Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Decorating BEGINS!!!

Actually it began YESTERDAY! I had meant to get a lot done today but I had forgotten about the front yard! It took all day to weed, edge, mow, know the routine. I had to take lots of breaks so it took the day. Plus Lucy got a bath and I was able to do a few projects out there that it has been just TOO hot to tackle up to now!

But YESTERDAY I did get some things out for fall......mostly the 'new' stuff I collected at garage sales and thrift stores over the summer.
This is one of two buffets in the dining room. I will add a garland of fall leaves to the mix when it comes down from the attic....TOMORROW afternoon! This wall features lots of vintage photos of family. My mother can be seen above the little girl figure on the right.

The background garland is from my niece, Leah's estate sale and was brand new! I love it because it transcends the seasons and can be used year round! The round tray is vintage and I found it at a Goodwill.

The cute little girl and boy with their dogs was a recent gift from a friend. She was out shopping a flea market with her mom and ran across these.....and thought of ME! Thank you, Anna-Lesa!

It is not cold enough for a fire is not cold at ALL! However, I can bask in the cozy glow from the electric candles and a large wax candle all burning on the hearth! The added lights and garland....another one from Leah's estate sale...fills the bill for now! This is my view as I sit on the couch while Louis Dean is watching football. Actually I am watching it TOO!

My 'Fall Tree'.....decorated with ornaments I found at a garage sale over in Fort Worth earlier this in MAY! I knew they would require a larger tree than the one I have up year round. This 4 1/2 foot one holds them nicely and came prelit! I drug it down from the attic....

I love the 'Flicker Flame' light bulb from Home Depot! The gold leaves were gifts from Summer YEARS ago...the tassel on the light came from the same garage sale as the ornaments. My 'new' wire pumpkin (from Goodwill) will hold three votive candles.

There is a golden glow spreading through my home! I am loving the changes taking place~

Now! Back to some football!

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  1. Looks like you're off to a good start with the fall decorating!