Thursday, January 28, 2016

Wonder Woman Wednesday and Recovery Thursday!

Yesterday morning Little Trystan was ringing the bell at the front door.
When I opened it, she said very sweetly, "Mama said it was my turn to get to ring the bell!"

I love that they take turns more often than not and they TOTALLY get what it means to be 'next!'
I had the Play Dough all ready for them. When they were here over the weekend, Trystan requested they play with it when they come on Wednesday. When she saw it, she said, "You remembered, MeeMaw!"
Of course, I did!!

They played at the table for a long time!

It was well worth the mess I had to clean up to see them so absorbed in their play.

Some of these Play Dough tools are hard for even adults to use!!
Have you tried pushing some of that stuff through the sieve to make 'hair?'
THREE of the four played at that table for over an HOUR!
That's a long time for three and a half year olds!
Guess which one left?

Kailey Girl was all about following her Granddad around!
He was doing some wiring so we can have Internet in the den.
When he squatted down - so did she.

When he stood up - so did she!

She does have a special bond with Louis Dean!

We had a good lunch of bacon sandwiches before we all bedded down for naps in the den.
I always read a chapter from the Little House books first.
We generally sleep or rest for the better part of two hours!

We haven't done any crafts lately but we did do some art appreciation.

Our first one was Tornado Over Kansas, 1897 by John Stewart Curry.
I'm surprised by how many details the kids notice.
It's important in Texas to learn about tornadoes!

The second one was The Calling of the Apostle Peter and Andrew by Duccio.

Normally I only feature one work of art but the kids love playing the 'What do you SEE?" game!
All three girls had a lot to say about Le Gourmet by Picasso but it was Harrison who said this was a little girl and not a grown up in the picture. When I asked him why, he said it was because of the table. "See? She is LITTLE!" Pretty observant of him!

We put some blueberry muffins in to bake and then we all went outside to play for awhile in the back yard.

Trystan and Harrison are great play buddies!

Logan helped me take the decorations down in the gazebo.
The squirrels have done a number on our gazebo by chewing holes in the cover.
I had red wooden bead garlands up and they had bitten through the string scattering beads all over the place! That afternoon I had read the chapter Indian Camp from the Little House on the Prairie where Laura and Mary find colored beads in the deserted camp. When Logan and Trystan saw all those scattered red beads, Logan said, "Look, Trystan! We're picking up beads just like Laura and Mary did!"

Harrison does love his dinosaurs!!

Logan says her mommy calls her 'Cutie PaTOO-ie!!!

MeeMaw needs to quit asking the quads questions when their mouths are full!
My bad.....

We enjoyed our blueberry muffins!
Granddad included!

While I put dinner in the oven, Granddad taught the kids about money.
They do love their play money and cash register!

Granddad is morphing into his teacher mode these days.

Trystan asked her mommy to NOT come back and get them until they had played outside!
They don't really count the back yard as 'outside.'
Harrison asked, "Can we play in the GRASS?"
That would be the FRONT yard! 
No grass in the back!

Good times!

Granddad is always good for a Paw Patrol!
Dinner and baths followed.

Amber is my personal shopper! She is the one who steered me to Skechers back in December and I have been wearing them ever since - almost exclusively!

I only had the one black pair but I wore them with my Sunday clothes as well as on the ranch and for every day. Amber found the other two pair yesterday as she was out doing errands.
Win! WIN!!!

I gave 100% on Quad Wednesday so today was a Recovery Day!
I slept late and lingered long over our coffee and reading.
It was after 2:00 before I got dressed and made up the bed!

While I meant to do some housework today -

I ended up spending all late afternoon and early evening in the gazebo and back yard!
Louis Dean burned some trash in the fire pit, filled the bird feeders and cleaned out the back water pond.

The birds were singing in our back yard today!

I cleaned the gazebo and took down all the lights and put up fresh new ones.
This time I used warm white LED Martha Stewart lights along the top.
I can get on board with the LED when I can get WARM white!!
No spring 'debris' out yet although I laid my eyes on them up in the storage building this evening but decided I'm just not ready to get them down yet!
It felt like spring today with blue skies and birds singing and - MOUNTAIN CEDAR in the air!!
While I meant to blog from the gazebo, my allergies kicked in and I cried Uncle and brought my party inside!!!

