Tuesday, May 14, 2013

We Did It Again!!

Another Tuesday that totally ROCKED!

Ruth Ann and I made a good choice in movies today!!

This was SUCH a good movie!!
Neither one of us budged from our seats!

I made a great haul at Goodwill!!!!
THREE beautiful fall wreaths, a pumpkin with a little gold glitz to it along with a fall candle holder centerpiece. The wooden snow man will go in the storage building attic where Christmas lives and the fall things will live in the house attic until time to DECORATE for FALL!! My favorite season and I plan to start early!

Look at this cute Little Tykes Turtle! (Less than $3!)
The cover comes off for washing!
It is now clean and ready to go over and greet the quads in the morning!

Picked up this nice glass cutting board for $1.99!

I have been collecting Tea Party dresses the last month or two.
They will hang in the camper where I plan to hold some Fancy Teas for some FANCY Little Girls this summer. One of these dresses (bottom left) will make what I hope to  be a good birthday gift for my oldest grand daughter. I have not had much luck choosing presents she likes so here's hoping! Add a fancy purse and maybe a hair clip from Charming Charlie's and wrap them UP!
Still looking for Raynie's perfect Birthday dress!

We had a ball painting tonight - out on the driveway!
Louis Dean rigged us up some lighting and we painted right up til 9:00!
We called our projects DONE!
These were painted in acrylics and NEXT Tuesday there will be the aroma of turpentine and OIL paints wafting over the neighborhood!

The very last quilt for the quadruplets is now underway.
I've only sewn one strip so it is another one that is being designed as I sew!
Maybe a row of all blue denim strips in between?

That's about it for THIS Tuesday!
A shower and bed - still reading my thriller of a good book!
We've been using the ceiling fans and attic fan as the days have warmed up.
During the night we use the window unit in our bedroom.
I like to breathe REAL air in the daytime but there is something so luxurious about 
'refrigerated' air at night. I set the thermostat as low as it can go!!
COLD sleep is GOOD sleep!!!


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Another good day Linda. Sleep well.

Denise said...

Great finds, love the Tinker Toys! It is really warm here also. Need to move this little AC from the office to our bedroom.

Pondside said...

It sounds like a great day for many reasons. No one packs a day with as much as you do!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

How do you pack it all in, Linda!? I've been babysitting my granddaughter every day and then need to catch up wiht housework when she goes home. I'm in need of some fun soon! Wish I had a fun neighbor nearby like you!

Kathy said...

Another great Tuesday for you. I will have to check out that movie.

Bev said...

You find the best movies... that must be new... I haven't heard of it yet...

Nonnie said...

Linda, you pack a lot of life into every day. So refreshing. It's fun reading about all you have going on.

darlin said...

Another fabulous day! I like the new quilt, I'd like to see what you come up with when it's done.

I've never heard of ball painting, how do you do that? I'm imagining putting paint on a ball and either rolling or throwing it at the intended target and I can see a real mess being made... like I did with the splatter paint. Now that was super messy but what fun!

You sure are a busy lady, these days just reading your blog exhausts me, I'm down with a cold and am totally looking forward to finding my spunk and energies hopefully sometime soon!

Have a wonderful week!

peggy said...

and what's the good thriller? Always interested in that. You two are cute as a button, look so happy painting together. And was that ice-tea????

Vee said...

You may come skidding in, but it looks as if you're going to make it with the fourth and final quilt.

Had to laugh at your admission that you're not batting a thousand with one grand. I shudder when it is time to gather gifts together. It's such a challenge. Ditto for food!

Thanks for the movie recommendation. If it comes up on Netflix...

Carla said...

And what good book are you reading now? I just haven't felt like reading like I usually do but I can always put it on my to read list.
You do keep busy.