Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Weekend of Celebrating!!

Louis Dean celebrated his 76th birthday on Friday!

He likes to say he can still 'dive off deeper and come up drier' than most men his age!

That means he has to limit eating lunches like THIS!
He was certainly using his birthday as an excuse to CELEBRATE!
We had the nicest day! Arby's for lunch.......

a little Christmas shopping at Home Depot!
Not REALLY Christmas shopping but we HAD to check out all the trees and lights!
They already have the tent up outside for the REAL Christmas trees - and they already HAD real trees!
Not for sale that day - the fellow working out there told me. I told him , "That's okay! I'm just here to SMELL them!!" He gave me permission to smell all the fragrant trees I wanted and recommended we buy a noble fir next week! We will keep the tree outside in the gazebo so Louis Dean says we will buy a BIG one!
The Home Depot guy heard us talking about living in the camper and we struck up a conversation.
LD told him about us being here because of the quadruplets. The fellow had a story of his own.
His father was a twin and HE is a twin! He has twins - a son and daughter. THEY in turn had twins! 
The fellow's twin brother also had twins and so did HIS children!
NO ONE in that family seems to have had anything but TWINS!!!
We really enjoyed talking to him and he told me when I come back next week for our tree he will give me as much of the evergreen trims I want. They cut some of the under branches to shape the trees up and they pile up! He said you can make garlands and wreathes and such! I assured him I would take ALL he will give me!!

We really DID do some Christmas shopping. We'll be home only for a few days early in December so we must get the gifts made/purchased and wrapped NOW!

We headed over to Amber and Mike's for dinner that evening.

They outdid themselves!
Mike grilled HUGE steaks and had Louis Dean's favorite beer on hand!

We had a lovely evening!
Wanna see what I gave him for his birthday?

Two bottles of BUBBLY!!! Bubble BATH!
You gotta love a man that's secure enough to take bubble baths!!

We continued to celebrate on Saturday!

Movie at The Studio Movie Grill where we had lunch!
Afterwards we finished up our grocery shopping. DONE!

Saturday evening Louis Dean rigged up a light so I could paint and he could shell pecans.
The baking and cooking for Thanksgiving starts Monday and pecans are as expensive as GOLD in the grocery store! We brought some of our own crop!

I came in the camper to get something and noticed Maggie in the bathroom......

Looks like she is getting a little nosy!

This is what happens when you share your home with a cat!
Pretty soon YOU are living with the CAT instead of the CAT living with YOU!

After church this morning we helped Amber and Mike.
They had a professional photo shoot featuring FOUR babies with FOUR staging areas inside and outside the house and FOUR costume changes for all the babies AND themselves!
This all on the first day of changing to FOUR feedings (instead of five) and FOUR hours apart (instead of three!) It all worked like a charm!

Houston Modern Luxury magazine - where Amber was an editor and still continues to do articles for them - is doing an article on HER! This will be in the December issue and it was perfect timing since they will need some photos. 

I'll close out this post with a sneak preview of the shoot!


bj said...

Happy happy Birthday to LD....looks like ya'll had a blast.You are a good lookin' couple. :))

Excuse me now while I steal a Christmas photo of those babes.......:)))
Have a blessed and fun Thanksgiving...
and I am askin' LD how that favorite beer went with that chocolate cake I see there on the table.:))

Vee said...

Now Louis Dean makes 76 look fantastic! He does look as if he had a very happy day.

I've spent part of my weekend limbing up branches for wreaths and arrangements. I'd love to have some nice twin do the job for me. ;>

Oh lovely that Amber and Mike and the Quads will be featured. That will make a wonderful article for people to read. Hope that we get to as well, somehow.

Sweet Tea said...

Happy Birthday to Louis Dean!
May his next year be as great as this year has been!!..I've missed getting to read blogs and am trying to catch up. The babies are growing so quickly and look adorable in their preview photos. What a great Thanksgiving you will all have!!

Marsha @Spots and Wrinkles said...

Many happy returns to Louis Dean!

Great photos. happy Thanksgiving, too.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Your post is so jam-packed that I don't know where to start! :-)

Happy belated Birthday to LD. ---- Fun pics all. ---- I love your long skirt! ----- What a Photo Shoot that must have been!!!!!! ------ Glad you got your shopping, etc. done.

Happy Thanksgiving, ahead of time...

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Ohhhhh, and if you'd like my pic of frosted leaves, for a desk top, use it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pondside said...

Happy Birthday (belated!) to Louis Dean! He is, surely, a blessing to everyone around him!

Sandra said...

there is so much on here today i cant think what to comment on... first and best is the last photo of the Christmas babies. soooo sweet. and HB to LD, my hubby was 76 oct 1, so they were born the same year and hubby feels the same as yours, there is nothing he can't do and he does it all. we raid HD trash this time of year. they throw the broken limbs of the trees out in the dumpster. we asked the guy once years ago if we could take them and he said sure. we don't put up a real tree, just a 2 foot fake, but i love the smell and the limbs look and smell good

Changes in the wind said...

What a great well matched couple......

Nonnie said...

Louis Dean looks fantastic. I never would have guessed him to be 76. Those babies are just too adorable. Really.

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday to LD!!! He doesn't look like he's 76! I thought he was younger. He must be doing something right! Looks like he celebrated in style with all that good food and fun day at the movies. That's my kind of celebrating! The quads are just darling in their little outfits for the photo shoot. They are going to melt some hearts when that magazine hits newsstands.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

What a fun foto shoot...perfect perfect for a December magazine feature!

It looks like you and LD made the most of your 'day off' and the birthday celebrations! Have a great week.

Angie said...

Looks like Louis Dean had a fabulous birthday!!
I seriously am SO EXCITED to see the rest of the kiddos pics :)

Carla said...

Calories don't count on birthdays didn't you know that? LOL
LD don't look 76 he looks much younger.
That's crazy about the guy that all the family has twins. I thought it skipped a generation. I guess someone forgot to tell this guy's family. lol