Saturday, June 14, 2014

The First Locust of the Season! I LOVE My Life!!

It's summertime at long last because I heard my first locust of the season around 11:30 this morning!
We were in the gazebo with our coffee and FINALLY I heard them! This is the latest in the season that I can remember! Perhaps that means we will have a milder summer. We can only HOPE!

Maggie kept us pretty entertained this morning as she tried to get into her treats!

These 'Temptations' really get her excited!!!

Today was chock full of 'Get 'R DONE!' activities!!!
Louis Dean hung up the bottle opener I recently painted and it even has a box to catch the caps!

Flag Day!

When in Doubt - Look UP!!!

I decorate ALL walls! Indoors and OUT!!!

Louis Dean cleaned the gutters and gathered up the 'firewood' from off the roof!

I took this pic from the top of the ladder. I was kinda scared.......
Back in my younger days (in my 40's!) I used to have picnics on the roof with Amber and Benjamin!

My HERO!!!

Gutters in the back.....CLEANED!

This is his 'Pin Up' look!!!

A well deserved Iced Tea break on the driveway!

Feet UP!!!
We LOVE our driveway sits!!!

See Maggie in the guest room window?
We seem to have two problem 'children!'
Lucy STILL barks at Louis Dean - after SIX YEARS of living with him!!!
Now Maggie has taken to pooping on our bathroom rugs!
I sprayed Cat NO  and then she WET on the rugs!!!
She stays in the gazebo in the mornings and the guest room in the late afternoons.

Wall Art........

Cannas that date back to Louis Dean's life with Ellen - his beloved first wife. 
These came from her grandmother's house and are one of Louis Dean's treasures!
This is the first bloom this season and is behind the Seven Sister Rose Bush on the trellis.

$1 plants from Lowe's!

I love a bargain!
If I pay full price they all die!

It's been a good day around here!

I told Louis Dean no wine for me tonight!
I wanted a Margarita!!

We started and ended our day in the gazebo.
More than once I have told Louis Dean how MUCH I love our life!!!
God is good all the time!
All the time God is good!!!!

 I close this journal entry with the true sound of summer for me!!!
The locusts!!


Vee said...

Ahhhh...the end of a perfect day! (Well except for what Miss Maggie has been up to.) You sure got a lot done. I am grinning to think of picnickers on the roof!

Jan said...

Indeed, God is good all the time! We are really enjoying our life here too. Just need to get a couple of rockers for our front porch and we'll be set!

Anonymous said...

another lovely post! is good!! baby grands make it better, a loving husband, mighty nice as well...smiles....pam in burleson

Kathy said...

My cats love those Temptations treats too. They also try to open the bags. I can almost hear them say, "If only I had a thumb I could do this!" :) My first cat used to wet and poop on the floor too. The vet said she was stressed from being left alone too much. Don't know if that was true or not, but I could never break her of the habit. I hope that is not the case with Maggie.

Ah, the locusts at last! Summer is really here now.

Sandra said...

I love the photo of the ice tea break.. just beautiful. another wonderful day in the neighborhood... we love our life to... and tell LD i just LOVE his Texas drawl.. you have one but it sounds like all my relatives in GA his is pure Texas...and thanks to you i now know the difference between locust and cicada..
i could not believe you liked the sound of locust because ours drive me nuts. but your sound was not what we have. i left here and researched and found they look much the same but are not. locust is in the grasshopper family and cicda are insects... sometimes the cicada get so loud they bother be in the house...

Cheapchick said...

If you recently changed your kitty litter sometimes kitties will then quit using the litter to give you a message. Once they poop on something even if you wash it their scent is there so they think it is ok. They say to wash it in lemon juice to get any lingering oils out. I hope you get a mild summer so you can enjoy your yard and gazebo. Cheers!

Ginny said...

Summer for you! Here, we listen for the crickets, and have not heard one yet. You squeeze every minute out of life and enjoy being in the present! That is a gift that many people are not able to manage. Jackson Galaxy says when a cat pees or poops on certain things, they are trying to own that territory. Usually giving them the run of the house with shelves and cat trees works they feel more secure then. Your bottle opener is just awesome! And you are such a good painter.

Susie said...

Linda, Once again LD is at work. He does not know the meaning of retirement.LOL.... I would put a litter box in that room for the cat....cause oh boy, I could not stand that smell. I love your place on the driveway and your gazebo. Wonderful life to you both. Happy Father's Day to LD, xoxo,Susie

Pondside said...

Your driveway breaks are well-earned, Linda! That LD deserves to be called your Hero!!
I enjoyed listening to the clip on your last post and to the for-real locusts in this one. I don't think I even know what a locust is - I will now consult Mr Google!