.
Just spending time with each other! Time is more precious than anything money can buy!

My Santa Wall......I paint a new one every year. I have a dozen in my collection now (although I have painted over a dozen as gifts to others!) but one is not quite finished. It is on a different wall and I forgot to take a pic of it.....a raccoon in a Christmas wreath, it is cute!

My newest painting.

I bought this 'Noel in 1965 and it is traditionally the FIRST decoration we hang. All the kids could not wait until they were tall enough to touch the bells and make them ring! Jesse Jr. had the privilege of hanging the Noel at the beginning of the season when he was a child. I have spruced this piece up a time or two but will always hang it exactly where it is tonight! That's a tradition!

This little bell hung on our tree when I was a child. Mother gave three of them to me when I married in 1963.
I hang them every year......

Then there are the stockings! I have been of two minds about hanging them. The red satin ones date from the 70's and I added stockings for Amber, Benjamin and Grandma in the 80's. After Summer and Jesse were grown and we had all exchanged our Christmas stockings, I let them take theirs home. Jesse and Summer, if you are reading this and would like them to hang again as they once did in the den.....I would be honored to do so! We used to fill stockings and open them on Christmas morning. Kids grow up and some traditions must change with the times and we no longer spend Christmas morning together. Christmas Eve has become the tradition in recent years and I love that! However, I decided to hang them again this year for old time's sake.

On the top shelf are some paper bag angels Amber gave me through her growing up years. Yes, some are tattered and torn....but I could NOT not place them in their position of honor.
It is hard for me to throw things away.....have you already guessed that? The poinsettias are parts of past wreaths and the greenery are the 'arms' of artificial pine trees no longer 'trees' any more!

Santa's on a piece of antique lace window curtain.

Our game table all ready to go.

I MUST have my Christmas books out! I am planning a December evening for my neighbor children and their parents whom we love dearly. Louis Dean is going to read 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas' and I am doing an edible craft with the kids FIRST...then snacks and sandwiches. What is Christmas without children to share it with?

My beautiful Christmas Cactus given to me by a mother of one of my Sunday School students.

Some gifts last years and years.....and I fondly remember Britt and often pray for her.

I will close this post on my Christmas Den with this book....'Once Upon a Christmas'.
It tells of the memories of one very gifted writer.
Louis Dean and I read aloud each day and this is our December book of choice!

May YOU hold all of YOUR Christmas memories close to your heart.
Memories are gifts you can enjoy over and over and over again....
I am enjoying mine once more this December evening.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous decorations and such wondeful meaning behind them all.

Nicole Bianchini said...

I never saw a amazing and lovely decoration like that!just sweet and magic.:)

Shannon Hopps said...

You make your world so incredibly beautiful!! I am amazed!