Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tuesdays are BACK!!!! A Party of FOUR!

Tuesdays are BACK and today was an exceptionally PERFECT one!!!
We were a party of four today! My sister, Luann, and one of my most beloved long time friends, Melba, joined Ruth Ann and me in making our Tuesday rounds!
We ventured off to Big D instead of staying in Irving and our first stop was Goodwill.
I think we each found at least ONE treasure there!

I LOVE love LOVE Central Market so we made that our second stop!

Just too HOT in Texas to buy much - the car gets so piping hot - but I picked up 3 packages of 

Perfect to go with a morning cup of coffee - or tea!

I didn't buy this door mat - but I wanted to!!!

Central Market is a great place to have lunch!
Such a WIDE selection of food makes it easy for everyone to get their favorite dish!
Three of us got soup and salad. 

Next up? A GOOD movie!!!!
The theater was packed and we all got into the spirit of the film and the audience whooped and hollered, clapped and laughed and generally had a lot of fun watching it!

We weren't finished yet! We stopped at a Sonic for cold drinks all around and then came back to Irving for 2 more thrift stores and an ALDI run!
We left the house at 11:00 this morning and returned home at 6:30!
We STILL weren't finished!!!
I quickly put together a cheese and cracker spread and served up chicken pasta salad, cantaloupe and Constant Comment iced tea!

Then we broke out the turpentine!!!!

It was a fun day from start to finish!

I do so love a good Tuesday!!!

My friend, Melba!!! Can you tell we are having FUN!!??

She's one of the sweetest ladies I have ever known!
I don't get to see her often as she lives in Oklahoma.
She and I home schooled together - I taught Amber and Ben while she taught her granddaughter.
We did everything together back then from field trips to symphonies to museums to park days to camping trips to parties. You name it - we did it! We even had 7 firemen come to a Christmas party featuring Fiddler on the Roof when I had a chimney fire in the den. The party resumed after the fire was out!

Here's my haul from the thrift stores!
A brand new tool chest for Harrison along with a camo raincoat and a book by Bill Martin, Jr. He was a friend of Louis Dean's. The soft balls will be used as makeshift bowling balls for the quads to play with tomorrow. Granddad weighted the pins so we needed heavier balls.
ABC TV tray will come in handy, I'm sure!

Beautiful needlepoint in a elegant custom frame!

The huge cranberry candle, blueberry pie tin and Texas bowl plus a pumpkin for fall and the leaf dish along with a sauce bottle that I plan to use for dish washing soap rounded out my finds!

We milked this Tuesday for all it was worth and believe you me - it was worth a LOT!!!!

Now I am off to bed to catch up on my sleep. At 1:00 this morning Louis Dean and I were taking the trash out to the curb and at 2 am we were eating crackers and milk in the living room.
It was nearly 2:30 by the time we were in bed!
Seems like we went from one extreme to the other!
Swinging now towards the middle.......

PS.....We have Louis Dean scheduled for surgery on June 25th!
The sooner the better!!


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

First, I want to say that it's great to have a good friend you can really have fun with...and second..I would have bought that door mat too.....at least I think I would. No..I would have bought it...just because. LOL Hugs to you!!

Kathy said...

What a fun day! And you made out so well with your shopping. I love Bill Martin's books. How cool that LD knows him!

We prayed for both LD and you in Bible Study today. Glad to hear there is a definite date for his surgery. We will continue to keep him in prayer.

Penny said...

Sounds like a great fun day Linda! Good to hear you are getting your 'joie-de-vivre' back! X

Stacey said...

That sounds like so much fun!! It was so dang hot yesterday that I'm pretty proud of y'all for hanging in there. In and out of the hot car is tiring. Central Market is a field trip for us too. From Rockwall to Plano takes about 25 minutes but we do it periodically. We go in there and buy things we don't need. Hee Hee. :)

Don't you just love girlfriends? What would we do without them? I love and adore my husband but girlfriends fill a special spot in my heart.

Sandra said...

what a day you had.... all that fun and still running in the evening. i would have pooped out just from the day visit... so glad you got your Tuesday BACK

Arlene said...

I want to come and take one of your painting classes Linda!! I love to piddle with paint. Also...I read Chica Chica Boom Boom all the time when I taught two year olds in a local preschool. Interesting that LD was a friend of his! I love to hear little stories like that. I just met a young man in Las Vegas whose Grandfather was a friend of Danny Thomas. Glad to see you had a good day...you deserved it!!

Vee said...

Putting June 25 on the calendar! Praying for a good as possible wait or, better yet, a healing.

What a day! Looks as if you had an amazing haul. The needlepoint is gorgeous!

Keep having fun...

Susie said...

Linda, You do Tuesdays right. I love that you saw your long time friend also. Blessings for continued fun this week. xoxo,Susie

darlin said...

Busy but in a fun, rewarding way! That's good to hear surgery is just around the corner, like you mentioned the sooner the better.

Have a wonderful evening!

bj said...

OOO, I just love those kind of days...good friends, lots of good stuff to eat, going thrifting...and then painting together.
What a great day....now...get some rest, girl. :)

Sarah K. said...

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is one of my all time favorite books! I teach K-2 reading and LOVE this book. It has such great rhythm. The Quads are going to love it. Please tell Louis Dean that he is a celebrity now in my eyes since he knows the author of such a famous children's book. (I own about 20 copies). I am always quick to gift this one!

Carla said...

You and Melba look like trouble waiting to happen. LOL
Looks like y'all lots of fun.
Oh now you should have bought that door mat. That was perfect.