Sunday, December 5, 2010

Chapman Christmas Home....

I usually have a Christmas Tree in every room and while I am not sure if that will hold true for THIS year...
I do have a small tree in the foyer. This is the little one I have used year round in here for years. A couple of years back I moved it to the dining room. It was beginning -who am I WAS looking like a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree! So I uprooted it from the buffet and was about to toss it out........WHEN.... I decided I could fluff it up and give it one more go at the holiday season! I filled it out with some garland, decked it with beaded garland, ribbon and a string of vintage Santa lights.

I think it was relieved to get a reprieve!

Our front door holds wreaths on either side with jingle bells in them.
Plus there is a bell wreath on the door knob. You can NOT sneak in or out of THIS house!

This is the tree in the living room. I especially enjoyed decorating this one! I have done a nature tree before using magnolia pods, pine cones and sweet gum balls among other things. That tree was on the bronze/gold side of the color palette. This year I used red  berries, 'cranberry' garland, 'ice' fronds, pine cones and some red glass balls as well as red cardinals made of glass. I believe it is my favorite tree this year!

The Snow Lady is close by with her basket of pine cones.

I just LOVE the way this tree sparkles!

Can you tell I love lots of little 'candle' lights? I use them year round!

So that is our foyer and living room all dressed up for the holidays!

Now let us go into the dining room. I used a lot of 'gold' in this room.

The glass candle holder was a gift from my daughter, Amber. I keep it in my china hutch and never pack it away for fear of breaking it!

We hung green velour stockings on this antique mantel that was in an old family home on my husband's side. The vintage photos are of various family members.....
both his and mine.

In keeping with my tradition of a tree in every room......I am counting the two woven twig tree forms filled with gold ornaments!

A couple of vintage Christmas cards.....
The 'Happy New Year' post card is dated December 30...10 pm...1937 and addressed Wisconsin.

This card is signed 'The Tally's' of my sister's last name is Talley.

The crystal snowflake was a gift from Summer.
Amber painted the Three Trees on the left when she was younger.

The buffet across the room from the mantel wall.
The sequin 'skirt' for my candle is really and truly an old sequined skirt I picked up at Goodwill. I have used it in a number of ways over the years....although I have NEVER actually WORN it!

So that is the dining let me show you the bath!

Out of compassion for my dear husband I have restrained myself! Once upon a time I used to decorate this bathroom with a snowman theme and leave it up til all winter! My poor children! They were such good sports! I continued this the first year Louis Dean and I were married. He is a long suffering man! Amber scolded me and said to take all that STUFF out of there!! So now I am more controlled in covering every spare inch with SOMETHING!

However....there IS a tree....albeit a TINY tree in there!

I cross stitched these hand towels in 1989.

Do you think Louis Dean will notice I moved a couple things so my bears could sit here?
I didn't think so, either!

I end this part of the Chapman Christmas Home Tour! We are nearly finished! I only have the sewing room, guest room and gazebo left to show you! That is three MORE trees!
I just got a GREAT idea! Why not use my Snowman theme in the GAZEBO????
I can leave it up for MONTHS!! I must close now and run to the den to share this great idea with Louis Dean!!! He will be thrilled!


Diana Ferguson said...

Everything is beautiful!!!! Enjoyed the tour.

GO COWBOYS!!! What a game yesterday.....

Amber said...

You are so funny. Love all your decorations, both old and new. Especially sweet LD, he's the best addition of all!

Luann said...

LOL i do believe the snowmen in the gazebo is an excellent idea for the winter wonderland of the Chapman home. I just love all your creativity. It always makes for an enchanted visit. Love ya!

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Cozy and homey. Love it all! And yes, you NEED Christmas decor in the potty :)

Amanda said...

Wow, you really go to town - what beautiful decorations.