Friday, July 23, 2021

Staying Busy.....

 Tuesday morning I got up at 6:04, washed my face and brushed my teeth, pulled on my bee suit, sox, and boots, grabbed my phone and put it in a small denim bag and was walking down to Dean and Sherry's by 6:40.  We drove the short distance to the Boat Bees, got the smoker going, put the bee vac up on the deck and was ready to retrieve the last ball of bees from the boat cabinet by 7:00! Unfortunately, the bee vac still wasn't working properly so we had to leave the ball of bees containing the queen. The good news was the brood box we had set on top of the cabinet was well populated with working bees! We loaded our equipment back up, leaving the box of bees there with a plan for Dean and Sherry to borrow another bee vac and get them that evening - hopefully with the queen.
I was back in the girl bunk by 8:40 and slept soundly for another 3 hours!

Louis Dean and I left the ranch around 2:30 to come back home.

I took this photo as we were pulling away from the camper/cabin.
That was the last picture I took until today - making that some kind of record for me!
It's a little over 2 hours 30 minutes from the ranch gate to our driveway in Irving if you drive straight on and don't make any stops. We did that once. But normally we stop for potty breaks, to stretch our legs or to get something to eat. That day we did all three. Subway for a late lunch put us getting home right at 5:30.

We didn't have that much to unload and unpack this time so coming home was easier than the last time when we'd been gone three weeks instead of just 7 days.

Wednesday morning I had my appointment with Dr. Nuss and now I am waiting for the office to call  and we can schedule my bladder surgery.

It was such beautiful weather - not at all like a typical July day in Texas!
Louis Dean and I worked both in and outside. I did housework and yardwork and he did repairs and projects. There's always ALWAYS more to do than we will ever get to - but we keep plugging away.

My son, Jesse, finally had the surgery he needed after his motorcycle accident and was released from the hospital Wednesday. Praise God all went well and now he can begin his recovery.

So today I went over to see him, picking up lunch at The Burger Box just a mile from his house.

Grandsons Sam and Levi were there along with Sam's girlfriend so we all gathered around Jesse's bed and ate lunch together. 
I was glad I could see my son with my own eyeballs as I say....a mom just needs to be able to see and touch their children to make sure they are okay. And he is. He's a good patient and takes care of himself. He is an emergency contingency planner as part of his job and he is well suited at that.
He carries that over to his personal life as well and the house runs like a well oiled machine.
He has his bed organized with everything he needs where he can get to it easily.
The family takes good care of him, too. Sam put his wheelchair together for him before Jesse even realized it had been delivered. Levi is front and center anytime his dad needs anything as is the whole family. It just did my heart so much good to be over there today. I love how they do 'Family.'

After lunch, Jesse took his medication and went to sleep while the kids and I went to Braums for ice cream. Sam drove us in his car - my first time to ride with him!

And Jaelyn took this pic of me and my super cute and super tall grandsons!!
I meant to take one of the her and the boys and then forgot!
She's a real beauty and sweetheart!

We all had such a nice visit.....talking about our memories of the MiMi Camps when they were young.
The last one was July of 2014 when we went to the ranch and then we had a few years of spending an etire day in August at Burger's Lake.

It was a wonderful afternoon and I went home with a happy heart!
It's a wonderful thing to have grandchildren and to be so blessed by them.
The hugs and 'I love you, Mimi!' meant so very much to me.
I will be basking in this glow for quite awhile.

I spent the afternoon with one thing and another.
I think I could work from the time I get up to the time I go to bed without stopping and still not get everything done that I meant to do.
So now I take breaks to sit on the driveway with Louis Dean or watch a TV  program together or watch our cats play chase.

This evening I cut Louis Dean's hair.

We play act being at a barber shop and Louis Dean will sit down in the chair and say, "Mama sent me!"

He cleaned up nicely!!
AND he takes out the trash!

