Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A NIFTY Nutcracker!

I just got this nifty nutcracker from eBay to replace the even BETTER one I have but cannot FIND! I have looked everywhere! My neighbor, Doug, gave me the coolest nutcracker ever nearly 25 years ago! We have two large pecan trees in our yard and we usually get great crops of nuts from them. Doug and Reaoma were my next door neighbors for 17 years and they gave me two of the nicest gifts.....the pecan cracker and a pecan 'picker upper!' The last one I have handy for when this season's pecans begin to fall. The dry green ones are already falling and you can hear them hitting and then bouncing down the roof. My next door neighbor on the other side of me (her bedroom is next to the pecan trees) says that is her first sound of autumn....hearing the pecans fall.

I found a basket FULL of last year's crop so I tried out the new cracker on them this morning and it works just as good as my old one! I crack a tin full  then Louis Dean shells them while I read out loud to us.

Now if it would just get cooler! Doesn't seem right to still be in hundred degree heat when I want to decorate with pumpkins and orange and gold colors and all things warm and cozy for FALL!!

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Dawn said...

Making pecan pie or pralines? Or you could add some to your tuna salad with apples, onions and celery...