Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Tuesday Treasures and Wednesday Adventures!

Yesterday my step son and I made a trip to Waco. We had about 5 stops to make and the first one was Goodwill! It's Senior Discount Day! I love it that Dean enjoys doing the same things I do! The only way the day could have been better would have been if his 'Auntie' (Ruth Ann) was with us!
I missed her on this Tuesday and Dean always misses her!

We took the road beside the Dollar Store in Mart back to the ranch.
I do think it is the prettiest.

I love everything about being out here.
I love the cows - knowing I am not responsible for them.

I love the fields of crops - corn and cotton are what we are seeing now - knowing I don't have to work the fields or worry about them. On our last visit down here, we saw the crop duster plane swooping down on all the fields around here.

I still can't believe I am here!

I've always yearned in my heart to be a country girl but I never really believed it would happen.

Dean was a good sport at the Goodwill. He bought a bag of cozies for $2. You know, those little things you can slide your bottle of water - or beer - in to keep it cool.

Here's what I got!

Lots of patriotic things! Fitting since today is Flag Day!

These are like small quilts. I bought two thinking I would use them as table toppers. 

Four place mats for the picnic table when Dean and Sherry are here with us.

A vinyl tablecloth!

Faux sunflowers! I get the real thing down here so I may take these home.

Another book. I finished one today and was left feeling very unsatisfied about the ending.
It was actually a true story and I thought it was a novel. Silly me! I put the book in a pretty fabric book cover and didn't remember to read the jacket first.

This is hanging by the camper door now.

This is the way I used the flag banners.
The more layers you can use to cover this west window - the less heat comes in the camper!

Late that afternoon Home Depot arrived with the latest load of Louis Dean's building materials.

The same guy delivered it and Louis Dean really likes him.
He invited him to stay for dinner - but of course he couldn't.

Note Louis Dean's clothes hanging?
He hosed himself down the other day to cool off and hung up his wet clothes.

That's a bathroom that's being delivered!

Tuesday's Bouquet!
Purple-Head Sneezeweed......
made me remember I need to go to town and buy some Zyrtec!

It's the most pleasant way to end our day -
wine and conversation on the deck - soon to be our - what? sun room?

Today - Wednesday, June 14th, was an 'at home' type of day.
No make up. No hair do. 
I did housekeeping chores and a bit more painting with that one can of Colonial Red Paint.
I read and watched some Downton Abbey - I'm in Season Five and have left Louis Dean behind as he has lost interest. We did see the entire season before so this is my second viewing and, apparently, once was enough for him. That's fine since he was busy laying out the foundation for the bathroom today.

I rode my bike down to feed the goats this evening and saw the ducks on their pond.

MiMi - or is it BeeBee? - was the happy recipient of today's 'scrap bag.'
I save all our food scraps, and vegetable peelings and such for them.

She's eating a piece of stale sandwich thins.....they have a lot of fiber but I let them get old on me.

You can see there are wildflowers everywhere here!

Today's bouquet features......


Indian Blanket........

and ......I don't know what this one is! I can't seem to find it in my Wildflowers of Texas book but I will keep looking. I hope I can remember these names - but I doubt it.

I went down to shower at Sherry and Dean's place this evening.

The ducks were all sitting right outside. This was my view from their bathroom window.

And THIS was my ride down there and back!

Yes! I am becoming a COUNTRY GIRL!!!


Linda said...

Anytime you can have that much fun you should keep at it. Stay as long as you can. Eventually that Texas heat will drive you back to Irving. Then you can dream of returning in the fall, renewed to finish your projects.

Deanna Rabe said...

Dreams do come true!

Bluebird49 said...

Loving your life means everything! I know with Louis and Dean, a new working bathroom isn't far away!

God bless all of you!

Ginny Hartzler said...

I love your Goodwill haul this time!! The rooster placemats, little flag quilts, and tablecloth are totally awesome! That road that runs through the fields is so pretty. Such a cool patriotic bucket of flowers! It really screams "Country!"

Susie said...

Linda, Sounds like you are having fun.I almost laughed about Dean going junkin with you. You always find some great things. I like the wildflower bouquets. LD was probably in heaven , seeing that new pile of lumber. LOL What a working man !!! Take care of each other. Blessings, love you, xoxo, Susie

Sandra said...

What amazes me is that they had all that red white and blue at Goodwill and that's exactly what you wanted for that front porch. Good job.

Arlene Grimm said...

I am watching Downton Again as well Linda. We think alike. I finished Little Paris Bookshop and I wish we could sit down and discuss it. It was a different sort of story but it left me thinking about it for several days after I turned the last page. I am passing it on to my friend, Susan. Cant wait to see the finished is moving along.

Jan said...

I love that name "sneezeweed". Most blooming plants are "sneezeweeds" to me!!

Carole said...

Love that quote, Linda!

Vee said...

=) You do seem to settle right in wherever you are. As long as there's AC, all's well. Oh and thrift shopping and some of your favorite peeps.

peppylady (Dora) said...

Everything looks so far a head of what we have in Idaho..Coffee is on