Thursday, December 9, 2021

Mother/Daughter Time With Amber and Other Things.....

 Tuesday morning.....

I choose a different coffee cup every morning in December - and YES, I have more than 31 Christmas cups! WAY more!
This one holds special meaning to me as it was a gift from a very young boy in my Sunday School class. His name is Travis and I have  loved keeping up with him and his lovely family on Facebook. He grew up to be as wonderful a man as he was a child. This cup came from Denny's and it's a snowman when it's empty but when you pour hot coffee into it - the snowman melts into a puddle and the words are: 'I would have preferred something cold....'

That was the beautiful start of what proved to be a very difficult day.
We have been having plumbing problems - as in the bathroom toilets not flushing for days.
Sometimes they would and sometimes they wouldn't. Until Tuesday when they decided NO, they catagorically and definitely refused to flush even one more time!

Louis Dean was making noises about NOT calling a plumber and HE would get out there and dig down to the sewer.....yada yada yada. I made an executive decision and called the plumber!
Alas, he was booked until December 29th!!!!! They referred me to a couple more and one said they could possibly come between 4:00 and 6:00 PM.

Then Charlie - my sweet brother in law - called me - after seeing my posts on Facebook - and suggested I need a sewer company more than a regular plumber.
So I took his advice and called a number.
Roto Rooter!

Wes was here less than 2 hours later.

And roughly two hours after that - the sewer was cleaned out and the bathroom was back in working order!
We saved $200 by Louis Dean taking the commode up himself. That meant he had to put it back after Wes left. Well, things didn't go as planned and I actually don't understand WHY he couldn't put in a new wax ring and set the commode back in its place. Instead - IT spent the night in the bathtub!

I was so relieved that at least one bathroom worked so I moved on to the rest of the day and that involved a considerable amount of damage control.

The mail brought a sweet blessing from my friend, Teresa.
Her card and these cheerful cardinals helped my attitude so much.

Louis Dean went to bed early Tuesday night and I was grateful to get a little time to myself.
I've been working out in the gazebo - my last 'room' to decorate - and I heard a commotion over on the kitchen deck and went running over there to see what it was. 
A raccoon!! He scampered up the fence and jumped into the pecan tree and then stopped to peer down at me! I'm not all that fond of raccoons but it was still a bit of a treat to have him visit.
Have you read 'Rascal' by Sterling North?
It's a memoir and features a pet raccoon.

I had just come in from the gazebo and was making coffee for the next morning when I looked over and saw a possum eating dinner! Two visitors in one night!

The first thing I do when I open my eyes in the morning - is pray.
And I'm often a bit ashamed at my impatience and not-so-great an attitude from the previous day.
God gives us golden opportunities to use the grace he always provides and it's humbling to look back and see where I could have used a bit more kindness.....but didn't.
I told Louis Dean I was sorry I had acted ugly and he said, "I didn't notice that!"
Like I said before, he always sees the best side of me whenever that's possible.

We had our devotions and coffee together along with a slice of this German stollen.
Then I was up and getting ready to go spend some time with Amber - leaving him HOME ALONE!
I figured that commode would keep him busy until I returned.

Amber and I decided on La Madeleine for lunch and it was delicious!!
We both had salad samplers and can you see that piece of decadent coconut cake???

I treated myself to a mimosa - first one in a long long time!

We lingered long over lunch and talked and talked and talked some more and laughed so hard I thought I was going to cry! What with Amber being a mom to four 9-year-olds we never seem to get much mother/daughter time in so we are purposely planning some!
We already have our next lunch date on our calendars and it is going to be so much fun!
I'm going to take her to Addison Circle where Ruth Ann and I went a few years ago and I've always meant to go back at Christmas time - so this year I am doing just that!

We left the restaurnat and had just enough time to shop Marshall's before doing the school pick up.

I stayed over there for a little while and admired her Christmas decorating which is well underway!

She has a complete set of Christmas Spode dinnerware and Lennox napkin rings with some brand new napkins. I helped her unpack and set the table. It's a beautiful table and she just bought 8 black metal chairs that are just perfect for this room!

