Friday, June 30, 2017

I Love My Life! Country, Sisters, Critters, Laundry.....Our Thursday!

I love this pic of my sister having fun at Burgers Lake with her grands!!

Deanienand her Andie!!!
They all had fun at Burgers Lake!

This is such a fun place!
Nathan and Tyler had a ball!
I do love my sisters! It was wonderful to see Deanie looking so happy!

And I love my Nita!!
She is the best sister one could ever have.
She always thinks the best of me in any given situation.
My siblings and I keep a message thread going and it is our 'lifeline' into each other's lives.
We especially need that connection as we deal with our mother and how to best take care of her.

Now for our view of life in the country!

Laundry Day!!!

As my friend, Ginny said - Red/White and Blue!!

We found the Tomato Man yesterday!
Need I say more??

The flowers are beginning to fade....
These are still pretty!

Dean and Sherry are away and we are doing Critter Chores for the weekend.....

It's harder than it looks!
The ducks are lured back to the pen for own sakes!

Louis Dean brought the three goats up to the pens!
Coyotes are aggressive and can be deadly.

Our Maggie is alive and well in the country!
She was always a country cat!

Louis Dean worked om the 'dwelling' addition while I did the laundry.
You may not be able to see that he has put up the siding and it is beginning to look like a real room!

I don't know......I may be a bit sentimental tonight....but I am thankful for my sisters and brother and how they have cared for our mother. We have taken so much better care of her than she ever took of us. I am just being real tonight and I hope I don't regret it in the morning. I think my sisters are saints and I hope I can do as well as they have done!


Ginny Hartzler said...

You are so blessed to have your sisters!! I always wanted a sister. Not only is your laundry red, white, and is your lunch!!! The sweet flowers in the Fourth Of July pail are so lovely, really country looking! We ALL know there is no perfect mom. We each just try to do the best we can. Good to see Maggie!! I just HAVE to say it, Maggie's picture is red, white, and blue!!!

BeachGypsy said...

i enjoyed this visit out to the beautiful and peaceful country with you tonight! love all your pictures....ESPECIALLY THE laundry.....I love love love clothesline pictures! I still hang out clothes to dry too...not many people do this anymore

Susie said...

Linda, Now that's a laundry line. I bet it a task herding the animals back to safety. There's only two or three cats left in this area, they live down the road...because coyotes got them. Linda, you and your siblings have grace in your hearts. I know what you mean about your mother. Blessings to all of you, xoxo,love, Susie

MimiG said...

Linda, don't regret saying what your heart was feeling. You didn't say it out of malice, just love - especially for your sisters. Red, white and blue clothesline - what memories! I miss a clothesline, but as my allergies have gotten worse, don't think I can sleep on sheets dried outside, but I used to love the smell of the sun on my pillowslips.
Glad the additions are all coming along and that Dean and Sherry have made y'all so welcome on the ranch. More good times ahead!!
How is Summer doing? Still saying prayers for her and healing in His time.

Vee said...

Sisters and brothers are special blessings in this life...most of the time.;> The more the better when coping with a mother who needs extra help. I don't know if you're regretting the comment this morning, but truth is truth.

Nothing prettier than a line full of clothes against a blue it!

Enjoy this last weekend for a bit taking care of the critters. I am assuming that you hope to be back with the Quad Squad for the 4th...

Sandra said...

my favorite photos today are the laundry pics. they are beautiful... I wish I had sisters, only one brother and nothing like having a sister.

obscure said...

You should never worry about regretting your truth.

Changes in the wind said...

What a great shot of laundry blowing in the that is freedom:) You and your siblings have done what is right with your Mom and God will and does bless you for it.

Nonnie said...

Oh your pictures today are simply wonderful! Great job. I love my brother and sister and we are closely connected. Your mom is so blessed to have all of you to care for her. I've never heard of Burgers Lake and am off to look for it now. It looks fun.

Sue ZK said...

never regret expressing our own truth .

Ang said...

Only you could make laundry look beautiful! I'm just now getting back into the blogging swing and didn't realize your mom was sick. I'll definitely have to go back and do some catching up with you!

Gypsy Heart said...

What you feel is your truth and there's nothing wrong with expressing it! There are no perfect parents or Norman Rockwell families...we just all do the best we can! Some work harder at parenting than others. Please don't feel bad!
I always wanted a sister. :) My brother is the best though!! Been forever since I've seen laundry hanging out on a clothesline. :) I always loved the fresh smell of clean sheets. I couldn't do that now due to all the pollen and stuff in the air.

Enjoy your weekend!

Wanda said...

Linda, I love your posts. How you share your life in such honest and tender ways. Your siblings are a lifeline. I only have one sister, she 82. We cared for our mom. It's hard, but like you say...they cared for us. Lost my little brother 2 years ago to cancer, so it's just me and Donna now. I need to call her more. Wish she lived close to me. I love your country home, and laundry hanging on a line, is pure artistry. Love it. Love and hugs, precious friend.