Thursday, August 26, 2010


Remember when it you looked forward to the mail arriving each day? All kinds of good things used to come in the mail! LETTERS, cards, invitations, bills- of course- but OTHER good stuff as well. When my children were growing up I would send off for different offers and book clubs so there would often be something in the mail for THEM! We wrote hundreds of letters back then. In each war or military conflict we would write to the soldiers.....and surprisingly enough we received many replies! At Christmas and Valentine's Day we would make cards and send them out by the friends, family and soldiers, missionaries and pen pals.

Now the majority of our communication is done electronically through email, Skype, blogging, and Facebook. I applaud all of these for enabling us to stay connected in an easier manner. It is, however, nice to receive a REAL piece of mail from time to time! When Amber was in Scotland for a whole year I made fast friends with the workers at my local post office. George had actually LIVED in London for 2 years and he would always ask me when I came in if I was mailing something to the QUEEN! And I would always answer back, "INDEED...she is a PRINCESS!" I would send care packages and hand written letters and received back cards and notes and envelopes stuffed with goodies from the United Kingdom. It's nice to see the actual handwriting of those we are close to!
Over the years I have collected a wide assortment of ephemera....vintage letters form the past. I have a series of letters to a Miss Kathryn Krueger in Palestine, Texas dating from 1931-1943 which make fascinating reading! They are from her aunt and contain information as to how they were coping with the rationing during WWII....and they share the testimony of their relationship to Jesus Christ- which was a thrill to read! I have a few really old letters from the late 1800's written by a farmer who was also a minister. I love to reread these wonderful writings.....and think I will do that very thing this afternoon!

That was my something OLD for this post and I will close with my something NEW!! I was surprised to receive recently a handwritten envelope addressed to me with three lovely stamps on it and plump with SOMETHING inside!! A hand crafted CARD with a handwritten NOTE and a lovely GIFT tucked in! (Remember the term 'Tuck-in's'?) It was from my new blogger friend, Dawn, from down in Florida! THANK YOU! I love it! Check out her blog at: I obviously don't know how to do that little 'click here' thing!!

Now I think I will go find me some pretty paper and perhaps write an old fashioned LETTER to someone!


Texas Tales said...

So cool! Getting mail from your followers, I love it!! So glad you are enjoying technology's advantages, while still retaining the simple joys of the written word. Something you instilled in my from the very beginning!!

Dawn said...

I'm so glad you liked it! I'm in the middle of a card challenge right now - a friend of mine sent me some stamps she got at a garage sale and I'm trying to incorporate them all into one funny thank-you card!