Saturday, May 18, 2013

My Perfectly Wonderful Saturday!

There will be NO pics of me in tonight's journal entry! I did NOT put on any make up OR even earrings!
I nearly ALWAYS wear earrings!
I wore a denim jumper and now sport a farmer's tan! I snapped on a visor shortly after our coffee and reading this morning so I'm not sure I even combed my hair! As I said, this has been a perfectly WONDERFUL Saturday and I hope to have another one just like it next week!

Louis Dean worked on the back pond!

I worked in the front!

AND supplied the needed lunch break!

Complete with iced tea!

After 'lunch' which was at 2:00 pm I moved to the BACK where I planted planters and bleached the stone patio. AMAZING how clean the bleach gets it!

Moving to the area outside the sewing room and directly in front of the gazebo next!

I have wall art inside AND outside!!

I try my best!!

I need to work on that 'MiMi's House' sign!

My key collection!
From every lock I've ever had - and replaced!

A gift from my next door neighbor (NOT Stephanie!) after it didn't sell in their garage sale!
I've had it for YEARS now!

Tonight's dinner - compliments of Stephanie!
She supplied the patties, the fries were left from Summer's trip to In N Out Burgers (heated in the oven and tasted like NEW!) and an old fashioned can of Pork N Beans - served cold!

To close out our evening I finally figured out the 'Video on Demand' thanks to my friend, Candie!!
Louis Dean and I watched the season finale to NCIS.

We're off to the driveway for our glass of wine before bed.
It HAS been a perfectly WONDERFUL Saturday!!!


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Indeed, a very good day. Happy, productive, tasty too.

Kathy said...

You were one busy lady today. I love productive days like you had. Now get some rest!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Busy feels times! And good food hits the spot on a busy day.

Sue said...

I have just found your blog and it is a delight! Thanks for sharing your life with us. Those Grandbabies are darling! Thanks again for sharing.

Grandma Sue to 16 and counting.