Monday, June 1, 2015

Back to Reality!

After all the joy and excitement of yesterday, it was hard to return to the reality of today!
We sleep with our window A/C on in the bedroom and our door closed, but when we got up this morning we could definitely tell the house did not smell fresh but rather musty from all the water over the past couple of weeks.

I threw open the windows and turned on the attic fan to try and air things out.
Then I took myself off to get my hair cut!

Life always looks better after a hair cut!
No more trying to grow my hair out and have 'real' hair!
Thank goodness for my talented and sweet hair stylist who did wonders for my mop!
Louis Dean even liked it but I think that was only because I was happy with it!
He looks better in this picture than he did the rest of the day.
His knee is just wearing him down.

We sat outside the kitchen watching the birds for a few minutes.
This ratty and duct taped for repairs old bird feeder is still a favorite of our feathered friends!

We spied geckos!
As a matter of fact, since our doors and windows were open all day, one came in and made himself at home in the dining room this evening. I thought he would scamper back outside but he kept hanging around. Finally, I asked Louis Dean if he would mind escorting him to the gazebo. Would you BELIEVE he didn't want to pick him up??? I was the one to return him to his natural habitat!

As we sat out there, we saw a beautiful butterfly!
I kept trying to get a photo and if you look hard you can see it - see?
Right above Louis Dean's elbow?
It was wonderful to sit in the fresh air and sunshine!

I sent HIM off to do a little errand and I set to work cleaning up the house.

I really had some work to do in the guest room! Louis Dean has been resting in here quite a bit lately so I had a lot to tidy up!

The dining room is done and I even put out some of my patriotic decorations.
We got the tubs down this afternoon from the storage building attic.
That's the first time I've been out there and I was dismayed to see all the water still standing in the bottom.

It's nice to reclaim this room as it has been piled up with stuff from the wet sewing room.

It's a start!

Bringing order from disorder always helps me feel better.
I needed it today.

Art work from our homeschooling days is on display.

I have been so distraught over our car situation I could cry!
Actually I DID cry! A lot. So much so that my eyes are still red and swollen.
I think my nerves have been stretched thin over the last several weeks and I have used up just about all my mental, physical and emotional resources!
I told Louis Dean, "All my nice is gone and I am waiting for the new supply to arrive."
In marriage language - that means - 'Be careful. I am feeling fragile right now.'
Smart man that he is, Louis Dean took a bath and went to bed.
That gave me time to do my therapy - clean!
It's a shame my energy level ran out so soon!!

I still have so much more to do!!
Can you believe all that mess fits in that room??
This day is done, however, and all of THAT will have to wait until tomorrow.


Terra said...

"All my nice is gone and I am waiting for my new supply to arrive." I like that. You are getting a lot done, and I like the photos and other things hanging on your walls.

Blondie's Journal said...

It's always a relief, a sort of 'cleanse' to get things in order again. I like to clean, too. Just my thing!! Love your haircut- wish I could look so good without hiding away behind long hair!

Jsne x

Far Side of Fifty said...

I hope you don't have black mold, that can cause some breathing problems. I hope you stay dry for awhile:)

darlin said...

I'm happy for you that you did something for yourself and you have done a lot in reorganizing. You mentioned that you're on the lower end physically, mentally, and emotionally... how's your spirituality? No need to respond to this question, but for me I find that an attitude of gratitude no matter how awful the situation is always helps boost my spirits and no matter what transpires, there's always something to be grateful for if we look at things through a different lens.

Wishing you a fantastic week, this too shall pass.

Jutta said...

A clean home with good smells makes life safe If my home is messy I feel uncomfortable and bad. Your rooms that you put in order look nice and cozy, just like your home should. No wonder you feel like crying time to time since after all that rain, after all that project protecting your house against the rain, and after all that vacuuming the rain out of the house is something NOBODY wants to experience! I think the reason could be due to the globe warming. Or is it something that happens every now and then in Texas? I can recall the horrible tordadoes in Oklahoma some ten years ago and that was scary! nature can be so powerful that there is nothing people can do but just try to protect themselves.
Dear Linda, I hope that the sun will stay and rains get lighter and that that will help you to charge your batteries! Much love.

Penny said...

Oh Linda! Wish I could come and help you get the place put right! Sending a hug across the miles xxxx

Stacey said...

All my nice is used up - I love that!! I know you must feel overwhelmed lately. Thank heavens for our sunshine.

Sandra said...

crying is a good thing for women, I consider it a release valve, like the one on a pressure cooker... although i don't like to cry because of the red nose, eyes burning thing... you have had enough to make any one cry over the past couple of weeks and car stuff makes me crazy. does LD need a new knee?

Vee said...

I don't know how you've been holding up so well. If tears are the answer, keep crying. We are praying for you both. May The Lord renew your strength day by day, even moment by moment.

Deanie W said...

I'm with everyone else. I love "all my nice is gone"!😜

Linda said...

I remember cleaning when I was upset about something............that phase disappeared tho. You have a lot to be worried about. :-( Sunny and SLOWLY warming up here. I'd like to get outside and work but I have errands to run this afternoon and inside stuff to do today...........maybe tomorrow??? I could bake rhubarb cookies this morning....think I will.

Susie said...

Linda, I do not know how you do it. You have been dang positive considering what all you have been through with the rains and flooding. I would be bald, from tearing my hair our. I am praying things do get back to normal. Praying for sweet LD to get some relief from his painful knee. God bless you both. Love you guys, Susie

Debbie said...

ooooooo linda, i have been reading backwards, for at least 15 minutes, i am horrified......i forgot you lived it texas. what a story, you needed an ark, ld could have build one for you, he's a handy man!!!

linda your spirit is unmatched, you guys are the best two people to be without an ark and make the best of it!!!!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Hugs for you and LD. It has been a LONG time since the rains changed the routines of your lives. You have coped so well with miserable flooding(s). Adding the car on top is way too much. So GLAD you are reclaiming your cleaning routines. Prayers for you both.

Carole said...

May your nice levels keep on going strong. Good luck with your car. Kia Kaha!

Marsha Young said...

Linda, You are always such a marvel of good cheer, it is almost comforting to know that you, too, can sometimes feel a little weepy. So sorry about all the rain you folks have been having, although we cannot help but be a little envious out here in Calif. where we are about to dry up and blow away. Still, try to get a little rest - and hope Louis Dean's knee is better.

Debby said...

That flooding is just awful. I've never experienced it but it has happened close to us. I hope your house will be okay. Don't take a chance if the smell doesn't go away. New carpet should be covered by insurance.
Your hair is adorable.
I thought I commented on the quads party but I looked back and didn't see it. The parents are just as beautiful as those four little ones. What fun they have to be. Great party.
All of our little ones will be together soon. I can't wait. more rain.

Carla said...

I haven't been brave enough to share a picture of my sewing room and the amount of so called projects/debris resides in there.
Who stole your good cheer? Water? You have had a time of it. I hope you get it or got it back by now Hugs