Wednesday, April 17, 2013


The only 'constant' is change and I try my dead level best to embrace CHANGES!
One big change today is on its way - the weather! The temps will be dropping about 20 degrees from a high today of 84 to a cool 64 by 6:00 am. It will continue to drop through the day tomorrow.
I am especially fond of weather and love ALL weather changes except the extreme HEAT of Texas!
Just in case - I brought in the last few pieces of firewood I could scrounge up for one more 'Last' fireplace of the season tomorrow night. It is supposed to dip down to the upper 30's! Now THAT is fireplace weather!

In other Wednesday news -
 I am so happy to be able to introduce the Quad Squad to my friends and family!
Today my dear friend, Brenda, joined me for lunch at the apartment 
and met the babies for the very first time.
They all LOVED her! Who doesn't??
I have known Brenda for more than 25 years. We go WAY back!!
Her son was in an accident last August and he has an amazing 'Survival Story!'
I can't begin to tell you how much I admire Brenda and the way she lives her life!

Babies love NEW things!
Every visit I try to bring something interesting to share with them.
Today it was my rain stick.
Every single one of them knew the sound started at the TOP when I would turn the rain stick over.

I tucked Trystan into her Bimbo - or is it BUMBO?
Anyway I was making grilled cheese sandwiches for our lunch so as I stood at the stove I gave her a set of colorful measuring spoons I found in the kitchen drawer.

"You mean I can PLAY with these?"

I love Kailey's expression here!

Logan can say "Bye-Bye!"
When I give the babies baths I let them stay in the tub until all the water is gone.
As the water swirls around the drain I say, "Bye Bye, Water!"
Since I tend to repeat myself this is actually good speech training!
How surprised I was when over 2 hours later Logan was STILL saying "Bye-Bye!"

I admit to being totally worn out when I got home this afternoon!
However I seemed to get a second wind after I rested a bit.
There are so MANY things I do that NEED to be done.
Then there are those things that I want to do to CHANGE something!

This roller cabinet has long been one of them!
We have two and they came with Louis Dean.
He loves them and had just varnished them to within an inch of their lives right before we married.
I do NOT care for varnish but I have waited lo, these nearly 8 years before I PAINTED it!!!

I freely admit I am NOT the best painter in the world!
I usually want to just GIT 'R DONE!!!
I used an electric sander and gave it all a swipe or two.
Two coats of red paint (leftovers from a project in the camper) and a little bit of sanding and I called it DONE!

I'm not saying for sure but I just MAY decoupage some of my calendar pages here and there!

I have one more cart to paint and was hoping to do it tomorrow
 but since the forecast is for severe weather.......

I will plan and START Trystan's birthday quilt.
She loves to feel the different textures in fabrics so I am torn between an easy quilt of this plushy lion print with a backing of the quilted black cotton.
But that would NOT be the same as a denim quilt.
Perhaps a khaki and black denim backed with the plush with a layer of batting in the middle?

I have Kailey's all finished and ready for gifting!
Their birthday is May 31st.
HERS was a LOT of work!
Should Trystan's be any less?
I think I have my answer!

It's 'Light's OUT' early around here.....
I have a quilt to start in the morning!


Deb said...

You are so busy girl... Love that red

Linda said...

Hi Linda, I love your photos! I agree with you on the weather...extreme heat and humidity is something I cannot stand or take. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog post, I am unable to respond in a message to the lady, Facebook says that I cannot due to the fact that the account is suspended/closed.

Linda said...

Then you can do what matters most - PRAY!

Vee said...

You do manage to pack a lot of action into a day. Kailey's quilt turned out beautifully and all the others will as well. Love the pop of red on the just like new cabinet! Of course, I would. Bye-bye now... Stay warm!

Kelly said...

Gosh, the quads are getting so big. I can't believe they are almost one now! I bet that will be such an exciting birthday for everyone. The quilts that you've made are so nice. I'm sure they will keep them forever! I'm shocked to hear how cold your weather is going to turn. We're expecting rain tomorrow too. Looks like we're all in for a change at the same time. I've been watching the news about the devestating plant explosion in TX. I don't know if that's anywhere near you. Seems to be so much devestation going on everywhere. Sometimes, I just have to turn off the news so I don't get depressed! All you have to do is hug those babies and all is well with the world.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

lovvvvve your red cabinet!!! hope hubby can handle it. -giggles-

Chatty Crone said...

Now the babies are adorable - and they are at whose apartment - how do they move 5 children at a time! lol I will go read your friend's story. sandie

Angie said...

You talk about me being busy but you never slow down Linda! I don't know how you get it all done.
I always enjoy the pics of the babies. They are growing so much and so quickly.
Your cabinet looks GREAT!!! I'm not a painter either but I love how much a pop of color adds to a room.
Hope you have a good Thursday friend!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Changes are a part of our life for sure. Embracing them is truly the best thing to do. I loving seeing the pictures of the Quad Squad. How adorable they all are. I do like the painted cupboard. Hope you have a great Thursday!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I can't believe how much you can accomplish! Love your red cabinet.