Thursday, June 5, 2014

Quads + Rayne = Adventure!!

I had a great day with all five of my youngest grandchildren!
Rayne came to spend the day with us and she is PRECIOUS!!

EVERYONE loved her!! Harrison most of all of the quads!
We had a great breakfast prepared by Amber PLUS some tasty donut treats from Summer when she brought Rayne over!

All dressed in swim suits and lathered in sunscreen and ready for the SPLASH PAD!!
(I forgot to bring MY swimsuit so I just rolled up my Capri pants!!)

Amber is looking awesome!!!
This was her last day to be 28 years old!
Isn't she beautiful??

Kailey always has such an attitude!!!

Rayne had a way with her, though.
If RAYNE was there - well, Kailey would follow her anywhere!

We had so much fun with her!

After the splash pad we went over to the playground - at Harrison's insistence!

Good times!

Hollywood Logan!

Rayne was so helpful in keeping the babies together!
Today she was the BIG girl and she sure enjoyed it!!

I love how protective she was of Trystan!!

Logan was brave enough to go down the BIG slide!

At lunch Rayne was talking and talking and kept us so entertained!
She was telling us all about family names and that she calls her mother 'Mummers' but everyone else calls her 'Summer!" So I asked her who was Summer's mother! She didn't KNOW!!! When I told her I was Summer's mother, she said, "Let's do this again!"
This time she answered correctly!

I have to be was a LOT of work!! For Amber especially but also for me!
We're not sure it was entirely worth it!
Everyone knows I am NOT a morning person so it should be no surprise that Amber isn't either.
The Splash Pad Park was crowded and Amber's babies tend to go off in FOUR different directions!!
We pretty much agreed that afternoon outings work better for us. No lunch to deal with....
as in Logan stepped on a pouch of applesauce and squirted it everywhere - including on me!
Places are not as crowded in the afternoons as they are in the mornings either!
Still and all - it WAS a good experience!
While the quads - and Amber - napped (bless her heart!!! Amber REALLY needed one after hauling all the heavy lunch and swim things back and forth from the parking lot AND corralling kids to boot!!!) Rayne and I hung out in the play room having some quality time together!
Summer picked her up before the others were up from their naps.

I left after traffic to come home.
Logan and Trystan love wearing high heels and earrings and purses!
They all said BY BY!!!

Louis Dean had some show and tell when I arrived home!!

The gate is nearly a done deal!!!
Only HE would think of using heavy duty casters on the bottom of it to take some of the load off the pole.

We have been out in the gazebo since I got home.
All that's left of this day is to have a glass of wine and water the front flower beds.
I think we're calling this one a NIGHT!!!


Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

It sounds like the best kind of day to me! Though I can only imagine how exhausting it would be to supervise four two-year-olds! They are priceless...bug cousin too.

Ginny said...

Louis Dean is extremely clever, a real natural handyman! I have to remember this idea. Well, who IS Rayne? Being a more recent follower of you, I have not heard her name before. Relative, neighbor, friend? The quads clearly love her. These pictures are wonderful, close ups of a day of fun.

Vee said...

Oh-oh...we caught someone not reading! LOL! That's cute and I have to remind myself all the time to read carefully. Yesterday, for example, I had read earlier in the day, commenting later, and I already needed a refresher as I had placed LD there with you and he wasn't.

Speaking of Louis Dean...that gate is an inspiration. I'll have to remember that...wheels!

Looks as if Rayne was a big help and I had to laugh at her not knowing all the relationships. I remember my grands learning all the particulars. Just recently, they were trying to get John properly pegged. It sounded so funny as they were chatting back and forth between them. "He's our grandfather." "Why don't we call him 'Papa?'" And on it went.

Glad that you could honestly assess the day and decide what works best for you. Perhaps and evening picnic in the park when the men are available. Whatever it might be, I know that it will be something new and fun for the quads to enjoy.

Vee said...

perhaps AN evening picnic...

Susie said...

Linda, Thank good ness for little Rayne 's help. Bless her sweet heart. I can only imagine how tired Amber gets some days. She's a great mom...just like you. I am impressed with that clever roller LD put on the gate.. I may have to tell Ted about that. His wood pile gate is racking and that may be just what he needs. Blessings to all, Susie
p.s. Can you send me your email address so I can send you my home address. I can't get through on this windows 8. Sorry.

Sweet Tea said...

It's rare that you are "tired" - so I imagine you are exhausted! Love seeing photos of the kids. Please don't be offended if I tell you I am a bit drawn to one of the quads in particular. There's just something about little Logan that I always find soooo darn sweet. She and our little HK would make for good buddies.