Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A BARE Spot.....

Louis Dean has often teased me about not having a bare spot on my wall....ANY wall!!
EVERY wall in my home is a gallery wall. I start at the top and work my way down and from side to side.
I have never had to wash fingerprints off the walls! No place to put your hands ON the walls!
Since  LD is so clever he wanted me to paint a bear, name him 'Spot' and hang him up. That way I would always have  a 'bear' spot on my wall!
I found this little painting up above the window wall....and while I did not paint it myself..
I HAVE had a 'Bear Spot' all along!!

Yesterday I went him one better!! I had a bare wall!! At least it was bare for a little while!
There is a reason the walls in the den are cedar.
In years past this was where I hung the many handsaws and saw blades I painted.
You need a sturdy wall for that much weight!
For the past several years I have hung paintings here.......

.......and put many of the blades on other cedar walls in the den.

So DOWN came ALL the paintings on this one long wall.......
What a mess!

I then decided to try a symmetrical arrangement.
I don't remember doing it this way before!
I tried to 'theme' the paintings together but that didn't last long!

It ended up looking like this.
All the Santa's are gone! Every ONE of them!
This is the first year I have not had at least one Santa hanging year round!
While every painting in this grouping is not a real favorite......
I have a plan!

Did you know.......
if you have painted an oil painting you are no longer happy with.....
you can REMOVE the paint entirely by using Easy Off Oven Spray?
Give it a good coat, allow it to sit for a few minutes and then spray with water and BEHOLD!
A canvas you can reuse!
I usually coat it with Gesso and after it has dried it is just as good as a brand new one.
With the price of stretched canvas these days.....not a bad way to recycle!
So some of the less interesting pieces will be redone soon!
ART Tuesdays are BACK!

I am doing my best to 'Simplify Home'.....

Now ALL the paintings did not fit back on the wall. The Santa's are stored behind the couch.
WHERE shall I put the others?????

Well, it just so happens I have another recently made BARE wall!!


Luann said...

Wow the shock of the "Bare" Wall was almost to much. I love your house and the many paintings. photo's, artwork, and history. Its like being in an amazing museum, always something new to see, something in the old that has been hiding and NOW is the moment it wants to peek out and say hello. Glad you are just the way you are... always makes for a fun visit.

Dawn said...

I am dazed and confused at the sight of not one, but two, bare walls. Are you feeling okay? :-D

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

I LOVE you Santa paintings! I think you should have at least one hanging up. They are so good!

Texas Tales said...

that cedar wall looked so WEIRD when it was empty and exposed! glad you covered it back up, whew! ;)

Nita said...

The comment I left earlier is no longer there. Wonder why?