Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday Treasures

I do love a good Tuesday!
 It was a comfortable 69 degrees when we woke up this morning and the temps fell rapidly from there.

As soon as I had my first cup of coffee I went out to pick a bouquet of honeysuckle and roses.

I scattered them through the house adding fragrance to every room!

Only honeysuckle in the bedroom. I couldn't bear to cut ALL the roses - they are so pretty out there by the front door!

A huge vase of rosemary and honeysuckle in the sewing room.

I needed to cut the rosemary back big time!!
Anyone who wants some let me know!!!
It is great for grilling! And fragrant enough to use as bouquets!

This rose was at its peak this morning.
I hope to keep it a few extra days in one of my favorite tea cups!

Tuesday is MOVIE day and we saw a good one!

It was a great 'Chick Flick' and Ruth Ann and I count it as a Win! WIN!!!

With this unusual cold weather - it was a pinto beans and cornbread sort of day!
Notice the recipe is 'Yankee Style!'


Our Goodwill stop harvested treasures as usual.
These little 'trees' on the inside off the lamps are from a few trips ago.
Art was in here tonight. Too COLD for 'Art on the Driveway!'
NEXT week!!

One Tuesday Treasure was this three candle stand.
I love seeing lights in a window - year round.
This is in our den window facing the street.

Other Tuesday Treasures?
Coffee with Louis Dean as we read the Bible and a book of Paul Harvey's 'The REST of the Story'......
a Whataburger Jr. #7 Meal Deal  before our movie....
painting with Sabrina and Ruth Ann.....my Christmas painting of Logan will need some more work.....
the Chicken Salad Sabrina brought - served with cheese and crackers and wine.......
one more 'LAST' fire in the den fireplace......
FREE oak firewood (we used some tonight!) Louis Dean picked up from a neighbor who cut down a dead tree...
talking with Amber on the phone......

Every day brings its pleasures.
Tuesday brings some of my very favorites!!


Kathy said...

What a nice day. I love the fragrance of honeysuckle, roses, and rosemary but I've never put them together. I will have to try that. I'm looking forward to my roses blooming and filling my house with them.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Many lovely things... I love a candle in the window too. :-)

Bernice said...

Another terrific day for you,I love the smell of honeysuckle, but do not have a bush,roses once in bloom are always the centerpiece for our dining table.
Thanks for sharing:)

Vee said...

Oh to have that much rosemary! I 'd have Ree's Crash Potatoes every day.

Yes, I saw that sugar in the cornbread. That definitely makes it Yankee and yummy. =D

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Thanks for the movie recommendation. Herbs and roses in abundance...I can hardly wait!

Pondside said...

I haven't seen that movie but I will look for it.
Your day sounds perfect - roses and rosemary *sigh*

Carla said...

That movie looks good. It's on my list to see not so sure about David's LOL