Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday in Quadville

We are back to our 'normal' routine this week.
Louis Dean and I BOTH spend the day in Quadville on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
I go alone on Monday/Wednesday/Friday.
He's OLDER than I am and needs more rest!!!
The quads seemed exceptionally sweet today.

I took this picture when I first arrived this morning and the babies were still in the nursery.
Kailey was as happy as she could be and was holding Trystan's hand - right BEFORE I snapped this!
Trystan - on the OTHER hand - was NOT so happy.....at THAT moment!

Here she is just minutes later!
'Grandma!!! WHAT are the plans for TODAY?'

Louis Dean and I both were happy to be back with the quads - together!
Monday LD stayed in the camper while I went off to join Amber and her nanny in Quadville.
But left alone, Louis Dean is apt to get in trouble so it's better if I keep him close!

At long last we got a picture of him with all FOUR babies!!
We're over there all the time and yet forget to take pics of us all together.
I took pics of him.......

Then HE took pics of ME!
Soon we hope to get Amber to take pics of US!

I put the TV on to 'Toddler Tunes' and was TRYING to entertain Harrison and Trystan as I sang along to 
'Skinnamarinkydink SkinnymarinkyDO!!! I love YOU!!!'
They were NOT impressed!

Louis Dean did squeeze in a little nap - along with Logan.
Not normally a 'shoulder' baby - I think her Granddad has finally figured out how to make her comfortable.

I mean they REALLY napped!!

Meanwhile the rest of the babies and I were doing Tummy Time on the floor!

This is probably the MOST fun time in the day!
Just watching the babies is fascinating!

Four babies. Four very DIFFERENT babies!
They each have their own distinctive personalities.

Logan woke up from her nap in time to join the others.
They may be babies but they have a very active and full schedule.

Louis Dean and I arrived home to let Lucy in (she stays in her kennel when we are gone) and check on our supplies before making a quick trip to the grocery store.

Tonight has been a relaxing evening of TV watching.
NCIS, NCIS - LA, and Vegas!!
We actually don't watch TV very much any more - but tonight we ARE!!

It's just a little TOO chilly to be sitting outside!!

Sometimes it's good to be in where it's nice and warm!!

PS.......I am trying to be a grown up and do my own blog decorating!
I wanted a change and decided on a Christmas background.
The header is a bit more difficult.......
I'm sure Amber will come to my aid and fix it for me!


  1. I believe little Kailey has won my heart over seeing her grin! She is just adorable. Of course, they all are. They are starting to look different now as they get older. I just love seeing all their cute toys. They look like they have alot of fun with them. Your blog background looks great! I don't know how to change my header either. I'm ready to update it. Mine has old pics on it.

  2. It must be blog changing day. I just changed mine before I headed over here. Love your days in Quadville. They are the best, aren't they. Too funny to see LD and Logan both sleeping. I agree with Kelly, I am starting to be able to tell them apart too as they are getting older.

  3. So glad that you captured the photos of yourselves with all four. They're not getting any easier to gather in that way. Love the raised eyebrow Trystan gives you for your singing. LOL!

  4. You have a very cute blog look! I noticed!

    Actually, all you'd have to do, with your header, is make the letters, a deep red. :-)

  5. i really like the 4 shots, those are wonderful, the napping photos are heart warming...

  6. Oh my gosh what wonderful blessings you have there. sandie

  7. they are just too darn cute...Hotrod loves that song...what a great day...

  8. The quads are too precious....It would be so easy to spoil them. Love their expressions. Your blog background is pretty.

  9. My poor blog will NEVER be grown up if it's waiting on me to fix it. I seriously have no idea where to start LOL!

    I love the pics of you and LD with the babies. Your right, you definitely need to get Amber to get one of you all together.

    The babies are doing so good with tummy time. Annalee tries to hold her head up but she still doesn't have quite enough strength. She does it for a bit but tires very quickly. Bless her heart, she spends most of her tummy time with her nose planted on the floor trying to crawl. She doesn't get far but she does try!!!

    Do you know it's supposed to be almost 70 here this weekend. How crazy, it should be snowing. I'm not complaining though, I love the warmth.

    Hope you have a nice Friday Linda!

  10. love all the pictures but the one of Trystan made me crack up in the 2nd picture with that look.
    Sweet picture of the naptime. ;o)