Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Friday Full of FUN, FAMILY and a TALENT Show!

I spent the entire day with my mother!

Burlap ANYTHING seems to be all the rage these days!

 While she was getting her hair done I hit up Michael's to spend a gift card that had been burning a hole in my pocket! (Thanks, Nita!)

Next stop was Trader Joe's.
I LOVE that place!!!
I admit Louis Dean and Mother waited in the truck while I shopped.
They were more interested in visiting and talking is less strenuous!
It was a LONG day and they had to reserve their energy!

Lunch was at The Cotton Patch Cafe.
Who KNEW they made such a great margarita??
We went straight to Nita's and I took a 1 1/2 hour NAP!

Just TRY to come between Louis Dean and his food!!

Next up in our action packed day (and why that NAP came in so handy!) was Andie's Talent Show at her elementary school. Andie is Deanie's granddaughter - does that make her MY GRANDniece?

She was #36 of 43 talent acts.
We think SHE was the BEST!
She danced - and I DO mean DANCED!- to Beat It.
I wish I could post the video but I only have it on Facebook from my sister and I don't know how.

It was exciting to see so many talented children!
I loved the shadow pictures of the performers!

Mother is a real trouper and held up to the very end of the evening.
Bet she stayed in bed all day today!

Afterwards we all headed to Braums to celebrate!

It was like a PARTY!

Two of Deanie's grandsons

Is this not a super cute little boy???
SWEET as sugar!
He's eating one of the cupcake cones I made.
I think they were a big hit.
I did NOT want to take any home so I had to INSIST on people eating them!
I had ONE I couldn't get rid of so my sister said, 
"Stick it in Andie's face!"
She never dreamed I really WOULD!
We laughed and laughed and I cleaned her up. Andie is SUCH a good sport.
At nine years old she has more poise than most many adults.
I couldn't leave Nathan out so when he least expected it - HE got a cupcake cone to the face!
(I did this GENTLY, by the way, and being frugal, used the SAME cone.)
Little Tyler thought he had escaped but, alas, Aunt Linda was super quick and HE got a smack of it, too!
I certainly didn't want him to feel left out.
You could say I started a food fight right there in the back corner of Braums!
It was all in good fun and the other patrons were smiling and laughing as we left!

My Facebook Status this morning:
We are wild senior citizens! Partied late with the young people in Fort Worth last night - got in bed at 1:00 am and up at 5:00 to leave for west Texas, load up stuff there and then will drive down to see Louis Dean's son at his ranch! Shihan Dean's wife (Sherry) is going with us and we DO love Sherry!!! Another action packed weekend!
Someday we are going to slow down......but it won't be today!


Kelly said...

You are quite the little energizer bunny! Looks like you had a great time with all of your family members. I love going out to restaurants. What is it about being cooked for and served that just makes our day?!

Vee said...

Good thing you had that nap, but after THAT margarita no wonder! Hahaha... I'm in awe of your stamina, those grandbabies have you in shape! Keep having fun!


Oh boy how I envy you having your mother with you to spend the entire day with her. My mom has been gone for nearly 20 years. And how I so wish I could have her right here by my side.

Did someone just offer us a margarita? Yes please...and make mine a double.

Deb said...

fun family it...

Blondie's Journal said...

Your FB page says it all. You make me tired reading all this! And your sweet mother is a real trooper!


Carla said...

Love the cupcake in the face! LOL You naughty girl but o' so fun!