Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday.....all Day Long!

We were gone all day! Most Fridays are early days for us as was this one. We each gulped down a cup or two of coffee before getting dressed, letting the dog in and out, taking out the trash, swallowing down our respective medicines and heading out the door to Fort Worth. Beauty Shop Day. While Mother was being beautified Louis Dean and I shopped Home Depot. We are back to work on my bathroom now that the holidays are over! We NEED to be!! It is still looking pretty pathetic and I was having a hard time 'seeing' it as  it will be.....someday!

Since THIS is the way it looks NOW!!

Louis Dean fixed my shower by putting in new faucets. HOWEVER!!! He TOLD me we had to take everything OUT of the bathroom and he would have to go in through the cupboard BEHIND the shower in order to accomplish this! NOT!!!He took out a dozen or so tiles and fixed it without messing up ANYTHING else in the now stripped bathroom! SO since October THIS is the way my bathroom has looked......

except for when I cleaned it up and decorated it for my Red Neck Christmas Bathroom over the holidays!

I am sure you fully understand my desire to move forward on this project! SO we selected a really cute and small scale vanity/sink complete with matching mirror! I love it!!

Isn't it PRETTY????

We also bought a box of new floor tiles.......making progress!!

Our next stop was SAM'S for gas and a few items we needed there.....

like Louis Dean's humongous jugs of  Carlo Rossi Sangria wine. Sabrina gave him a bottle of this once and he has loved it ever since.....even MORE than what was his all time favorite....Chillable Red in a Box!

We also scarfed up on some after Christmas Snacks! These shortbread cookies and chocolates as well as the Trail Mixes in the boxes will make for nice refreshments as Louis Dean hosts his jam sessions this month!
(He had a couple of elderly musicians come over Wednesday night at 7:30....the husband is still working so that's why they came so late. They stayed and played and PLAYED music til 12:30 in the MORNING!! I guess not all old people go to bed early!!)
Now we raced back to get Mother from the Beauty Shop....

and she surprised us by taking us out to lunch! Massey's has long been one of her favorite places to go. 
Located at 1805 8th Ave. in Fort Worth it has been in business since 1947
....a year before I was born! 

The food is good cooking-  down home style- and always good!
Louis Dean was hungry for catfish but the menu said '3 Pieces' he ordered chicken fried steak. He then left the table to get something we left in the car. As Mother and I were ordering the waitress explained that when it says 'THREE piece is really SIX pieces!" So we ordered ONE of the 3 Piece Catfish Dinners and split it! Louis Dean was so jealous we each gave him one piece of ours!
 So he had the best of BOTH menu items!
We had a lot of fun visiting and eating. I am grateful for the time I get to spend with my Mother!

We took Mother home and decided to hit the Thrift Stores! LD found a great pair of suspenders!
He has lost a dozen or so pounds and MUST wear them! The other pair of patriotic ones he had were quite worn so he was happy to find these for under $3! The shower caddy is for MY bathroom and is over $25 at Home Depot.....this one was $3.95 and will clean up as good as new! The memo board was the reason we were thrift store shopping in the first place.
Louis Dean's social calendar is filling up with jam sessions and Dobro lessons! Another $2!

The Goodwill in Irving had some treasures waiting for us!
These two little vintage porcelain lamps were too precious to pass up!
Louis Dean was the one who actually found them and convinced me he could tighten up the loose neck on one! They were a MUST BUY! Only one lamp shade there but I probably have another around here somewhere.

The lamps are about a foot tall and were $5.99 each.

Another good find was two cute from Cold Water Creek....the other Olivia Paige.
Both were  $2 or $3 each!

We ended our shopping with this brand new 3 wick Mainstay candle for $3!

Not bad for a day out on the town! We left at 9 this morning and didn't get home til 6 PM!
I was so tired I had to take a little nap!

Lucy was glad to see us!
Well, the candles are lit and the fireplace is burning! The A & M football game is on TV!
I shall go pour Louis Dean a glass of wine and settle down with my good book!
It has been a perfect Friday for the Chapman Household!

Have a good weekend, everyone!


  1. My goodness Linda, I'm tired just reading about your day. Your new bathroom does look as if it will be rather gorgeous.

  2. a day full of errands can def be exhausting! looks like you guys accomplished a lot and found some great buys!! wish the aggies would've won, it was painful. enjoy your weekend, and i should get to your blog soon, too!