Saturday, April 20, 2013

No Training Required!

Not having the training to do certain things has never stopped me from DOING them!
Cutting hair (Men's hair only!) and painting (as in art) and gardening!

Take this Hedger for instance!!
I had no real clue how to use it but in our absence the Asian Jasmine around here has gone WILD and this looked like just the tool to cut it down to size!

I would say I 'Scalped' it!!!
We have new windows to put in here someday in the not TOO distant future so at least we can get to them to measure now!

The lawn had already been mowed but I whacked up so much debris I went in a panic!
Louis Dean calmly hauled out the mower and blew everything out on the grass and mowed it up!

Then he sat down with a tall glass of tea!

Our roses are blooming like crazy!
I had to trim the Jasmine from around the bottom to keep it from smothering them!

I like the English garden slightly overgrown look.
That's how I got so much Asian Jasmine.
It grows so easily here and it transplants well.
Back when I had no money and lots of brown dirt I decided ground cover was the way to go.

Then I married Louis Dean and he loves roses!
Now we have BOTH!

We also have ONE lone iris from the many bulbs my niece, Leah, gave me!

Lunch was on the driveway this afternoon.
Summer Salad and homemade lemon curd from Stephanie (our next door neighbor) along with a bit of cottage cheese and crackers.
Trying to save some calories for wine this evening!

By the end of the day it was looking a little less wild.
Still have another area or two in front that needs attention and then I can move on to the backyard!
No hedger there! I am going to go WILD with the weed eater! It will be so much FASTER!

If you need us, you can find us out in the gazebo.

It is that bewitching time for WINE!


Pondside said...

You are certainly a Jill of All Trades, Linda! I think that your ability to accomplish so much must come directly out of your positive a attitude.

Blondie's Journal said...

I love that you are getting out in the sun and beautifying your gardens! I love trimming hedges, I am afraid of those lawn edgers, I nearly cut my toe off once!

Lunch looks delicious al fresco, you know how to make a day just wonderful. Enjoy your wine tonight, I'm having a glass of pinot all by my lonesome right IS 9:00!!


peggy said...

It is so nice to see your beautiful roses and anything that needs to be trimmed. Michigan weather threw everything at us this week, snow spit, hail, rain, wind, sleet and one day of 70 in between all that. Tea sounds good, wine better .

Say What? said...

Oh.My.Goodness! Seriously. I thought I was the only one that mentally saved calories for my evening wine! Are we long lost sisters or what!? :)

Kathy said...

You are a lot like my sister. I wouldn't touch those hedge shears and the two of you just go right at it. Good for you! Your yard looks beautiful. I love roses.

Sandra said...

great idea to chop up your trash, bob does that with the leaves off the sea grape and the avocado. he mows the leaves and turns them to mulch. your yard looks beautiful

Vee said...

Oh those roses are glorious. They look very happy. That hedger looks like something I need. I went after the forsythia with a saw. I like the idea of mulching everything up for the lawn. The yard looks fabulous!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...


Don't flies bother you, eating outside?

"Auntie" just stoppin' by, although she isn't ready yet...

Changes in the wind said...

Love your yard style...

Angie said...

Your getting things all spruced up. You have beautiful roses. Your yard reminds me of how my Grandma used to keep her yard. I always loved it. Hope you enjoyed your wine :)

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I'm with you...who needs training? I am my husband's 'barber' and always have been. And I have a pair of those hedgers out there waiting for me to 'scalp' our winter heathers as soon as they are done blooming. I can't believe your roses are blooming already. Beautiful!

Carla said...

Busy Ambitious Lady and Man
Yard is looking good