Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Country Day and a Starry Night! I DO Love the Country Life!!!

I did, indeed, go to bed early and slept late in 10:00 this morning.
No guilt because I am RETIRED! Louis Dean says that just means we get TIRED again!!

After we completed our morning routine - which included coffee and Chocolate Sundae Pop Tart - for HIM - and a Fruitcake Cookie for ME - we drove the truck down to the meadow to cut up some wood for our campfire tonight. 

While Louis Dean worked on the extension cords for the chain saw......I went off exploring.
I love ALL barbwire wreaths!!

The meadow is one of my very favorite places down here on the ranch.

I walked back up to the camper to make some sandwiches and took pictures all the way.

Yard Art!!
Our camper is up there in the distance.

I love looking at all the things down here on the place.

When I returned with our picnic lunch, Louis Dean was still working on the extension cords to make his chain saw work.

My hero!!!

He knew how much I wanted a fire tonight and he made it happen!

It is so beautiful out here......

the birds and the trees and the beauty of the country.....

on my way back to the camper, I stopped at the chicken coop.......

and these are what I gathered!
Louis Dean meant to make ham and eggs for our supper tonight.....

but instead we opted to eat the leftovers we found in the fridge!!
When we added wine - well, it made a perfect meal!

I sent this pic to my sister, Deanie, this afternoon.
She will be visiting us on the ranch for the very first time tomorrow!
Only Nita and Mike have been here when they visited us last fall.
I do so love our country camper!!!
One by one we are adding visitors.
Guess who our next visitor - after Deanie -will be?
Kailey!!! That little girl called us on Face Time all by herself!!
We ended up with a great conversation with all four of the quads plus Amber.
My heart just melted when Kailey said, "MeeMaw, are you in your camper??? You are so far away! I love you, MeeMaw!" *sigh* I said, "MeeMaw will be home soon!" And so I will!!!

While I love being out here where life is so simple.....

and we get to watch people working the land....
we will be going home soon.
We so admire Dean and Sherry and how they have worked hard to make their dream of country living come true.

We are grateful they share this life with us!
I brought down a heavy bag of blue jeans........

and turned them into stacks of denim squares from which I will sew them into hand crafted quilts.

Tonight's sunset.....

and it just gets better!!

The moon is up and we are celebrating a country evening!!

The meadow this morning at the ranch.......

The Neighbor Feeding His Cows this afternoon......

No pics of the lovely time we had sitting by the fire and watching the stars.....

Louis Dean got cold and wanted to com inside the warm camper!
Closing out our night with disc 5 of Season 2 of LOST!
We hope to finish the season before we leave so we may be up late tonight!


  1. Do you not use a rotary cutter to whack out the denim? I don't know what I would do without mine as using scissors is so hard on my hands.

    Another beautiful day on the ranch. Deanie is going to being so much fun. And Kailey is going to visit? Oh fun times!

    1. It is pretty bad when even I don't know what I was trying to say. Was it that Deanie is going to be so much fun or that she is going to bring so much fun? Either way is better than what I put down. Have fun!

  2. I am SO glad you and LD are in the camper and having a lovely week on the ranch. Hugs.

  3. Interesting Louis Dean has apparently not has respiratory problems while at the ranch. I know city air has pollution but isn't country air full of stuff to make you sneeze?

  4. I too love my retirement and I miss the country life of my younger days. Your sharing on your stay at the ranch is very interesting and I think it is a very enjoyable holiday there for you and Louis Dean.

  5. You sure make it look fun and there's nothing better than a sandwich and potato chips eaten under the sky. :)

  6. What a wonderful full day:) Being in the country changes your frame of mind I think.

  7. I love all the country scenes too and that cozy camper! Enjoy your day...both of you! Hugs, Diane

  8. Well, who wouldn't want to come visit you on the ranch? This will be a great place for the quads to visit! Now, I think you win first prize for the sunset pictures...don't you just love being a Texas girl? Hugs!!

  9. Dear Linda, it was fun taking a tour of the meadow, the old red tractor picture one of my favorites. It was like being with you all for a bit. Have so much fun.

  10. i feel like you are dangling a carrot in front of my face/camera calling me to come and see that farm. i would snap myself silly. enjoyed all the pics of the farm.. the quads are smarter than i am,

  11. So many lovely photos. :-)


  12. You are living the life of a Country Girl Linda. Love those denim squares X

  13. You might try putting all those cords inside empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls. If the cords will not fit, then try empty rolls from a butcher or deli. Then, put the rolls inside a cardboard box. That way, they will not tangle and they are easy to carry. This is a trick that works in my camper where room always seems to be so tight.

    Wilbert Bowers @ Mirr Ranch Group

  14. Ah I see Vee asked you what I just asked you on your last blog I just read about using a rotary cutter that would be easier on your hand and wrist. I'm glad to see Dean has the good color of tractor. LOL Red is the only good color Green is bad. LOL