Monday, August 30, 2010

I Chose to PLAY!

Yesterday afternoon I was all set to DECORATE!! Then Tray,a neighbor, came by and offered to help me. We dragged several bags out  to the front porch and I hung some lights around the front door....put up a few things. CLEANED OFF the porch so there would be a place for the fall stuff!
After doing a little bit out there, Brittany, Tray's sister came over. THAT is when we decided to PLAY instead of WORK! I had some water balloons left over from MiMi Camp and Tray knew just what to do with them!

He filled and tied....filled and tied....

and filled and tied a TON of balloons!!!
He used his shirt as his basket....
while Brittany used a bucket!

This kept them pretty busy for awhile!

Even Lucy got to join in the fun as we proceeded to play toss, catch, and throw games....with Tray ALWAYS coming in first!
Towards the end we simply had water bomb was ALL fun!!

After all that robust activity the kids settled down in the gazebo for a game of Checkers. It was going on 8:30 when their dad drove up in search for his missing children! I think I made a good choice yesterday.......WORK can wait! CHILDREN can't!


Days at Buttermilk Cottage said...

Looks like the right way to spend an afternoon to me! By the way, in response to your note left at Buttermilk Cottage, we did have a profitable weekend. However, I've never sold on ebay and need to start exploring it. Any tips?

Dawn said...

Oooooh - water balloons! Ishy, squishy, can't wait to throw it at a passing car water balloons! What fun!