I'll take more pics when she's finished decorating.
Her home has been undergoing repairs since March 10th when they had a water leak.
The final repairs were just finished on Friday!
New floors. New walls and paint due to the holes they had to cut out for the plumbing.
It has been a nightmare for her but she handled it as well as possible and far better than I would have.

I returned home and Louis Dean had NOT put the commode back!
Something about painting a ring to put under it for it to sit on.
Something in addition to the wax ring.
I never undertstand what's going on.

But he did graciously offer to help me with the lights in the gazebo!

I'm loving how the Dollar Store bags look with the pillows inside.

Not quite finished but I'm getting there!

I like it!

I closed and zipped all the rain curtains up except for across the front.

Looking out through the French doors from the sewing room.

So I woke up this morning (Thursday) realizing I have one day to get ready for my Sibling/Cousin luncheon! I truly do NOT want to have a bad attitude.....and I know I've used the word 'attitude' several times lately.....but I really DO want things to be nice for my company. 

I keep Scripture memory cards both in my car and here at home and I pull one out each and every day to claim and meditate on. 

Yesterday on my way to Dallas I read this one......

"Peace I leave with you, my oeace I give unto you, let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid."
John 14:27

I have been thinking about this verse ever since, so this morning I went out to the car to get the card. 
It was that important a verse. And I purposed in my heart to be kind and not be agitated about things beyond my control. Nothing that concerns me is beyond God's control, so I prayed.
Louis Dean is more important to me than anything else.
He's 85 and struggling with memory issues and I want to be a blessing and a help to him.

As is our custom, we had our coffee and devotionals before starting our day.
While I was still writing in my diary and finishing my prayer time.....he came in and said,"Guess who has a working bathroom??" ME!!!!

It did NOT look like this when I went in later today to clean and restore it.
That old wax ring under the toilet had been mashed and walked on and tracked......
it took a good bit of elbow grease to clean the floor....and the sink.

I had been wanting to take pictures of the bathroom before the sewer issue came up.
I used hand crafted cards from my Florida friend, Sharon, to decorate!

Each one is a work of art and worthy of being displayed and enjoyed!

To my credit.....I fully realize that I have a large 6 foot husband who signed on in marriage to live in what he calls a 'Barbie Doll House!'
So I did NOT hang 'debris' on his cupboard doors this year!

I put the debris where it wouldn't bother him!!!

So the bathroom is back and all is right in my world tonight!

And just for the record......I love Louis Dean more than all my debris put together.
I just get upset now and again......


Ginny Hartzler said...

You are so very wise! Amber's tree is wonderful! She takes after you, with her artistic ability. The gazebo is beautiful and golden. I tred to get those tote bags, but you would not believe our Dollar Generals. Nothing is unpacked, boxes everywhere, and all the Christmas things they have are wrapping paper and candy. We have only one bathroom, and everyone wonders how we have been married for over 50 years with only one bathroom.

Bluebird49 said...

Oh honey, we all lose it a bit now and then, even remembering how me we love and appreciate our mates. Ed is not good a fixing things, so I rarely ask him to do that. Of course, it means things don't always get fixed, but we have been married science we were in our teens and are now in our 70s. My health isn't good, and he has a small rotator cuff tear now, but he wants to avoid surgery at all costs. ( I don't blame him, so we will wait and see.) Anyway, we know one another's strengths and failings and we do a pretty good job of accepting both, and I know you and Louis Dean do, too!
I know the Cousin/Sibling luncheon will be wonderful, and try not to worry -- it's not the "things" it's the people!
I love the gazebo -- it just looks so calm out there. And Amber looked beautiful as always, and so does what I saw of her house. Looking forward to seeing more, and God bless you and your family, and your Sibling/Cousin To-do. Everyone will love it, because they love YOU!
Oh,thank heavens for Charlie suggesting Roto- Ruter! What a relief, right here at the holidays, to have the plumbing working. (The next time LD tries to fix something you need a pro for, give him his guitar and beg him to sing you a few songs! πŸ˜‰ It'll work, and you can always use your earplugs when you need them!😊)
Love you, kiddo!

