Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Slow Sunday and a VERY Pampered Husband!!!

It has been quiet around here at our house today.
We woke up and rolled right out of bed, dressed and drove to church in time to have coffee and donuts in the fellowship hall. Louis Dean really likes to get there early so he can get one of those otherwise forbidden donuts!!! This morning I noticed he had TWO!!

The sky was really gray - not brown - when we got out of church and it rained on us off and on all the way home. Not really hard rain - just enough to make it nice.
Louis Dean was down with the mully grubs today. Perhaps it's because Amber and Mike and the quads weren't at church to make a fuss over him as they usually do. Perhaps it's because he goes for his pre op appointment in the morning and is a bit nervous. Maybe it's because his knee is more painful with every day. I set about the task of taking his mind off of it!
We thought about going to the Movie Tavern but nothing looked good to us. We didn't want to watch something that would tense him up even more!

I've been recording some HD Net Movies off TV so this afternoon we watched Glory.

I've seen it before and it IS a good movie!!

We had popcorn and everything!!
Sure enough, I think he cheered up a bit!
After Glory, we caught up on Texas Rising so we spent the entire afternoon in front of the TV in the den!

Then I pulled out the big guns!
Gotta love a man who loves a pedicure!
He enjoyed the pampering!
I posted this pic on Facebook and his son's comment?
 Not going to say a word: at least he took off the pink robe for pic.
He was nice and relaxed afterwards so he decided to take his night meds and go to bed.
Since he hasn't been sleeping well for the last couple of months, we decided he might do better in the guest room. He took his book in there and shut the door. Down for the night! I was hoping!

It was only 8:15 so I went out in the front to see what I could get done before dark.

This rose bed needed to weeded and mulched so......

I did it!!
Amazing what I can get done with no distractions!

I went on to transfer the sand from the pillowcases to the real sandbags but only got two of them changed out. Those suckers are HEAVY and I marvel that Louis Dean and I filled them up and hauled them out there in the middle of the pouring rain a few weeks ago. We are still insecure so we will be keeping them stacked up neatly - just in case we need them!

I heard the first locust of the season on June 10th and only ONE at that!
Now they are singing or whatevery you want to call the noise they make more often.
While the first few weeks they sound rather special to me - after all, it IS the sound of summer - soon enough it will be a buzzing din that is almost constant! I have to step outside in the wee hours of the morning to hear the quiet then.

I was sitting in here working on my journal entry when I heard some banging around in the kitchen.
Louis Dean is up! Bless his heart! He just can't seem to settle down and sleep peacefully these days.
SO we are watching back to back episodes of Duck Dynasty!!
Not a bad way to end this Sunday night!!!


Deb said...

Praying for Louis Deans surgery and a speedy recovery!

Wanda said...

That sounds like a very good Sunday. I've seen the movie Glory, and it is a good one.

We went to church and then kicked back and watched the Dodgers play San Diego Padre's (exciting game...we won in the extra innings. Going to watch A.D at 9 and then to bed. I have blood work done tomorrow morning so have to fast for 12 hours, and I'm hungry.
Praying that all goes well with Louis Dean. Hope he can have a good nights sleep tonight. Hugs.

Jutta said...

What a good wife you were!! Hopefully LD will recover fast after June 25 and then your life with good sleepings at night will be back. Hugs!!

Sandra said...

hope the surgery goes well... you are so good to him to do the pedi.. ha ha on the pink robe.. you do love your work.. wish i had some of your energy.. i liked Glory, saw it a few years back... love the pic of the cross

LV said...

I am not sure , but your Louis Dean could be a little spoiled. Trust all goes well for him with the test.

Estelle's said...

Poor fun to not feel did a lovely job of pampering! I pray all goes well for upcoming's a good thing to be surrounded by family at times like these! Blessings to you both!

Arlene said...

Those pesky joints are not helped by damp weather...praying that LD gets some relief from the surgery! I am trying to finish up a sampler for my new granddaughter and get it to the framer this week. I also plan to work on updating some photo albums. I always feel better when I am on top of things!!

Vee said...

Hope that the appointment went well. Perhaps a bit of massage before bedtime and some whiffs of lavender. (I can just imagine what your step-son would say to that!) Love to you both...

Susie said...

Linda, I sure hope things went well at the pre-op meeting. Hug LD for all of us. You both will be in my thoughts and prayers. Love you, Susie

Penny said...

Hope the pre-op helped to settle his mind Linda. That used to be my job when I was nursing. I was a nursing Sister, and I set up an orthopaedic pre-op clinic in the hospital where I worked. I job shared with a lovely woman and we set it up together. I would have loved a nervous patient like LD. As soon as I saw him, my mission would be that he left my pre op clinic that day feeling empowered to deal with the coming surgery, knowledgeable, educated, prepared, with all questions answered, all pre op tests completed, and lots of encouragement from me to believe that this surgery would improve his life and well being. I still miss my job, and remember so many of my patients. X

Carla said...

Sorry to hear LD is having an issue with sleeping. My mom has the same issues. But I'm glad he got pampered. I hope the appointment went well. I'll keep reading to finding