Sunday, May 5, 2013

Focus on the Task at Hand!

That's our mantra these days!
There's SO many thing we WANT to do, SO many things we NEED to do and SO many things we MUST do - it is easy to get overwhelmed!

Our first priority this morning was church! We have been visiting Plymouth Park United Methodist Church and we are LOVING it!

Years ago Sundays were pretty intense. Sunday School and church, Sunday dinner, afternoon nap, preparing for the evening service followed by having people over for snacks and games after church that night. Sundays have changed over the years for me but attending church continues to be a priority.

Afterwards I dropped Louis Dean off at home (he was focusing on one of those things we MUST do! As in PLUMBING!) and I went off to see the quads!

Harrison decided to pet Snowball and thankfully Snowball was in a meek and mild mood!

He was pretty proud of himself!

The babies were in 'Show Off' mode!

They had special visitors!
One of Amber's synchro pals and her parents (visiting here from Florida) were surrounded with BABIES!!

Sharon had twins (Amber's pal is one of them!) and she could SO identify with all that Amber is experiencing  with the quads. Twins Times TWO!!!

Logan decided to pet Snowball, too!!

Oops! Wrong video!
I can't figure out how to take this one off......

Kailey decided to take off walking (with a little help from the walker!) in front of the company!

Kailey is the MOST active of the four!
Can you TELL???

Look at this clever wine bottle bag (holding a favorite bottle of wine!) Sharon gave us!
The coveralls are a reminder of Louis Dean's favorite outfit!
He even has 'Sunday Overalls!'

Nestled in the top of the bag was this cute little camper ornament which is now hanging in our kitchen!

It is adorable! Thank you, Sharon!!!
This will remind us of living in our camper for seven months.

After I returned from visiting with the quads and friends I went to work on this last section of the front yard.
It's actually the side yard and was so overgrown you couldn't see the brick flowerbed border or all of the stones in the walk. I gave it a good haircut! Hopefully Stephanie's good robust St. Augustine grass will spread over to the stones!

It was a beautiful afternoon to spend outside working in the yard!

There I am!!

There HE is!
We'd work awhile then take a break in the gazebo.
Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

We have had some plumbing problems this weekend in the bathrooms and thought we had been given a reprieve. It was short lived! It feels like we're camping again!
Tomorrow Louis Dean will be focusing on THE task at hand!
Guess what THAT task is??
Talk about priorities!!
That's one of them!


Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Yikes!!!! Teaching them to walk!!! Oh Amber, don't!!! -grin-

sorry about the plumbing issues. Ugh. But that's what it's like, to be a Happy Home Owner. -grin-

Bev said...

Those babies...have grown...hard to believe they are almost 1!!... Yes I remember the Sundays... church in the morning and church at night!! Times has changed have they not!. Hope that plumbing gets fixed soon...

Angie said...

Uh Oh, Amber is in for it when those quads are completely mobile! Annalee is now army crawling and I can't keep up with her. I can't imagine when she is actually walking!

LOVE that camper ornament. That will hold so many beautiful memories for years to come.

Kathy said...

Look at that Kailey! Pretty soon all of them will be RUNNING around the house.

Hope your plumbing issues are finally taken care of.

darlin said...

Wow, BUSY! The quads are growing so quickly, soon enough they're all going to be running, never mind walking! I can't even imagine how Amber and Mike are going to keep up to everyone.

Thanks for the short video clips, it's one thing to see photos of the babes, but to actually see and hear them through video... my heart just melted.

Happy gardening and plumbing to you and LD! Have a wonderful week Linda!