Sunday, May 20, 2018

Chicken Little is Back, Rain, Critter Chores, Fresh Flowers and We Are Happy Campers!!!

We were out in the front room doing our Bible reading and having coffee when I caught a glimpse of Chicken Little!

She's BACK!!!

Bless her heart! She has been a victim of barn yard bullying! 
That can also be known as 'chicken loving' but she doesn't seem too happy about it!
We thought she was well and happy but we were looking at another chicken that just looked like a healthy Chicken Little! She came back up here on her own so maybe she can stay.
We are only gone for two weeks out of the month.....
At any rate - Louis Dean and I were both ridiculously happy to have her back!
He went right out and put up a ladder against the camper so she would know she was most welcome.

We are on Critter Duty and StepSon Dean called us this morning with the news that rain - heavy rain - was on its way! 

We cut our coffee time short and headed down to tend to the critters!

Just look how BIG those baby goslings are!!
We fed all the ducks in the peacock pen first, then went around to the three hen houses, followed by the coops and cages that we fed and watered.
Feeding the cat came next and then I let the ducks out and we opened the three hen houses so they can free range before coming back up to the camper.

The wildflowers were so pretty that I decided on picking some fresh bouquets
 before the rain rolled in. Great timing!!

We could see it coming and I checked the radar on my iPad.

I gathered what was close and sat at the picnic table making up the bouquets.

The first drops of rain arrived just as I finished!
When you gather wildflowers - just so you know - you gather insects and spiders as well!!
I was glad I made the arrangements outside instead of IN!!

I love our Camper Home!

Then here came the rain!
It lasted over three hours!

I went down to put the ducks up......
and take a nice hot shower and shampooed my hair at Dean and Sherry's place.

Louis Dean walked down with me.
He is such a gentleman.

I fixed our supper of pinto beans, fresh onion slices, cornbread muffins and banana pudding while he went back up to take a long soaking bath. He shut up the hen houses on his way back.

Chicken Little climbed up the ladder and proclaimed this day is done.

We are going to bed this Sunday night as very happy campers!!


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

A good day and glad that Chicken Little is back to visit - bet it is as long as you are there.

Bluebird49 said...

I know the hen is happy you're back. Will she wander back to get fed when you leave?
Sounds like you had a good Sunday together and I'll bet rain on the camper roof sounds wonderful. That sounds like a country supper you fixed. When I was young, we always said dinner instead of lunch, and supper for our evening meal! Is it that way in Texas, too?
Thanks for praying for our two hurting ones and their mom and dad. I know He's always listening, and I know His righteous will will be done!
Have a good Monday, y'all!

Linda said...

Put Chicken Little in a pet carrier and she can travel back and forth with you.

Susie said...

Linda, Poor chicken little. She likes that ladder perch. Your bouquets look very pretty. So good you can shower at Dean's. I know you and LD are loving the new front room. Blessings, xoxo, Love you, Susie

Arlene G said...

Chickens can be mean!! Glad your hen will have a happy home with yall.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are blessed to be such happy campers there at the ranch. Your chicken is so cute and nice to know she remembers where she is safe. The wildflowers are beautiful. So nice you can enjoy them. You are definitely surrounded by a little bit of heaven. Hope the week ahead id a great one for you too!

Changes in the wind said...

Who would guess that you would be adopted by a chicken:) Animals are so special. It is good you can care for the animals when Dean and Sherry are gone.

Tina said...

I enjoyed reading three posts in a row from you this Monday morning -- I guess my blog thingy decided to hold them back for some reason! I'm happy you're feeling more energetic and I think you are very wise to have a "Deanie" day when you need one! You are right that having something to lose yourself in is so helpful and you are so talented at painting! I'm happy that you two can provide a safe space for Chicken Little, poor thing! Have a great Monday!

Debbie said...

Glad to hear you are back "home" in your delightful camper, Linda. I just love those wildflower arrangements you made up...spiders and all!!! How fun to take care of all those critters! We have one finch, and two bunnies, and a soon to be kitty. I miss our little farm...but your posts always warm my heart when I visit here. Have a blessed week, my friend.

MadSnapper said...

glad you are at your Happy Camper and having fun with a chicken on your ladder. lol... LOVE those flowers in bottles. forget the spiders and bugs though... you are now officaly a chicken mom

MadSnapper said...

forgot to say, How did we live without radar on a tablet????

Cheapchick said...

I love that you have a house chicken :) She formally adopted you it looks like

Saimi said...

Best kind of camping is snuggling up on a rainy day! Love your boot by the way. We have those same yellow wild flowers and before I realized they came with bugs I put them in a vase on our dining room table - then the bugs started crawling all over the table Yikes! I could'nt get those flowers out of there fast enough. I learned they are best to be viewed outside haha.
Your chicken and ducks are adorable!

Vee said...

Chicken Little is so darling on that ladder! πŸ–Ό Looks like a painting to me...

Carole said...

Happy campers indeed. We have a NZ comedy duo, the Topp Twins and one of their personas is Camp Mother - is that you??? Cheers

Stacey said...

Hi Linda! I had to pop in and see how you are doing. Your days always make me smile. Pinto beans and cornbread would be just about our favorite dinner!

BeachGypsy said...

OH my goodness look at that big old storm coming in!! Looks scary. Guess it brought y'all alot of rain. I do love your cute fancy BOOTS!! I have a pair, but mine are plain black. I love them though and they sure do come in handy. I am again enjoying all your adventures out in the country. I love all the pretty pictures, my favorite is the on of the bouquets on the table, that is very very pretty. I love pretty wildflowers too and yes, you sure do have to be careful with them, LOL Well, wish I could've had a big bowl of those good pinto beans with yall. I love mine with cornbread and onions!! And sweet tea, lots of it!

Carla said...

Look at all the pretty flowers in vases. Glad you worked with them outside first. Love the boots.