I left the lights on, though!


Deb said...

Texas weather can be so wonderful! You are a awesome Memaw! ❤️

Christi Duke said...

You both are such awesome grandparents!!!

Linda said...

I was eagerly waiting for this post. Kailey's attachment to Louis Dean always amazes me. She must feel unconditional love in him. Now the two of you need to be careful about that mountain cedar. You've been doing well for a while now. We don't need another round of sickness. Aren't Skechers wonderful. I wear size 13 shoes & Skechers only go through size 12 so I can only wear mine for short periods of time. Remember to avoid that mountain cedar.

Amber B. said...

I am always so grateful for the relationship my kids get to have with you and LD - it's everything I always hoped it would be! Thank you for loving my babies!

Kathy said...

Another wonderful week with the quads. I wonder about that play dough too. When I taught the kids in Sunday School I found it really hard to work with if they wanted to do anything except shape it themselves.

I love seeing LD get into his teacher mode. They are going to learn so much from him.

Your gazebo is beautiful. And those lights are awesome. Be careful of your allergies, though.

Arlene Grimm said...

You are a brave Nana to allow play dough play!!:) When I taught preschool we used the kind that I made and it was easier to manipulate. And I am a big Sketchers fan as well. I am always on the lookout for them at Ross as they have the best prices. Have a good will be in the 60s here and I cannot wait.

Estelle's said...

Bravo! Y'all are delightful grandparents! So much activity and learning going on. The children are SO precious....I always look forward to see what they are up to! Going to be a great weekend..y'all enjoy!

Changes in the wind said...

Love those kids...they are special:)

bj said...

Yes, ma'am...I remember the days our grands were little and we had 10...every now and then...not too often...all 10 would spend the night....pallets all over the living room...and by the time they all went home, it would take a full day to recover...LOL
such fun.....

Susie said...

Linda, With your film clips, it's as if we are family and have watched the quads grow since they were born. And grow they have...I just can't believe it at times. So sweet with Kailey following LD around and doing whatever he does. Remember your little quote the other day...Kids hear and see everything we say and a good example...well you and LD are great teachers. So is Amber. Blessings to all of you, xoxo,love you, Susie

Debbie said...

i would need a week to recover!! i always say the same thing...if i were them, i would never go home. heck, i would come and stay with you any day!!!

those quads have the BEST smiles!!!!

Linda said...

Play do is a GREAT toy! I still have some but no one comes to play with it lately. Yes, I agree, sometimes it is so hard to push it through the appliance. The quads are developing their own personalities and likes/dislikes. Some parents can't see that siblings are different. My grands loved their play money and cash register too. Glad you are able to take the kids for a day and recover the next day.

Nancy Chan said...

Hi Linda, I always enjoy your time with the grandkids and love your family posts. You are indeed so blessed with a beautiful family and grandkids.

Deanna Rabe said...

I love quad Wednesdays! I love seeing how they are growing - they are pretty awesome little people!

Glad you had a day to recover!

Nita said...

Even in a day of rest you get so much accomplished. be sure and just saline solution to clean your sinuses out.

Carole said...

I'm going to check whether Skechers are available in NZ - I have a lot of trouble finding comfortable shoes and just about live in my Birkenstocks - not very trendy! Cheers from Carole's Chatter

Vee said...

Another wonderful day with the quads. I love that you are doing art appreciation with them! What other three-year-olds are getting that kind of instruction?! Not to mention the world of high finance. =D

Squirrels! Not my favorite cute little critters. They knock all my stuff over and it drives me bonkers. They ate the berries used for winter arrangements, etc., etc., I am sure that it was feustratinga for you to have to clean up after the little buggers.

Sweet Tea said...

Your quadlings are looking so big these days. Wonderful that you get to see them often. I sure miss being near my grands. I'd say you earned your day of lounging into the afternoon. Today was also a beautiful day here which is unusual for mid Oklahoma in late January.

Penny said...

I used to make play doh for my boys when they were small. It was easy, and cheaper than the little tubs. I don't have the recipe any more, but I'm sure there would be lots on line. I do remember there was a load of salt in it, but I think that was partly to discourage kids from eating it! X