Monday, August 16, 2010

Dusting off the Memories!

I have been spending hours and hours lately dusting 'memories.' You know those things we collect that can get disgustedly DUSTY!!! I started with a foyer closet that was loaded with old coats and STUFF I had forgotten I even HAD! That particular closet also holds the 'Year Books' I made when I was homeschooling my youngest two children. Those remain on the top shelf stacked rather precariously!

You can see the shelf is actually GROANING from the weight of them all!!

After the success with the closet (and the THREE black garbage bags FULL of stuff for the Goodwill) I proceeded to dust the Doll Cases. These came with my husband....and he does love these dolls! Even though they are encased in glass I still have to empty them small task!...and dust the whole kit and caboodle twice a year. You can see all the Karate gees on the top shelf of one of the cherry wood cases. These belonged to my husband's beloved first wife who passed away in 2000. She loved Karate and was a black belt who shared this love with her son, Dean, who is a well respected teacher of the art. I found the following information about him on this website:
Shihan Dean Chapman

Shorin-ryu (Renshi, 5th dan) began his Martial Arts training in 1973 under Ichiro Takahata. Shihan Chapman was encouraged by Sensei Takahata to supplement his training with various other martial styles including but not limited to kung fu, yang-style tai chi, northern white crane, chin-na, and weaponry. He received his 1st degree black belt in 1976.
Shihan Chapman has been twice inducted into the Martial Arts Hall Of Fame. The first time for teaching and promoting Ryukyuan kobudo (weaponry), and most recently for "Master Instructor Of The Year." Shihan Chapman has been in several TV Shows as well as performing demonstrations for various events. Shihan Chapman is a nationally known and respected Martial Artist.
 Louis Dean and she also collected the Japanese dolls on the shelf below the gees as well as the other dolls in the case. So you can see I was dusting a lot of HIS memories as well!

This is my Angel themed foyer and holds a treasure of memories in the curio cabinet Louis Dean and I bought at a garage sale a couple of years ago. The case holds a collection of ceramic angels given to me from a mother of a child in my Sunday School class. She gave me one each year and I still love them! I taught Sunday School for over 30 years....other good memories that do NOT require dusting!!

Displayed here are some angels my daughters have given me over the years.

Friday we ran by an estate sale my niece was having and I bought some 'debris' as my husband calls it! I took down the OLD debris. The door opening looked so naked and vulnerable I immediately hung the NEW garland and entwined it with white lights and wired ribbon and whatever else I thought it needed! AHHH! 'Dressed' again!

Since I was giving the room a 'new' look.....I rearranged a couple of chairs and used an old trunk my daughter, Summer, gave me as a side table. The lamp is sitting on a handmade wooden box given to Louis Dean by his father in law, Jerl. He was a master woodworker! The cross light was a gift from my Home Team leader when I was a member of Fellowship Church. I love the cozy look and it is twice as nice since it is reflected in the floor to ceiling mirrored wall.....which I also cleaned!

Well, I think I am ready to move on to the next room! Since my home is so 'highly occupied'....I always have plenty of dusting to do! The UP side of that is  I get to enjoy all these lovely memories while I am doing it!


Nita said...

What a great attitude!

Dawn said...

Don't you love rediscovering stuff you forgot you had? It's make the re-arranging so much more fun - and the dusting less of a chore.

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

I am pooped just thinking about all that work you are doing! I know, tho, that you love your "things", as I do mine, so that is good :)

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh my, your angel collection is awesome! Great article and how nice of you to share! Dusting is good at times and the cleaning out is too!

Have a great day!!


Texas Tales said...

there's a memory in every single thing in that house!!