Tuesday, May 8, 2018

A Bonus Trip to the Country!

We left Irving behind Monday afternoon and headed south to the country.

I could feel myself relaxing as I watched the cityscape turn into rural country scenes.

The reason for this extra special little trip was to deliver Dean back to the ranch after his Karate trip to Washington. We jumped at the opportunity to take him home!

Sherry met up with us at a catfish place in Waco where we all had dinner.
Louis Dean had not had one thing to eat that day and it was nearly 6:00!
I have GOT to keep a better eye on him.
He was so dead set on getting the truck loaded and picking his son up and then getting down to Waco, he simply didn't stop long enough to eat.

After dinner, Dean and Sherry went their way to do errands and we went ours.
I wish I would have said, "See y'all back at the ranch!"

There was a new Dollar Tree just a block or two from our restaurant so I asked Louis Dean to let me run in for a minute. He stayed in the truck.

We picked up some fancy lunch meat and cheese at HEB along with some fresh fruit and one thing and another. We are only  here for less than 48 hours so we didn't need much.
Louis Dean was in a hurry to just 'GET there!!!'

On our way to the country!!

Heading to Mart on Highway 6.....

As we came into Mart, we had to make one more stop at the Dollar store for milk.
Louis Dean was in such a rush that he forgot to pick up some at HEB!

We drove out to the ranch on what I call the 'Dollar Store Road.'
If you turn left out of the store, it will take you all the way to another road that will take you to another road that will take you to the road to the ranch.

I like this road even though it is a rough one.
You pass some old abandoned houses that for some reason I find beautiful.

This one especially.
You can see a shack right next to an abandoned house which might be next to a regular home.
No one seems to mind living across the street from something like this.
It's beautiful in a melancholy way.

Now we are on the road heading to the County Line.
It was fun to see how the crops have grown.

Corn or maize on the right and wheat on the left.
Or some kind of grain.

At last we arrived at the gate. It was nearly dark but not quite.
When I came in the front door and walked through the front room to open the door by where we park the truck, I could smell the scent of pine. 
It smelled so nice but I had no idea where the fragrance was coming from.

Later on, I found the source of the pine when I was putting some things on the shelf out there.
A pine wreath left forgotten in a basket!
I put it back up on the shelf!

We sat out and watched the stars for a little while after we had settled in.
Amber FaceTimed us with the news that Kailey had lost her first tooth!
First Harrison, next Logan and now Kailey!! She pulled it herself!
 THE most precious thing was the note she wrote to the Tooth Fairy - unbeknownst to Amber.

Amber sent this pic to me!!!
I love how she spelled excited!
'as si dit.'

Today was like a gift.
I started out in the 'big' bed....aka double bed.
We tend to keep each other awake when we share a small bed so I got up and went to the Girl Bunk.

What a handsome guy was right outside my window when I looked out this morning!
He had been up and already working.
I had my first cup of coffee in bed.....

I put some new things in the front room.

Four glasses from the Dollar Tree.....unbreakable which make them perfect for out here!
$1 each.

A diffuser cup holding some fruit.....$1.
Louis Dean said, "Why didn't you buy me one?"

I.could.not.resist. buying this super cute yellow flowered fly swatter!!!
It hangs right next to my lady painting.
Funny, but the flies have not 'arrived' yet!
They were certainly here this time last year!
That's why we keep so many coasters handy to cover our drinks.

I made us a late lunch of chili dogs and potato chips.....at Louis Dean's request.
Then, while he took a nap, I strolled down to the meadow to sit for awhile.

It is my favorite place.
I remember seeing it one April dotted with colorful tents when Dean was holding a Karate Camp.

I found the pic!
Or one of them.
The wood in the foreground was to be the bonfire at the end of camp.
Those were a lot of fun!
This camp was from 2014.
We have only had our camper down here resting permanently for 3 years this month!

The meadow is a good place to visit and it's my habit to call my friend, Linda, in Oregon while I'm down here. She and I had a nice long satisfying phone visit. The time flew by as we chatted on one topic after another. We plan to get together when we are going near her on our way back from Washington in September.
Not sure what we will find for Louis Dean to do while we talk and talk and talk!
As I walked and talked on my way back up to the camper, I noticed three killdeer walking in front of me and then saw that the three horses were following me. It was a kind of parade!

This evening I cleaned the table and four chairs we bought last week at the thrift store before putting them in the front room.
That meant I had to take the smaller table out to the deck in front.
That will work well out there.

