Monday, January 17, 2011


NUTS! is a super fun card game! Kind of like Solitaire on STEROIDS!!
Each person has their very own deck of cards.....and any number of people can play.
The MORE people- the FASTER the game and  MORE FUN!!
Two people can play and this makes for a slower paced game but is a good way to learn.

Each person lays their cards out like a traditional game of Solitaire. 4 cards face up in front of you and a stack of 13 cards in your 'get rid of' pile. The rest of the cards are held in your hand.
You play the cards in front of you EXACTLY like on black....Kings down.
The DIFFERENCE in THIS game and Solitaire is that when you get an goes out in the center of the table and ANYONE can play on it. The center of the table is aces UP and follows suits!
The goal is to get rid of the 13 cards in your stack. You play by sliding 3 cards over at a time and looking at that 3rd card. If it doesn't play on your 4 cards in front of you OR in the center of the table.....slide 3 more cards. For example.....if you have a 7 of hearts and a 6 of spades among your 4 in front of can move the 6 down to the 7 and then play from your stack of 13. Keep 4 cards down in front of you at all times. When you play ALL of your 13 cards in your 'get rid of'
Raise your arms out and yell NUTS at the top of your voice!
See pic above!
And pic below!

Actually the pic of Summer was NOT when she won at NUTS! but you get the idea!

If NO ONE can play and the game is can 'burn one'. That means you slide the TOP card off the stack you hold in your hand and place it on the bottom and then proceed to slide 3 at a time as before. This reorders the cards and often enables to the game to continue!
You seldom get 'stuck' when more than 2 people play!

SO........I hope I explained this well enough!! I Googled for the rules and  found a video of Nuts! on YouTube. They were playing it just like we do!
I also found THIS in which the rules are explained a little better!
Let's each grab a deck of cards!
Wanna PLAY???


Blondie's Journal said...

This sounds like so much fun, Linda and it looks like all of you are having a ball! We, too, are a big game playing family and have a closet full. Always love learning new card games!

Jane said...

My kids love card games, this sounds like a great one we can do. Tks for sharing.

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Awwww, Linda. Thanks for explaining for me :) It sounds like great fun!!!

Linda said...

Oh dear, I'm hopeless at card games. We never played when I was a child - my maternal grandparents were fisherfolk, and believed that cards = gambling (very common notion among Scottish fishermen), so would not have a set in the house. So although my own parents weren't that strict, the no cards thing sort of stuck.

Max Speed said...

We must have got the name wrong when we learned as kids at the lake. We call it NERTZ. Everything else is the same and we have had a blast playing it for 40 years.