Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Very Special Tuesday!

Today was a special Tuesday!
For one thing we celebrated the day in Dallas - that's always exciting because that means a bonus visit to see the quads! 

We arrived just as they were finishing breakfast!
I TOLD you we started this day EARLY!

We came in and the babies got excited!
Then when GRANDDAD came in, well, Harrison couldn't believe it!!!

Kailey was in Granddad Heaven!

Ruth Ann with Harrison and Logan.
Logan has always had a little bit of Stranger Danger - but not with Ruth Ann!!
She took to her early on and remembers her from visit to visit!

Another reason this day was special - I not only had my dearly loved sister in law with me but also two of my younger sisters!!! Logan knows her Aunt Luann!

She had them captivated at the light switch!!

Deanie got to join is on this very special Tuesday!
It is her first Tuesday with us EVER!!!
She planned ahead - since she owns a plumbing company - and put this date on her calendar way back in February!! She doesn't get many 'FUN' days!!


We made TWO visits to Quadville today!
The first early. We left Louis Dean there to help Amber with the lunch/nap routine while all of us sisters went off to grab a quick hamburger before our movie. We saw Philomena. It was an excellent film based on a true story. We all loved Judi Dench who played Philomena. 
From there we shopped Central Market and enjoyed a coffee break in their nice cafe.
No hurry. No worry. No deadline. We simply enjoyed spending time together without having to rush around!
In keeping with our Tuesday Traditions we made a stop at the local Goodwill where I found two crockpots!
I went specifically LOOKING for crockpots, too! This weekend is a big Karate event down on my step son's ranch and that's where the crockpots are needed! We all found a little something at this Goodwill today!

Then it was BACK to Quadville!
We had to pick up Granddad and that's where Deanie left her car!

In the play room.......

Aunt Deanie entertaining Trystan with the Finger Puppets she brought for them today!

Kailey won't leave Granddad!!

Deanie lingered a little longer in QV while we headed back to Irving.
It was Art Class night!

We FINISHED our landscape!!
I have been painting over 40 years.
Ruth Ann has been painting just a few years.
I think she did an AMAZING job!
This has been her all time favorite painting so far!

I worked some more on this crazy Rain Lady painting!
Not sure where to go with this one.....
I have never NOT finished a painting.
This may be my first to cry 'Uncle' on!

Next week we are starting a NEW painting!
Ruth Ann has been collecting pictures in one of her Facebook albums of bluebonnets.
It's that time of year in Texas so it's the perfect time to start a bluebonnet painting!
We will certainly have to stop and study some scenic areas!

It's been a good day and I am already looking forward to a return trip over to Quadville in the morning!
Those babies have turned into real live PEOPLE and are more fun than a barrel of monkeys!!


Ginny said...

Oh my goodness, you have quad grandchildren...you must be in heaven!!! They live near you I think? They are sweet as can be. I love the finger puppet video! And you are so talented! The paintings are beautiful but my favorite is the girl in the rain! It doesn't need anther thing done to it, leave it just as it is!!! If I saw it in a store, I would buy it right away!

Susie said...

Linda, It seems that everyone enjoys being around the babies. Granddad is hit there, I can see. You girls did have fun. I love seeing everyone's painting. I love the rain lady one. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Deb said...

I know you girls had a great time!

Amber B. said...

I LOVE that picture of Harrison and the one of you sisters with all my daughters (3 more sisters!). So cute! It was so nice to get a little break of my own at Starbucks and a rare chance to catch up with aunt Deanie, so thank you for that! Looking forward to tomorrow!

Vee said...

Now that's what I was thinking...the babies are not really babies anymore, they're tall enough to have become toddlers, but even more than toddlers. They're going to be two? Oh my. The things they'll do.

It's fun to see all the adults having fun with them. Harrison's haircut looks great and the girls always look so cute with their Pebble's hairdos.

You sure packed a lot of fun into the day. Love those cabin paintings. They turned out beautifully. And I think you're done with the lady in the rain, aren't you? What's not done? Texas bluebells...one of my favorite things and I've never even seen a field of them except for pictures and on tv.

Stacey said...

They are so cute, Linda! I can't imagine having 4. Thank goodness there are plenty of hands there. :)

Sandra said...

your real life people and fun day includes a very large majority of females.. LOL and i love the lady in the rain

Linda said...

You have such energy, Linda! Sounds like the perfect day with your sisters.

Angie said...

I'm so glad you got a Sister's Day. Sounds like you gals made the best of it!

Wanda said...

How great to be close enough to your sisters to spend time. How nice your sister Deanie could be there today too. The quads so cute, and love how your sisters and SIL spend time with them too.
I have to agree...the girl in the rain is perfect...I would just hang it on your wall.
Blue bonnets...sound like a great next painting project.

A great Tuesday...Thanks for letting me come along.

Sweet Tea said...

Special times with your sisters - what a treat! Looks like you gals had a great play date with the babies too.