Friday, June 20, 2014

Camping in a Screened Shelter!

Normally it is hard for me to get up in the mornings but today was my WAKE UP to go on our camping trip!
Louis Dean still beat me up and had loaded the ice chests up and was anxious to GO!!!
Now Louis Dean is particular about ice and ice chests! He tries NOT to BUY ice! He prefers to freeze water in empty milk jugs then chip them up with a hammer. He says something about this being a better quality of ice and doesn't melt as fast. ?? Really??
Be that as it may - we brought FOUR ice chests!!! One is full of just ICE to replenish the others as they need it. Whatever makes him happy!!

I don't know WHY we carry everything but the kitchen sink with us!!

Just when we thought we couldn't get another thing in ......

he DID!!!!
The last thing to load was a small stepladder we keep in there.
Louis Dean did say he may need a bigger truck!!

His truck is a BIG one!!

The lake is so low there are NO boats on it at all! The boat ramps are all closed due to the low water level. You can't even rent the canoes!

The truck was unloaded and we set up camp in about an hour.
We discovered we were really glad we brought all that we did.....including the firewood!
And the ceramic grill.....and the toaster oven.....

Our first activity was lunch followed by a nap!

Louis Dean bought us a new air mattress that is taller than the others we've had.
Makes getting in and out of bed easier!

After naps HE went fishing and I took Lucy for a walk.
I am stopping to study the cactus around here since I am painting some in my current art project!
Ruth Ann, the stickers in them really DO look like freckles!!!

Dogs must stay on a leash or in their kennel and are NOT allowed in any buildings here in the park.
They are very strict about that.

So Lucy gets walked more here than she does at home!!
Going down......

I love it here!

and back UP!!!

It was pretty warm today.....91 degrees.

There are all kinds of trails here!

Kids would LOVE it!!!

Louis Dean even brought a bird feeder!
We've seen several butterflies and even the blue dragonflies are pretty!

My blogging spot!

This is my view......

Louis Dean didn't have any luck with the fish!

The only place he actually CATCHES any is down on his son's ranch!

I wanted to go to the Spider Walk tonight but I didn't want to leave the camp fire!

Tomorrow night we WILL go to the Night Sounds program!!

Can you HEAR all that????
I definitely will NOT miss my sound machine tonight!

Louis Dean is so cute!!
He's a lot of fun, too!!!

I'm off to fix him some hot dogs for supper.
He and Andie have the same idea about camping food!!!
Speaking of......Andie, Trish and Deanie will be here tomorrow!!!
Just when we didn't think this could GET any better!!!
It WILL!!!!


Wanda said...

Oh what fun....I think no one knows how to have fun like you and LD. Goodness, I was smiling from ear to ear as I looked at each picture, and had a few chuckles too. Wonderful trip.

Ginny said...

A spider walk? So you go to a place where there is lots of spiders and walk through it and identify them? Oh my gosh, I would literally die, I have arachnophobia. I love your fire! Such a pretty flower...a blanket flower I think. I LOVE the first picture of you!!

Susie said...

Linda, The fun you two have, makes me smile. LD is good at loading up that truck. To think he brought along a bird feeder amazes me. Be careful out there on the rocky places. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

Sandra said...

LOVE the trails but my most favorite of all this is your fire circle.. woo hoo on that. i got a big laugh from the blogging spot... to funny... love it

Jan said...

I'm not a camper, but that does look and sound like fun! (My husband says my idea of roughing it is a 10 year old Holiday Inn-I think he's right!)

Cheapchick said...

Have fun camping, it makes me want to go!

Vee said...

Oh I hate spending money on ice so I'm an old milk jug frozen person, too. You kids just keep on having fun! Hope that it cools down nice in the evenings for you.

JMD said...

Linda, you are a dear sweet spirit and I enjoy your posts.

Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

sounds like fun! I am not much of a camping person, but I do love the outdoors.

Angie said...

Your blogging spot looks just perfect. You know how much we love camping so this post just made me super happy!!! Can't wait to hear what you all get into tomorrow when the rest of your crew arrives :)

Carla said...

That lake view down the stairs was really pretty. I got burned out on camping from when I was a kid. We literally went every weekend. I was so happy when I turned 16 and didn't have to go and could stay home by myself. That's bad huh? A bird feeder? This man does take everything. lol hugs