Friday, December 31, 2010

Creative Card Crafting!!!

Summer has an eye for design! She LOVES to craft cards and they are each one a 'work of ART'!!

She made some beautiful ones for her traditional Christmas Letters this year.
This pic is of the INSIDE and I did, indeed, read my letter 'the night before Christmas!'

The outside of my card.....

The card she crafted for Louis Dean.....featuring musical notes!
She scarfed up the extra cards from her office and whipped these out in time for our
Family Dinner and the reading of our Christmas Letters to each other.

So last night Summer came over and I dumped out a box of cards I had collected through the year.

She added card stock and I contributed several pads of Scrap booking paper I purchased yesterday at Hobby Lobby at a 66% off discount!

Add more 'tools of the trade' in Summer's box of goodies and we were ready to GO!

With a paper cutter and a mathematical mind, she set to work!

In the time it took for dinner to cook we had seven cards all ready to write and send!
Each one crafted from parts of others and layered with card stock inside for easy writing!

I LOVE these!!! PERFECT for sending out my Christmas Thank yous!!!

Not only did she whip up MY cards but she managed to make several for herself.
It was a 'Done Deal' evening for her as she wrote some of her notes and got them ready to send!

Not only did we have a stack of beautiful cards by the end of the night......we also spent some quality time together. As a mother....I am always so honored and happy when my 'kids' want to spend time with me!
She not only stayed the evening but spent the night as well!!
AND.....she is coming back next week and bringing her embossing stuff!!!
I can't wait!!

Thanks, Summer!!! I had a wonderful time!


Carla said...

I'm jealous! Linda your whole family seems to be so very talented and crafty.

Blondie's Journal said...

The cards are beautiful...I have been making them for years and I can honestly say that! It's so much more fun to do them with looks like you and Summer had a wonderful time!!

Happy New Year, sweet friend!


Unknown said...

Looks like you had fun - Happy New Year!

Summer said...

Mom, had a wonderful time! Looking forward to next week and making some more cards together. This time without the Azul but real margarita or sangria.

Luann said...

Kewl idea. I save my cards and think I can use them for decoration on a pkg or something but never quite make it a done deal. I have to SEE things in order to do them. Your group got the creative side of the family. LOL I am a copier! Love ya and so glad you get to spend the time with your kiddo's. It IS always a joy. btw Happy New year sis!

Amber said...

Crafty is as crafty does! We have an inspirational mom to thank for that. ;)

Glad you guys enjoyed a nice time together, wish I could've been there!

Deb said...

what a fun time....I'm going through your old posts....