Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Writing and Whacking!!!

I think I have found the secret to getting some serious writing done while I'm down here at the ranch!

This is what I posted on Facebook this morning:

I'm making some good progress on my book! I'm well into the first chapter and hope to complete it before leaving the ranch. I discovered it's best to get up, have coffee, read the Bible, and then start writing! I'm still in my flannel gown with messy hair and no make up - but I AM writing! I'm glad I don't have a time limit on when I must have this book finished! Right now I'm back in the summer of 1952 eating a piece of Brachs Jelly Nougats with my sister. Daddy had just got paid and stopped at the little store on the corner to buy a small - very small - bag of candy before handing over the rest of his paycheck to Mother. We were living with our Granny and Granddad at the time and Daddy came out in the back yard to find us. We knew what he had with him when we saw that little white sack. Deanie and I still love this candy and treasure this good memory!

So far, by the end of this day, I have written 4,476 words! I am all the way to Christmas 1955.
The book is about our childhood, Deanie, Nita, Lonnie and mine. We four, out of six children, grew up together. The working title is 'Children in the Closet' and tells how God protected us through some terrifying situations and delivered us from harm. Even before the book has been written, we are  finding closure to many painful experiences. I could never write this without my siblings help as we pool our memories and do our research. In essence, it is OUR book, one we are doing together. Pouring light on a dark past we are only now beginning to understand.

Louis Dean went back to bed and took a good long nap while I was writing this morning!

It was around noon when I opened up the camper door and saw the goats out there eating along the fence line.

I do love this country life!!


LD was out and about working on the light in the back of his truck this afternoon.

I sat in the sunshine tracing squares on the denim I whacked up yesterday!

By the time the sun was setting, I was cutting the squares out wearing a coat and sitting in front of the camp fire. I kept feeding it the scraps from the jeans I was working on.

We stayed out long enough to drink a glass of wine and see a few stars.
They are shining bright tonight but as much as Louis Dean loves them, he said they would have to shine without him! He does not like to be cold. 

Tonight is Tuesday so we have been here a week.
I'm still not ready to go home.

I think I'm going to do just that!!!


  1. Oh you have found your place for writing. That's a lot of words in one day! Good going. Looks as if you have accomplished a great deal today.

  2. Beautiful fire!! Blazing and cozy!

  3. I'm sure you can stay as long as you'd like. You are going to town on that book. Can't wait to read it.

  4. You have found the perfect spot to write your book. I'm already pulled in from your brief paragraph.

    We all have a story, but some are just so compelling due to the circumstances. My childhood was very good, and there have been times I was almost felt guilty because of it, when others had it so bad but then I remember the Lord has a reason for every life.

    Some he uses to touch others in a unique way. You are one of those, one He will use to touch and heal others with your story. Love you tons Linda. Love that you are sharing your life with us.

  5. I love reading memoirs. I look froward to reading your book. Isn't it nice that in the good old days, parents actually lived with their kids and grand kids? I'm particularly interested in that era, when my parents grew up with their grand parents. I never lived with my grandparents, they live however in an apartment only a few streets away from my folks back in Hong Kong which is walkable in 15 minutes... I often miss the good old days when I was within walking distance, or a cab's ride, or a fast subway ride away from all my friends and relatives. Sometimes when I come home from work and find myself alone here in America, which my American hubby in another state caring or his grandma, I just feel lonely. It's not like I can hop on a cab and go hang out with my siblings or my parents in 10 minutes...like I used to. So good luck on your book:)

  6. Hi Linda, I think the ranch is the right place for writing your book. You inspired me to have this desire to start on the patchwork. Happy writing!

  7. Perhaps that is your time....to write....I am fascinated by your words and your working title....I am most certain the surroundings give you peace and contentment. Big hugs to you both as you enjoy your ranch days..love those precious goats!

  8. Linda, Your little written piece is so good. I can't wait to read your book. You and LD are working..I laughed to see him with his drill...that man has gotta work. You cutting up the jean squares. Hope you have a good weather day before you leave there. It is so cold here the past few days. Winter was late and it's making time. Blessings, Love you, xoxo,Susie

  9. A busy, no-stress lifestyle on the ranch!! The evening shots with the fire all aglow looks perfect...a great ending for another beautiful day.

  10. I would want to live there too! Sounds wonderful!!!

  11. As I have said before Linda, I would love to read your book! What an interesting life and isn't God good to protect us and lead us along? I have to admit, I would love to sit by that fire with yall and listen to LD sing a song or two!!

  12. you are in the right place to be inspired to write. glad you found a way to get started. you know i love that fire pit.. good luck with your book...

  13. I love the slogan you posted at the end and it is mine! I go go bed pretty early and get up late and LOVE it. I don't remember anything from my childhood, if I see a photo it helps a little. I still don't remember sh*, never did, can't even blame it on chemo brain. I remember the dumbest things tho. So it truly amazes me when adults do remember things that happened in the past. You are blessed to have siblings to aid you. You've been blessed to have God watching over you also. I am sure being away from home and in such a peaceful setting is really conducive to writing. BTW, why are you whacking up jeans? did I miss that post?

  14. Well it sure sounds like you have found the perfect place to do your writing. You really got a lot done! And good job on the denim squares too. What a productive day you had. Good feeling I know. Recently I have wanted to sleep in longer then I always have...[I am up no later then 5:30 to six] but somehow I just can't make myself. I might try harder soon, lol. Glad you are enjoying your time.

  15. I look forward to reading your book - it will be for others won't it, not just for family? I would like to write "my story" too. i don't aspire to anything literary but just so my family can keep n touch with their past. You inspire me.

  16. Congrats on jumping into your book with both feet! I, too, am trying to write a "family narrative" about my Mom's family... sure wish I had your little spot away from the world to work on it! Keep us posted !!

  17. I am so happy to hear you are working hard on your book Linda, you have such a natural writing style, I am sure this book will be such an inspiring read. X

  18. I want to be the first one to get an autographed book when it comes out. Okay so maybe not the first. LOL.
    Have you ever tried cutting your squares with a rotary cutter and a quilters ruler? Saves your hand from those scissors.