Wednesday, May 23, 2018

It's A Tuesday Kind of Wednesday!

Today felt very meek and mild after all the excitement around here lately with the bees.
Since Louis Dean has been staying away from the utility room area until the bee situation gets resolved, he's been doing some of this and that in the front room.

I'm loving the wall between the camper and the room!
This handy little shelf has a light underneath. Louis Dean put this up over the area I'm using as a cook counter and those hot pads and salt and pepper shakers are coming in handy!
My son and daughter in law (Jesse and Leigh Ann) gave us three or four small white shelves and cabinets when they redid their bathroom a few years ago. They are finding their new 'forever' home here at the ranch!

I should have this wall to decorate tomorrow.
This is where I am planning on hanging my 'Home is Where Your Honey Is' sign.

While Louis Dean was out there working, I was painting.

Finally finished my Hen and Eggs - but I just noticed I forgot to sign my name.

I decided it was time to do a landscape and I have been wanting to do one with cows and a pasture.

The first layer of paint is on.
This looks a lot like our 'front yard' here.
It's actually Mr. Jackson's cattle and pasture.
I am going to add two big trees just because I can.

Buddy makes such a good subject to paint!

Session #1.....

The place smelled good today as my pork roast was cooking.
We are eating well while we are down here.

Sherry came down to don her bee keeper clothes and check the hives.
She pointed out the rainbow as she came up.
It was raining somewhere!
The wind picked up and blew in some cooler temps which made it very comfortable this late afternoon.
Sherry thinks they may have got the queen after all because the bees are all going into the hive box.
Well, not all of them but most.
She will come down again tomorrow night and check again.
Sherry gave me some 'clean' beehive......I guess it's the beeswax. Fascinating!

It's on the early side but we may be going to bed soon. Louis Dean has been working steady all day.
I don't know how he keeps on going! I'm glad I don't have to keep up with him!
Tomorrow he has asked me to help him get reorganized and help his sort his tools and the gillion screws and nails and such. I am going to do my best! Not sure how long it will STAY organized once it gets that way. We'll see......
We need to start thinking about finishing up projects and cleaning things up since we will be going home soon. Only 5 more days before we leave......


Linda said...

Sounds like all is well with the bees. Your painting is coming along well and that means you are a happy camper. Louis Dean has had a bad time with those bees. It was bad enough they stung him but now he’s had to give up his workspace because of the bees.

Bluebird49 said...

You've rea!my been using your artistic talent down there! I love it all.
Hope you two are sound asleep by now. I sure want to be!!

Kathy said...

Good news about the bees. Let's hope it is all settled before you go home. I love that little shelf over your cooking area. It's beginning to look like a little house. Love all of your country paintings. You seem inspired when you are in the country. Good luck sorting everything tomorrow.

Carol said...

What an adventure the bees have been. Louis Dean makes me tired just reading of all his work. I love the cook shelf and I love your paintings. I am thinking of decorating my kitchen with chickens.

Susie said...

Linda, I love the hen picture. You are so very talented. That goat picture will make LD happy, as he is the goat herder. I just can't wait to see all your pictures. Hey, You guys work hard so you should be able to eat well while exerting all that energy. Glad Sherry is checking the bees situation. Blessings to all, xoxo,love you, Susie

Vee said...

Wonderful to see how creative and prolific you are with both words and paintings. Louis Dean just keeps plugging away and look at all he accomplishes. I must remember to keep on keeping on...things will get done that way. So glad that the bees are finding their way to the hive. Hopefully, they’re getting their queen all set up and comfortable. Sherry is very accomplished as well. Is there anything she can’t do?! Have another happy day at the ranch!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You certainly do keep busy there. Both of you. Hopefully that bee situation will be ending soon so work can continue on your utility room. But having another wall up in the front room is a great accomplishment. I can only imagine that in the 5 days left a lot will get done. Have a happy Thursday!

Changes in the wind said...

Rest and productivity all at the same time:)

MadSnapper said...

LD and bob are just alike, they go and go and go and refuse to stop because they can't stop until it is done... we are blessed to have them, MOST of the time. LOL.... I love the lighted shelf, really pretty with the bottles as vases.