Tuesday, June 23, 2015


It's always fun to wake up in Quadville - even if it IS 7:30 in the morning!!

We all gathered round their large kitchen table for breakfast!
Amber had set out their clothes the night before they got dressed BEFORE eating!
Only hair and shoes left to do after the meal.

These kids are growing before my very eyes!!

They are in a Summer School program and I got to go with Amber to take them this morning.
They do so well. Very little - if any - separation anxiety. They are such happy little kids!

Amber and I took advantage of the opportunity to sit at Starbucks for a few minutes and visit over coffee. Well, coffee for ME! Tea for HER!!

I headed straight back to Irving to pick up Ruth Ann, who I call my sister in law when actually she is the sister of Louis Dean's beloved first wife. Whoever she is - she's my FRIEND and I love her dearly! We had a chore to get out of the way so we did that first.

THIS Crisp White wine was first introduced to Louis Dean by our sweet neighbor, Stephanie.
She gave us a box long ago and it has now found its way to the TOP of Louis Dean's favorite wines chart! He and I did errands yesterday and he picked up a fresh box only to discover when I opened it, that it had been leaking and there was mold all around the spigot!
We returned it and got ANOTHER box and I checked it while still in the store to be sure it was okay!

Our next chore was to make a dry run to the hospital where Louis Dean will have his surgery Thursday. Good thing we did!! I even used the GPS on my phone!!! We found it and it was NOT where I thought it would be! So now THAT'S done and I know where to go in the really EARLY hours of Thursday morning!

We lingered over a healthy lunch at Sweet Tomatoes before we took off for the movies!

Today was Ruth Ann's turn to pick and she picked a winner!!

In keeping with our Tuesday Traditions - we shopped the Goodwill and Thrift Giant!
Ruth Ann is so much fun!!

Here's my Treasure Trove!!!
I needed another doll stroller! With FOUR quads and only TWO strollers and ONE baby doll carrier - I truly did NEED one more!! Harrison has the blue stroller and instead of baby dolls, he fills it with cars and toy dinosaurs!

I really hit the jack pot on candles - including Yankee and other truly fragrant brands!
The Harvest Pear Garland is brand new and from Restoration Hardware. Each garland is 10 feet long.

Goodwill had books for 50% off.
Robin Pilcher is the son of Rosamond Pilcher - who is my all time favorite author.
I was intrigued by the book 'The Sex Life of Food!'

I can never pass up a sweet sundress!

Next up! ART!!!

I painted my first Santa in 1994.

Our family friend, June, had given Amber a Christmas gift in this printed gift box.
I thought, "I could paint that!" I have painted over a dozen of these since 1994 and tonight I started two more!

The first step is to put our pattern on with graphite paper.

Not a lot of detail - just the basics!

Sherry (our sweet daughter in law) made home made personal pizzas for dinner tonight!

We paint better when we're not hungry!!!

And always, there MUST be TEA!!!

Our goal for this first session was to base in the entire canvas!

Ruth Ann was moving right along!!!

I am painting two - and Ruth Ann is on the left.
They don't look GOOD yet, but they WILL!!!
Right now it looks like a French Santa, and old apple face Santa and a younger Santa.

That's the Tuesday wrap!!!
Louis Dean is already in bed and hopefully asleep.
Lucy is in her kennel on my right - snoring!
Tomorrow will not be our normal Wednesday. It will be a little more low key and I intend to pay Louis Dean a lot of attention. This evening when I got home he said he felt like an ORPHAN!!!

This is a picture of us shortly before we married - back in 2005!
I still say that he's the nicest man I have ever met in my life!!


Kathy said...

Such a nice Tuesday you had. Love that pear garland and I can just see you using it. it was good that you made a dry run to the hospital. I do that all the time so I don't get lost the day i have to be there. I love the painting you are doing. I always associate Santa paintings with you! Can't wait to see how it comes out.

Linda Russell said...

I enjoy your blog so much! I look forward to reading it every day. You have such a full life. I wish I lived closer to you so I could visit, and maybe become part of your art class. I will keep Louis Dean in my prayers.

Arlene said...

Wish I lived in Texas so I could come and paint with yall! Love your Santa Claus paintings. Prayers for LD as he has his surgery! Like you, I often check out places before I have to be there at a certain time...it takes a way some of the stress.

Vee said...

He felt like an orphan? Oh my. That sounds pitiful. =D Praying that you have a very restful, relaxing day and praying for a smooth day tmorrow and throughout the recovery season. Loved the sound of that Yankee candle! Laughed aloud to read the descriptions of the Santas in their current state. So cute!

Susie said...

Linda, You are so right, the quads are growing now very fast. Their legs look so long. I just received a photo of our Emma Pooh and her legs make her giraffe like. Ted asked her mom if she was six foot yet. LOL...it seems so. I will be praying for you and LD Thursday morning. You and LD were made for each other. Love how fast you paint. Blessings, Love you guys, Susie

NanaDiana said...

Your Santas are looking great. Glad you found the right hospital place for LD's surgery. You sure are a happy looking couple in that last picture. I am so glad you found each other!

You really found some bargain things there, Linda! Hope you have a great rest of the week. xo Diana

Sandra said...

tell LD I am praying for his surgery tomorrow and that finding the hospital dry run is what i do if it is a new place.. good luck tomorrow. and you will have time to finish those Santas for Christmas. love your first one.

Cheapchick said...

Fingers and toes crossed for tomorrow, I am sure he will fly through surgery and be back to normal in no time. I love Sue Grafton but have now unfortunately read all her books and have to wait until the latest one can be found at the thrift store. Even read out of order they are all good.

Beth said...

Praying that Louis Dean will have a successful surgery. Upon your recommendation, we bought a box of the Franzia Crisp White (and some Chardonnay as well). We've never tried this brand before and are looking forward to enjoying some this evening. :)

Bev said...

I love your Tuesdays!!! You guys look great!!! Hugs to both of you!

Debbie said...

The way you talk about and feel about ld is just amazing!! I can't believe how big the quads are, I have not seen them in a while!! I always enjoy these entries, always filled with so much joy!!

And the santas look awesome NOW!!

Nonnie said...

Nothing more wonderful than being married to the nicest man you've ever met in your life!
Your quads are growing up so fast. So cute!

Penny said...

It is already 25 th here, so I have been sending LD good wishes all day! XxX