Tuesday, June 10, 2014

God's Not Dead!

So far the June mornings have been wonderful this year.
We take our coffee out to the gazebo where the air is fresh and sweet and the birds are singing! Since it's TUESDAY I told Louis Dean about the movie we chose for today.

This got him to talking and before long he was animated and I decided to record him!

Never a dull moment with this man!!!

I was off to pick up Ruth Ann and our plans had changed somewhat so we had a little extra time.

We decided to have lunch at El Chico!!
They have the BEST Tortilla Soup!!
The servings were so large we could have split one!
Instead we each ate half and brought the other half by the house to stick in the fridge and enjoy tomorrow!
Ruth Ann and I  went to a new thrift store that was in the same shopping center as the restaurant.
I found a few treasures there.

Then we headed up to the Starplex to meet up with my sister, Luann, for our movie!
It was GREAT!!! You could hear 'Amen's' coming from the audience and there was plenty of clapping and cheering! It was wonderful!!! Made us all think about the influence one person who stands up for Jesus can make in the lives of so many!

Then at Goodwill I made a HAUL!!! TWO more tricycles! I bought one last month so now I just need one more! I also found a little people sort of doll house, a good size rug made in Egypt.....

and various and other sundry things!

The fancy dress was just $7.50!

Louis Dean had hamburgers all cooked and ready to put together when we got home.
We all ate out in the gazebo visiting before Ruth Ann and I did art tonight!
I finished the Rain Princess Paintings!
Luann and Candie now have theirs and I took the one off my wall to give to a friend and that's that!
Now I'm working on an Italian style painting and next week we'll be back to work on our cactus and bluebonnet canvas. It's almost time to start Santas again so I may try painting more than just on Tuesday evenings.

I am still fighting fatigue - even though I went to bed at 9:30 last night and got up at 10:00 this morning!
I can't seem to get past the 'tired down to the pit of my stomach' feeling!

“I must be overtired', Buttercup managed. 'The excitement and all.'
'Rest then', her mother cautioned. 'Terrible things can happen when you're overtired. I was overtired the night your father proposed.” 
― William GoldmanThe Princess Bride


Wanda said...

We saw that movie and just loved it too. Our audience was clapping and saying amen too. So nice to find a good movie that really tell how, like you say, one person willing to stand up for Jesus.

Love all your "stuff".

Have a great evening.

Ginny said...

I finally get to see and hear Louis Dean in a video! I remember that song from long ago and had totally forgotten it! Your Goodwill must be amazing, I can never find anything in any of them like other people can. They must have a better system than I do. Your dress is just gorgeous!!

Vee said...

I am heading for the PC just as soon as I post this. So hope that you got a great night's rest. How about a vitamin B12 shot if this continues...say, do they still make Geritol? Come look what I found yesterday when you get a chance. I was so surprised. It doesn't take much to make me happy.

Susie said...

Linda, I love that LD has a song for every occasion. I will have to remember to try to rent this movie. I would love to have some vitamin B12 shots like Vee is mentioning in her comment. I have felt tired the past 3 morning when I get up....but you know I never have to set an alarm, I set a timer, that is how little I sleep. LOL. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Vee said...

I got waylaid, but oh boy howdy it was worth the trip back to listen to LD's philosophy. =D He's having way too much fun! Does he have a song (perhaps a scripture) for everything? I think he must!

And I just wanted to say that things are smelling mighty clean here at my haven.

Sweet Tea said...

We also LOVED that movie! So uplifting!!

Kelly said...

I haven't seen that movie. I may have to rent it someday. I like the dress you found! What a great deal too. Sorry to hear that you're feeling tired. You keep a busy schedule. Do you think you're doing too much? Or, if you're not sleeping good at night that could make you feel tired during the day too. Hope you start feeling better soon. I hate to feel tired for no reason!

Carla said...

Unless it's on TV or DVD I can't tell you the last time I went to the movies.
And usually Pam supplies the the DVD for us to watch. You always make such a killing at Goodwill. You're good.