Friday, June 2, 2017

A Rainy Friday and ME!!!

I knocked out TWO Well Woman type of appointments today!
A bone density scan and a mammogram.

As I was about to leave the hospital - the skies opened up and there was no way I could go out in all that pouring rain. So.....I toured the hospital lobby and ended up in the ladies room.

I don't always look this nice so I took a selfie!!!
Once the rain let up, I was off to do some errands and I made a Marco Polo video to send to Summer and Rayne. I thought, "Goodness! I don't look half bad!" So I took another selfie!

Now this one is not edited or 'softened' as I so often do......
it's the real!
If I were brutally honest, I would share a pic from the Marco Polo I sent Summer the other day.....
but I'm not THAT honest!!

I went to the bank, the post office and the Dollar Store before I got home just ahead of the storm!

It was only two years ago when this amount of rain would have us soaking up water from the den, sewing room and filling sandbags to put in the front!

We forgot to put out the drain extenders but we're still good!

Louis Dean and I meant to have a glass of wine before our early dinner......
we stayed in the gazebo for over two hours!

It finally let up and we went in.......

I love weather!!
ALL kinds of weather!!
However, our love affair with the possums is over so I kept the French doors closed to the rain freshened air tonight!

It may not be the season but I made a batch of Fruitcake Cookie Dough tonight!
It is meant for a special lady - Lily - and I will be taking a tin full to her on Sunday.
I will be making another tin to take to my friend, June, and yet another to Reaoma.
The cookies are delicious no matter the season!

Yesterday I helped Amber prep for the quads birthday party which will be tomorrow afternoon.
Nothing like a party to spur us into action!
That's the way we roll!

Look what's happening at the ranch!!!

This is our new driveway going in!!
More pics to come later!

Now Louis Dean and I are going to catch up on NCIS New Orleans before heading to an early bedtime! We have a full day ahead of us tomorrow!!

YUP!!! That would be ME!!!!
September 24th!!


  1. You are lookin mighty fine Miss Linda! That was quite a downpour glad you made it home okay. I'm sure that party tomorrow will be a rip roaring event for sure. Hope you have a good rest tonight!

  2. You look GREAT Linda, make sure you get some good sleep before helping with the darling's 5th Birthday Party !!!! Can you believe how the time has gone. And now a crushed rock driveway instead of (mud) dirt road. Celebration.


  3. You look wonderful, Linda! I love your hairstyle!

  4. Yeah, you will have a driveway! No more being stuck in the mud at the ranch!!! I cannot wait to see the Quads birthday party! What did you get them? Seriously, I don't think you look a day over 40 in the closeup picture!! Your coleus is doing beautifully!

  5. Nice photo of you, you look cute and happy. I imagine the quads party will be fun.

  6. Looking great, Linda!
    So glad about your driveway---I think being in the country does you so much good!:)

  7. Your selfies are just lovely. Your beauty shines from the outside and certainly shines from you loving attitude and love of the Lord and life.

  8. You are looking good, Linda! Great selfies. That was quite a rainstorm you had. I love rain fresh air too, but I don't think I would want possums in my house either. I was going to ask if the quads were having a birthday party. Can't wait to see the pictures. I guess every birthday is a celebration that they and Amber made it through that time 5 years ago. Look at that driveway! No more getting stuck in the mud.

  9. Beautiful pics pretty lady! I hope I look as good as you when I'm your age!!! Love me some Johnny Depp too ��❤️��

  10. You and BJ! (Johnny Depp fans...πŸ™‚) Well now, you are looking especially cute, but then you usually do. I know that you'll be looking cute tomorrow to celebrate a special birthday.

    Wow! That driveway is going to be great. Here it would get plowed away as mine has done, but there it should stay put, unless goats eat rocks.

    πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆA very happy celebration to all today! Hope the quads love every minute.

  11. you really do look great, I love your outfit and sandals and send your rain please. we got a 15 minute shower yesterday but not a downpour...

  12. Girl, you know you are looking good. :) I think you are a very pretty lady....with a handsome husband. :) I like the coziness of your porch. Glad you got those texts done. I need to get mine done. Hooray for that new drive down at the ranch. That will be so nice. Have a great weekend of birthday fun. Blessings to the whole family, xoxo, love you, Susie

  13. You are a beautiful woman inside and out Linda!!

  14. You look beautiful, Linda. I love reading your blog and I admire your spirit and how you live life to the fullest, and GIVE so much of yourself. You are a gem and you have one gem of a husband too. Best wishes, Beth

  15. You are a beautiful lady both in and out, and you will continue to stay that way! Looking forward to the photos of the birthday party. Have a fun and happy day!

  16. Aren't you just the cutest little blonde bug ever!!!!!