These are the canvas prints of the cat and boots painting.
Both are birthday gifts and I think I like them.
However, I am not a good photographer and the prints are from the photo I took of the original painting. I'm thinking I need someone else - like Amber - to take the picture I'll use for the print.
This is what I'm planning to do for my Christmas painting Giveaway this year.

And speaking of Amber......I just love the pretty banner she made for my blog!
There was a time back in 2010 wen I started blogging, that she made every banner and every background for me. I finally figured out how to do it myself.....but I'll never be able to personalize it like she does.

Thank you, Amber!

PS....I forgot to say that when Sherry and Dean went back for the bees, the queen and the rest of the hive not in the brood box had swarmed yet again.
They plan on putting the bees in the new box on top of another swarm hive in the apiary. 


Estelle's said...

I love, love, love your new header! Just beautiful! Great reading about your summer days and updates on your the photo of you with your grandchildren!

Bluebird49 said...

Love that header!
I hope you can get your surgery planned and done, honey.
Sounds like Jesse is getting on the way to recovery now! So thankful for that.
Louis Dean's hair looks good. I wish I could get things done like you. I hope you are taking tmee to rest, lady!!
Love you!

Changes in the wind said...

I have a really tall granddaughter and like you look like a midget in a picture with her:) Glad Jesse surgery went well and you were able to visit. Hope you can get the queen bee to make the transfer successful.

MadSnapper said...

the first thing I notice when your post oepened was the new look and it is awesome. I did not know that you make your own or that she makes them to. I tought someone from the cutest blog on the block made them, just went there and see it is a tutorial. you and Amber are very talented and artistic. I do hope they can get the swarm moved and saved where it needs to be. I got a huge smile on my face when i saw you standing between your grandsons. super shot of all 3 of you.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's good to hear your son is doing so well. Yes, we need to see them to make sure they are ok. They are always are babies no matter how old they get. Glad you can do so much. Enjoy it while you still can.

Vee said...

Those bees! They're keeping life exciting. I love the header that Amber made. It is darling.

So glad that your son is recuperating well and that you had the opportunity to see him and the grands.

You've got a good head of hair to work on. Yes, Louis Dean is mighty handsome for sure. And you are a cutie pie

Once the docs patch you up, you're going to be feeling ever so much better. 🙏🏼

Happy days to you and Louis Dean...

photowannabe said...

Even on your slowest day you do more than me.
I spend so much time puttering and now we are into full blown selling on that takes a boat load of time but s long as things sell..I will manage somehow..
I hope you can get everything straightened out for your surgery.
Going to do my Elder-care for my friend in a few hours. I pray for energy and patience for the multiple repetitions of the same thing..sometimes its so hard. When I come home I often tell Dave that I have used up all of my words for the day..time to do something mindless on the computer...

photowannabe said...

P.S. I forgot to say I am so glad you could get eyes on Jesse. I agree, there is nothing like being with family.
You look so very tiny between your 2 grands..what a great picture.
Hope the bee swarm will get situated in a good new place. It sounds like Bees could be a full time job.

Ginny Hartzler said...

I love your boots painting! I noticed you changed your blog; which part did Amber make? And how on earth did you manage a header, as blogger does not do them anymore! You did a good job with Louis dean's hair. What will they do to your bladder?

Wanda said...

Amber did a lovely job on your new banner. So cute and "buzzing" I cut Don's hair too, and chop on my own now and then. HaHa.
Family is special and so happy you were able to spend time with Jesse. I have a picture very similar with my grandsons...we look like midgets. I just love their big hugs.
Will try the banana cake soon, and let you know how it turns out, and send you the recipe. I didn't find my mom's handwritten recipe, but between my sister and I, will try to recreate it.

Judy said...

Such a pretty header! Smiling at your ‘barbershop’ since we do the same thing over here. I’m not always an enthusiastic barber but he prefers the home cuts to the professional ones. Glad your son is on the mend and in good hands!