Monday, January 10, 2011


What is it about 'change' that challenges my sense of security? Change is part and parcel of my very being. From the moment of conception I have been changing....growing and maturing in the womb until the time of my birth. Change continued from the very first breath I took and will continue right up to the very last one I will take! That last breath will usher me into an even greater change my mind cannot quite comprehend....meeting my Heavenly Father and living for eternity with Him. Now will there be CHANGES in Heaven? I have not thought that far along. I am still struggling with the changes here in my earthly life.

2011 has begun with 'Change' and it has prompted me to think about the major life changes I have gone through. I cannot think of even ONE change that has not rendered my life BETTER! Even the painful ones proved to be good. Divorcing after 41 years of marriage was not an easy change but it was the right one. Life has never been better for me.  Marrying Louis Dean was a change that was exciting but still it frightened me....and yet again God had a perfect plan and that change has brought me so much joy! Nothing ever stays the same. That would not be healthy. God ordained 'CHANGE.'

The reason I am being so contemplative.....I changed my church membership this weekend. This is not something I did on my own but was in answer to prayer. I have lived in the same house since I was 18 years old. I was a member of Northgate Missionary Baptist during the 60's and 70's. From that church I joined Crestview Independent Baptist and remained there through the 80's and 90's and on into 2003 before joining Fellowship in Grapevine, Tx. I remained there until January 2008 when I joined First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) here in Irving. Louis Dean had placed his membership there and it is the church we were married in. We became so comfortable with this wonderful congregation of mostly retired people. A sweeter spirit you would never find in ANY church. However, as with many 'older congregations', change is taking place whether we want it or not. People grow older, die, move away. In November God impressed upon my spirit and that of Louis Dean's as well that it was time to go back to Fellowship. As an older couple, we do not have the energy we had in past years but we do have SOME! Just not MUCH!! It seemed as if the Lord was directing us to graft our 'vine' into a healthy energetic vineyard and contribute what eneregy we have to the work there. Which is what we did Saturday evening. We still love the folk at First Christian and will continue in fellowship when we can and in prayers always! My pastor, Deborah Jones, was instrumental in teaching me so much while there. (Change is hard! See? I still call her MY pastor!) The high light was the Bible Study in 2008 that lasted 9 months and was like a college course to me. Even though the church is small in number, we always had an amazing turn out for Bible Studies and then later for the Eat Pray Love meetings!

So as hard as it is there is some excitement as well as I look ahead to what God would have us to do.
We were very impressed with the 'Next Step' meeting we attended Saturday after the service. They gave an overview of the church, presented a very clear plan of salvation and went over the opportunities of service. We met a couple who were volunteers that night and they live in Irving as well. They have been wanting to start a Home Team so we said we would join them! Plans are for all four of us to attend a 3 month long study at another Home Team (again- here in Irving) and then we will form our own! We are excited that God had prepared the way before us and we are already 'connected.'

I want to share something about Fellowship which has confirmed to my spirit how constant CHANGE is!! They emphasized that CHANGE is a fundamental part of FC! WE never stay the same and neither does the church!

Fellowship Church Values

Foundation that is Biblical. 2 Timothy 3:16
Environment that is contagious. Psalm 71:23
Love for the lost. Luke 19:10
Leadership for change. Revelation 21:5
Opportunity to serve. Matthew 22:39
Worship that is fluid. Romans 12:1
Structure that is simple. I Corinthians 14:40
House of honor. I Corinthians 6:20
Innovation that is inspirational. Genesis 1:1
Priority in teaching. Matthew 13:34

See how the acrostic spells FELLOWSHIP?

I close this post with something I found comforting....

Times change.
Things change.
People change.
God never changes.
God never changes.
God never changes.

Trust in his
eternal love.


Texas Tales said...

Such a powerful and inspiration post - and so many truths! Change is a huge part of our lives and I always say that change is welcome. No change isn't always a good thing! So glad you and LD have ventured down such a fulfilling life path together. Love you!

Traci said...

I have also went through so many changes in my life - each is like a new chapter, a new beginning. I wish you much luck in your new adventures for 2011

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I still remember a sweet minister I had when I lived in Texas. He said one Sunday that he hoped, if he did his job right, that we, his parishioners would outgrow him. As Christians we should always be learning and growings. This really resonated with me and it was almost 15 years ago.

Thank you so much for your much appreciated input on my office. I adore you!

bj said...

Is it cold in the Dallas area? We are freezing our butts off out here in West Texas..Just not used to it. :))

We changed our church several years ago and went with a home fellowship group. O, how we love it. There's about 20 to 25 friends and we meet in each others homes, having a meal with each other every Sunday evening. We sure have a wonderful time with good music, our love for the Lord and fellowship. We also belong to a traditional church that we attend each Sunday. We feel like we have the best of two worlds. :)
Stay warm!

Luann said...

I see you also changed the look of your page. I love it! Change is hard but something we can't avoid and as you said turns into a good thing once we accept it. It seems to be the only constant in our lives. Love ya Sis. BTW I joined Curves and am on week three and loving it. said...

Change is good, thanks for the reminder! I'm so glad you have found 'another' church home that brings you such joy and fellowship. It's nice to have so many that have touched your heart.

Vee said...

This does represent a big change for you both. All God's blessings...when He leads and where He leads is always good.

Nicole Bianchini said...

Linda,you're so right in your values and your priorities.God knows what He does,right?
Like given you a little of His light and shining away.AWESOME! (And I'll send u an email about.Can I? :)