Thursday, April 24, 2014

Wednesday/Thursday 'Catch Up!'

We spent Wednesday in Quadville - as we do nearly EVERY Wednesday!
The babies were getting ready for baths when we arrived. Amber gave them oatmeal baths to help Kailey.
They all went to the doctor Monday and Harrison had a double ear infection while all three girls had fluid in their ears. Antibiotics all around! EXCEPT Kailey had an allergic reaction to it! She broke out in red blotches all over!! I tried to prepare Louis Dean for when he saw her but apparently I wasn't prepared myself!! She looked up at me from the bathtub and her little eyes were all swollen and her tiny body was covered in those horrible welts. I teared up immediately! By the end of the day the swelling had gone down even more. She DID notice the red spots on her arms and legs!

Logan has THE most beautiful hair!

You can see Kailey's face is swollen in this picture taken at lunch.
By dinner she looked even better!

That's our BOY!!! He can repeat just about anything you say these days!

Trystan and Logan woke up from their naps first so we took this opportunity to take them outside to try out that tricycle I bought at the Salvation Army on Tuesday.

These babies are such sweeties and they DO love their Granddad!!!
Louis Dean always says there's not enough money in the world to buy this kind of precious love!

They love going outside!

They were so good at taking turns!
The quads know what 'wait your turn' means and are familiar with the word - NEXT!

I think the tricycle was a success!!

Now for the film clips!!

They are so entertaining!

I love the sound of their laughter!

Babies don't stay babies long........

I wouldn't trade our Wednesdays in Quadville for anything!!

Trystan is our little teenager!

Love hearing Harrison talk.
Especially when he says SMOOCH!!!
They are loving the new books a friend recently sent them and can already 'read' some of them!

Dinnertime and after is the BEST time!!
Amber and Mike are such good parents!
The babies are already learning their ABC's!

Yesterday I was feeling a little under the weather so today I took it easy.
Slept late and then took a walk.
Louis Dean and I worked in one of our flower beds along the driveway.
There is something therapeutic about pulling up weeds and cleaning up planters.
The layering of red cedar chips made it all look so pretty.
I took a shower and a long afternoon nap.
It's nearly 8:00 and I am already looking forward to going to bed!
But FIRST I must go in there and deal with my closet.
We have slept the last two nights in the guest room because I hauled out every stitch of clothing from the closet! Now it is past time to get in there and clean it all up!!

I will close this evening's journal entry with a photo from 2006.....

Amber and I were in London celebrating her 21st birthday!
Memories are wonderful things! They allow you to relive happy times over and over again!!


Wanda said...

Oh what a hit that tricycle was.. Love the picture of the "kiss" with LD. You and Amber are just beautiful. What a special memory.

Loved all the videos too. Hugs and Smiles

Angie said...

I knew that tricycle would be a hit :)

Terra said...

I can see why you love your Wednesday visits so much.

Vee said...

Oh poor Kaileykins. Nasty old ear infections and nasty old allergic reaction.
The tricycle was a big hit, but your ace up the sleeve is Grandpa! LOL! That's a wonderful last photo. When are you all off to London again?

Ginny said...

Both of you are so beautiful in this last picture! doesn't being with the quads make you feel young again? that is what being with the girls makes me feel like, even though it is tiring.

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

What wonderful memories from your last photo today. Lovely babies. Fun tricycle.

Sandra said...

I love going back in time and looking at photos, they do preserve our memories and that is a beautiful photo of you and Amber. those babies are hilarious with all the laughter... and not much crying. they are so happy all the time...

Sandra said...

Oops forgot to say. it would be so therapeutic for me to watch you pull weeds and put out the chips... i love the look but not the work.

Susie said...

Linda, With all the little ones...colds, sniffles will be passed back and forth, un avoidable. I think ear infections are the worse for babies. I love the way the girl's shared the trike. They will all help each other learn things, how could they not. Don't forget to take care of yourself too. Blessings for a fun and relaxing weekend, xoxo,Susie

Kelly said...

What sweethearts they all are! They are all so lucky to have each other to play with. So sorry to hear that Kailey had an allergic reaction. I hope they document that on her chart so she won't take that medicine again! Scary!! Hope everyone is getting better now. I don't know how Amber does it when they're all sick at once.

Kathy said...

I feel so bad for Kailey. She looks so pathetic. At least the tricycle was a big hit. Grandma is the best presnt buyer ever!

Carla said...

Poor little Kailey.
Looks like the trike was definitely a success. ;o)