Sunday, June 22, 2014

Creek Coffee, S'Mores and othe Camping Fun!

We had another camping day full of adventures!
We packed our truck FULL - but Louis Dean still forgot his coffee pot!

No problem! He made 'Creek Coffee!'
He basically boiled the water, dropped in the coffee and turned it off!
HE liked it......I think I will test out my new mini percolator in the morning!
I tested it with just heating water in it yesterday and nearly burned it up!

Lucy looks sweet here. I'm sure she would rather be down on the ranch roaming free but she's doing okay with her leash and kennel. We'll be down at the ranch again before too long!

We were watching for Deanie, Trish and Andie to arrive!

YES!!!! The Party People are HERE and it didn't take long for the party to start!!

Within 20 minutes of arriving Deanie was sitting all pretty and reached over for her water and FELL!
It scared Trish and Louis Dean but I heard her laugh so I knew she wasn't hurt!
I'm telling you what!!! I laughed so hard my abs were hurting!!
I had no idea I was so out of shape!

We were grateful she didn't hit her head on a nasty rock just inches from where she landed!
Louis Dean wasn't taking any chances - he put an extra bed pillow over it - just in case she tried that move again! She is SUCH a good sport!! Trish put a helmet and some padding on her!!

After the laughter over THAT episode finally died down we started cooking our hot dogs!!
Deanie tried her best to help but dumped the first FULL basket into the coals when she tried to flip it over!!!

Round TWO!!! This is her pin up pose!!!

She likes her hot dogs VERY well done!!!
I am telling you we laughed so hard through all this I'm sure the campsites around us wondered what in the world was going on!

Andie is having a good time!

This is the area behind their shelter.....GREAT view!!

After lunch they set up their campsite.
Deanie has very bad allergies and was sweeping the cobwebs and dirt down when she noticed a big pile of leaves on the other side of the screen. I went outside with a stick to clean it out only to discover it was a bird nest - with LOTS of tiny birds still in it!!! At least they were in it until I slid THREE of them OUT thinking they were  leaves!  I felt AWFUL about that!!! I gently gathered them up and slid them back in the nest.

Then I added some bird seed. Thank goodness LD brought a feeder!
I am happy to report they are all doing well and the mother bird came back and has been feeding them all afternoon.

Andie and I went on a nature walk.....all the way to the bathhouse.
It is all so pretty out here.

Lucy enjoyed walking with Andie and Andie was glad to have Lucy because she is missing HER dog!
I had to go back to our campsite and take a nap. After all that laughter I was EXHAUSTED!!!

Our next activity - swimming!!!

We had such a good time in the cool lake water!

This area is just below their shelter.

The weather was perfect today and the water was COOL!!!

View of their shelter from where we were swimming!

Our evening consisted of dessert FIRST 

followed by The Night Sounds Program.

It's been a wonderful day chock full of adventures.
We have another to look forward to tomorrow so I better get in bed.
Last night we slept like ROCKS!!
There's just something about camping that relaxes you.


Sandra said...

what a tale and i laughed all the way through since i knew everyone survived without harm.. love that shelter... poor little birds, glad the are OK. poor poor Lucy, locked up or tied down... bet she wonders what the heck is going on. the worst part of this post was the forgetting the coffee pot. we used to go to Ormond beach twice a year and the motel did not have a coffee pot.. we had a 10.99 pot that went with us. the time i forgot it, we went out for coffee and to Walmart to buy another pot.... still have that pot... of course that is not an option where you are.

Angie said...

I honestly have laughed and laughed reading this. I love your writing style, I feel like I'm just tagging right along with you. For some reason I knew that crew was going to bring you all lots of fun and boy was I right. Can't wait to hear about another days adventure!

Susie said...

Linda, Poor Deanie. I have to admit, I laugh my butt off when I saw her helmet and padding. I probably would have peed my pants watching all this in person. I say you all know how to have fun. Stay safe.xoxo,Susie

Nonnie said...

Wow! These pics take me back to some really wonderful times in the past when we camped every summer at Lake Ouachita in Arkansas. My Grandma McCoy used to make coffee the way you described. You guys are livin' the life!

Wanda said...

Oh Linda....I want to go camping with you....You love of life is contagious. These pictures are such a treasure. Fun, fun, fun!!! A picture journal is the best kind. Love you tons.

Vee said...

Oh no! Poor Deanie! She really is a good sport because I'd have to clobber my sister if she took photos. Those hotcogs...ahem...she doesn't hang out in the kitchen much I take it. LOL! Keep having fun and don't burn up the coffee pot!

Kathy said...

This day was the best. Poor Deanie! She's such a good sport about things. I had to laugh when I saw the pictures. And the hot dogs! You guys have so much fun!

Carla said...

Oh Poor Deanie. I can just see you laughing. ;o) Glad she wasn't hurt but I love the pillow and the helmet just in case. And oh my Deanie's hot dog was definietly done. I couldn't eat that myself. Y'all had tooo much fun.