As we sat out tonight you could hear the coyotes making a racket.
They were all upset about something but then they calmed down.
We enjoy the night sounds but not some of the night scents.
Skunk smells drift over from time to time but they don't last long.

Kimmy and June gave us some Apple themed coffee cups and they go perfectly with the Apple box I found at Goodwill recently.
This table is a regular kitchen size with four chairs.

They are blond wood and look like they may have come from IKEA.
I have to use a cloth to cover the table since my printer is stored underneath it.
It was a surprise when the chair covers fit - more or less.
I have one red cover so I just need one more.

It's been a gift of a day and we closed it out with a campfire.
We go home tomorrow......but we will be back!


Ginny Hartzler said...

The meadow is a beautiful place! As to the shacks and old abandoned homes, you really hit the nail on the head when you said "beautiful in a melancholy way". This is what I was feeling, but could not put into words. Sad but picturesque. I like your apple theme, and the unbreakable glasses are so pretty! I know you don't want to leave so soon!

Hootin Anni said...

Ohhhh, the country atmosphere...how I love it...spending time here, with you.

Susie said...

Linda, Your Texas corn is growing . We just spotted some sprouts around here yesterday. The farmer is planting beans across the road today. Making dust for days now. I want to open my window,but I will wait till he's down planting. Love hearing the coyotes...although in person it would make my hair stand up. So sweet you and LD got Dean back to home. I loved the little tooth fairy note...squeezes our hearts. Your new room is going to be so nice and cozy. Blessings to all of you. love, xoxo, Susie

Arlene G said...

Those coyotes were making a racket. The last time we were at Grimmwood, the bull frogs in the pond put on a concert for us. People think it is quiet in the country but it really is not.lol

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Wow those coyotes where worked up over something!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You sure pack a lot into each day. Safe travels my friend! Hugs, Diane

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I so enjoyed your trip to the country with all the pictures you shared. Our farmers have barely started planting our corn and we won't see it that height until mid July. Due to the prolonged cold, it may be later this year. Your table looks like it's found a good home and is a good size for your room. Hope you have a safe trip home again to the city. You do have the best of both worlds for sure !

Shirley said...

Good Morning Linda, The quads are growing so fast. I can hear Lewis agreeing to take Dean home. It will take you to the country. Any excuse to go to the country is always worth it. I would like just a drive in the country. Have a great day. Hugs and prayers from your Missouri Friend Shirley

Pondside said...

Those little breaks to the country must be so good for heart and soul! I love how you have fixed your place up - and I loved that little note to the tooth ferry. Those babies are growing up so fast!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

What a wonderful post… So many wonderful pictures and happenings… Got to say it’s difficult to pass up a dollar store no matter where you are ha ha thank you for you’re so kind comment on my recent post! Blessings to you all

MadSnapper said...

home sweet home and a fire pit. oh my.. love all the things you saw driving on that road, especially the old buildings. wish i could hear those coyotes in real time.. your contentment is spilling out of your blog once again. i love the pic of dean and sherry at the resturant

Vee said...

Even a quick trip feeds the soul. I love those early childhood spellings! Does that handsome man under your window ever sing you awake? 🙂 Texas looks so lush and green...what a beautiful meadow. 🌿 Enjoy your hours in the country.

bj said...

Whhat a fabulous place in the country...i love your cozy camper..and I have to keep from getting sad about campers...some of our best and most fun times were in our sweet camper.
If ever I get to Waco, can I call you and you meet me there??

Carole said...

Glad you deciphered that word for us... so asciteing

I need to find a diffuser cup - might be just the thing for keeping on my bedside table.


Rain said...

Hi Linda :) Your photos are beautiful! I know that feeling you described. When we have to occasionally go to the city, on the way there, we get that anxiety starting...but as soon as we see the mountains on the way back, it's a sigh of relief and relaxation! I love your hat by the way!!! :)

Small Kucing said...

a road trip a road trip ...what fun it is :)

Skunk smells? Yikes. glad it didnt hinder your enjoyment

Carla said...

I love the photos you share. You're good. Have you been to Leon's antiques store in Mart? If not you need to. I feel their prices are very reasonable and lots of fun stuff and the folks are really nice. I met the Ms Reed of Reeds Grocery Store this past weekend. I'll be blogging about that next. LOL. I don't know but I think you and LD need to build a permanent place on the farm. LOL and just keep a place in Irving to visit. Hugs