Monday, May 20, 2013

*Warning!* Husband Left Unattended WILL Require Damage Control!

Yesterday I asked Louis Dean about our Monday plans. 
Amber had scheduled a play date with the D. Triplets! Since we are working on several projects here at home I wanted to make sure he would be good if I was gone for part of the day.
He said, "Those babies won't be BABIES long!!"
I sent Amber a text message and it was a GO!

I was at Amber's by 8:30 and we were playing with the triplets before 10:00 am!
It has been a long time since I held this little one!!!

They have grown!!!

We had a good day and I was happy Amber had invited me to tag along!
I've known Mary (the Trip mom) since she was a BABY herself!

Here's how you feed 7 babies!

Seven babies! TWO guys!!

Kailey made herself right at home!

Logan is a little shy when she visits a new place but she enjoyed herself!

Jacob was a good playmate!

LOVE the climbing pieces! Kailey has no fear and up she went!

QUEEN of the cube!!

And right underneath is LOGAN!!

Babies! Babies!! Babies!!! Babies!!!! Babies!!!!! Babies!!!!!! Babies!!!!!!!



Sweet! Seeing these babies play together!

It was worth all the work the moms went through to make this happen!

No favorites here but I must say this little one is a Mini - Mary!!!

Now shift to HOME!
Remember when I said Louis Dean was SO supportive of me being GONE today?
I know he was sincere. However, he saw an OPPORTUNITY!!!

When I returned from the zoo Sunday I THOUGHT this pond would be finished!
Instead he had torn down the brick wall and decided to start over with stronger mortar. 

So today - instead of doing the brick work and call in DONE! - he decided to add a water hydrant!

Not looking good but this IS outside!!!
I was tired so I took a nap and decided to investigate the interior later!
When I woke up and surveyed the damage - 
it took me 2 1/2 hours of damage control to get the house back together!

Shift to the INSIDE!!!

The kitchen showed signs of cooking. I should say FRYING!!!
I cleaned that up and then noticed the rug in front of the sink was wet.
LD admitted he had overflowed the sink! We have BOTH done that from time to time!
All along the counter you see above was sitting IN water!!
Now I won't go into detail about the apricot preserves that were dropped on the floor!
That took awhile to clean up!!
Not to mention that the A/C was OFF when I got home with the attic fan ON!
The temps were in the 90's inside the house!
Well, all is clean and cool tonight as I write.

We have been glued to the TV this evening following the coverage of the damage in Oklahoma.
We are praying for the ones affected by these tornadoes.
My friend, Louise, lives in Madill, OK.
She is the mom of our triplet mom and our friendship spans 35 years and more.

So - in light of what matters in eternity - it is a small thing to come home to 'Damage Control!'


  1. Your posts are always interesting to say the least but I never expected this from LD!! Oh well, he's not so different from many guys! At least your pond is on it's way!


  2. My hubby is very much like your hubby - I am astonished every time I go away for a night to Mom's house as to what has occurred in my absence.

  3. I see four active babies there - that amazes me! THey are so cute.sandie

  4. What baby fun... and well a man after all...what more can you expect:)))....
    At least he cooks.... I guess at my least the kitchen would be clean as he can't do one thing in the kitchen...but make Peanut Butter sandwiches:))

  5. I am a lot like LD my wife says I am messy and just want to do outside things this is true. All those babies so cute, great photos.

  6. I guess the visit with those 7 precious little ones was worth cleaning up after LD when you got home. He is one lucky guy to have you in his life. (And vice versa, of course.)

  7. Thank you for adding some levity to an otherwise challenging news day and a horror show for so many in OK. We got quite a chuckle out of seeing the babies especially the "face-off" at lunchtime. =D And Louis Dean is going to have a beautiful garden situation going on when he's all done. The kitchen? Oh my. Let's not go there. ☺

  8. They have grown so much, I just can't believe it...all so healthy and FINE.

    Hope it;s ok that I am taking your candle prayer image....:)

  9. amen and amen to the prayer, i have CNN on and it is just horrifying and now the cold is hitting them.
    i am still laughing over the Husband out of control... and those 7 babies together are amazing and the do trump my sons 5 pets.

  10. What a group of beautiful babies. A Blessing. LD was probably wore out making those messes. :):) He's a good man and worth the trouble, don't you think? :):)
    Yes, I am praying for all those in need today. It's a sad thing for all the lost lives.xo,Susie

  11. hehe...what a wonderful story!! Those men sure can be a disaster when left alone!!

    All babies are looking great!!

  12. Baby fun! I have to laugh about the messes your dh made while you were gone...I know these well. Praying for all those hit by the tornadoes over the last few days..we are in the midst of bad weather today and it frightens me.

  13. Oh wow. Babies everywhere! eeeccckkk. LOL