Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Man and His Dog....

Louis Dean and Lucy!
Every morning Lucy comes in to Louis Dean to get her neck rubbed. As long as he is sitting down she loves him dearly! As soon as he stands up.....she goes into her berserk mode! Barking and growling.
Regardless of the conflict of emotions they have for each other......
I love watching THIS man and MY dog!


  1. Could be she is looking fun and playtime with him. Everytime Dan moves the boys are yipping around. They associate him with their walks and fun!

  2. cute picture! she sure does love you both. i am so glad to have OUR dogs home too! jersey is laying at my feet right now. :)

  3. Hi Linda - first of all, I LOVE your profile - it is so upbeat and made me want to sit right down for a chat with you.
    Our little Cairn, Rory, loves my husband. The dog does a standing leap from the chair to The Great Dane's lap, and that's quite a jump as TGD is 6'2"!
    Thanks for visiting - I'll be back.