Brenda said...

Your husband seems to be an exceptional person…always a worker…at his age…a term I dislike…heroes more than most…that keeps him young…

Brenda said...

Heroes was typed he seems but I like the word heroes for him…lol…guess my IPad knew more than I. Maybe you can slow down a little more and avoid some upsets….take a day…pajamas and relax….it works…love your blog…

Sandi said...

Cute snowman on the mug. 😊

Your raccoon kinda looks like a opossum.

Hootin' Anni said...

You can even make sewer problems an adventure!! Loved reading what you two have done. And enjoyed your lunch date...tell me,tho, is that one of your Santa paintings by her tree?

Arlene @Nanaland said...

So glad all is back to normal....I was concerned about you when you had not posted all week. Blessings on you and Louis Dean.

Changes in the wind said...

So glad your plumbing problem got resolved even if it was not a expected. We all should be more careful about grumbling, thanks for the reminder. Amber is so pretty and glad you can gave mother/daughter time. The gazebo looks so pretty.

MadSnapper said...

wild clapping for the comonde back where it belongs and the bathroom clean and ready to use.. your lunch with Amber looks delish and I agree, she is beautiful and also a gifted decorator and the best mom ever. she has done such a great job of raising the quads and holding life together while doing it.. your back yard gazebo looks like a place santa could sit and rock and enjoy life

Deanna Rabe said...

These are challenges, and we all get them. You are listening to the prompting of the Spirit and making things right when you need too, and using Scripture to keep your focus right.

LD is capable of so much more than my 82 year old dad, who also has some memory issues. These things can make it hard for them to complete tasks, or even see the need for the task. Love goes along way in forgiving, and seeing that they don't intend to irritate us.

You are wise, and beautiful inside and out!

I love your gazebo!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thankfully you do have more blessings than problems. It's easy to get upset when things go wrong especially when we are busy. I love having daughter time and yours is beautiful. If nothing else, your Louis Dean always comes through for you in the end.

Vee said...

The Lord is so good at helping us get things sorted out. πŸ™πŸΌ Of course, you love Louis Dean. I've never thought otherwise and he loves you. Amen!

photowannabe said...

You my friend are quite amazing.
Love really is the glue that holds the two of you together.
I'm so glad you got the plumbing problem fixed and can now use your beautifully decorated bathroom.
Amber is so lovely, both inside and out. Fantastic photos and her home and place settings are really magazine quality.
Good food and fun times together..that's what joy is all about.
Enjoy your weekend.

Betty said...

I have enjoyed your blog for many years and send cards to lilian. You and LD
Are such good not be hard on yourself as you deal with this next chapter your reaching out to God for help is a good starting point. Your loving family and friends can be a source of strength. Perhaps Ld will find comfort in his music . I am adding you both to my prayer list merry Christmas and God bless he will see u through this.

BeachGypsy said...

hi there Linda, loved seeing you and Amber at your lunch, what a pretty picture of you at the table, you look so pretty in red! And Amber is gorgeous as well. The food looked yummy! Wow!---so so so glad your bathrooms are all working now, what a trial it is when things like that break down!! So glad it's all fixed now. Your house looks very Christmasy and festive and so does Amber and family's! Did you buy Christmas presents for the kitties? Happy weekend!

Susan~aredheadonthego said...

Sweet Linda, even at 85 Louis Dean is a man among men. I’ve noticed you’ve mentioned his memory issues lately. Please know that both you and Louis Dean are already in Gods loving care. Your karma, generosity and kindness assures me that everything will be alright. You have an army of love and support . I loved the picture of you and Amber at lunch. She really is a beauty. A beauty who loves her Mama!
Merry Christmas my girl

Great-Granny Grandma said...

Your snowman coffee mug sounds very fun. I wonder how the manufacturer made it to do that.
You have a very beautiful daughter.
The gazebo looks lovely and most inviting. Great job.