Friday, December 3, 2021

Our Visit With Lillian.....

 We spent most of Thursday in Fort Worth shopping for Lillian a Christmas tree and some festive things to brighten up her room. Louis Dean had a restless night and slept late so we didn't get on the road until well after 1:00. Our first stop was Big Lots on McCart and I innocently thought I could load up a cart with a small pre-lit Christmas tree and a couple of battery operated light strands to embellish the tree.....and some boxed small ornaments.....
So I was shocked when I found next to nothing in the super small Christmas decorations section.
Plus what few things they had were on sale like it was already after Christmas!
I suppose I should have shopped early - as in September since that's when all the Christmas stuff first appears! 

So on to Store #2.....Walmart!
Even there, things were pretty much picked over but I managed to snag a small 4 foot prelit tree with colored LED lights.....and a colorful tinsel Santa Claus....a pretty Christmas pillow and comfy cover...the battery powered strands of fairy lights plus the batteries.....and a couple of Christmas flower pics to replace the yellow daffodils in Lillian's bud vase.
Next stop - Store #3 and #4!
The Guitar Center for Louis Dean and Tuesday Morning for me.
I didn't buy Christmas there but they did have some fall things that went home with me for 50% off and Halloween for 70% off! Win! WIN!!! I will have forgotten all about them by the time I pull out my fall things next year and then I'll get excited all over again!

Stop #4.....Hobby Lobby!

I could have done all my shopping right here if I had known all their Christmas was 50% off!
I needed some things to decorate her tree.....and I decided to use these Christmas gift tags and a couple of fake popcorn and cranberry garlands.

And a bow for the top of the tree!

Stop #5 - Little Caesars for 3 pepperoni pizzas......
one for the nursing station, one for us to share and one for Lillian to bag up and put in her fridge.

She was so surprised to see us!
I had tried calling several times that afternoon but she never answered.
She looked good....and said she had been to the doctor earlier in the day.
She looked cute in the leggings and top I'd given her.
(I bought a pair of matching leggings for myself when I got hers and nearly wore them that day!)

She does love Louis Dean - and who wouldn't??

I was bringing in the decorations from the car - trip after trip - when I saw Lillian sharing her dessert muffins with another resident.

I love that she continues to minister to others......she's been doing that all her life!

She told me she wanted a table top tree .....and then she said she wanted to put this one on the floor.
I'll get her a bigger tree next year.

Louis Dean is great at getting knots out!

I think Lillian loves her fall bedding!

Louis Dean was his most charming self....

Lillian han't had a hair cut in months!
While I can't cut hair, I CAN put hers up in a bun!
Louis Dean and I both think she looks exceptionally nice!

It took us so long to shp that it was dark-thirty (7:30!) when we started back home.
Louis Dean is a great navigator and, together, we made it home just fine.

We went to bed with happy hearts knowing that we had spent some quality time with Lillian!

Our Sweet Tabitha.....
it's ridiculous how much we love her....and her sister!

Today (Friday)  has been a good one!
I cleaned the 'clean' rooms and then went back to the sewing room which I will finish tomorrow. Then the main bathroom and guest room and gazebo and I will be DONE!!!
I'm hoping to be finished soon and share some pics.
Next year I will be starting my fall decorating in August and my Christmas decorating on the first day of November!


Ginny Hartzler said...

It is such a blessing to be someone's personal angel! And that is what you are, not just at Christmas, but all the time!

Bluebird49 said...

Lillian looks wonderful, doesn't she!? I know she just brightens right up when she sees you and Louis Dean. ( And of course, who wouldn't love LouiscDean, with those little boy smiles of his!?)
The pictures were so good, and Lillian's room looks so pretty and Christmas-y. I love the bed cover and the tree, too! I hope she enjoyed her pizza.
I'll be waiting to see pictures of your decorated rooms! 💕💕 Sending love to you and Louis Dean and those beauti- ful kitties!

Hootin' Anni said...

You two made Lillian so very happy!! And wonderful photos. Her tree is perfect. We all love L D and YOU!! Your spirit, giving hearts are our blessing.

Donna said...

I know you two made Miss Lillian so very happy!
Angels, both of you.

Changes in the wind said...

It is so precious how you care for Lillian and the joy it brings.

Vick said...

Thank you for the update on sweet Lillian. I think she looks so well and happy. Her room and decorations look like home. She is blessed to have you two in her life.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are such a great friend to Lillian and have made such a difference in her life. Nice to see her doing so well. Making someone else happy like that does make us feel happy too. I'm still just finishing up clearing fall away here. It is a slow start to Christmas for me this year.

Vee said...

What a nice visit! Lillian looks especially lovely.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

How wonderful the two of you are for doing that for Lillian. I know she will wake up every day smiling! You are SO SWEET! Holiday hugs!

MadSnapper said...

Lilian looks wonderful and cute as a button in her leggings. our hobby lobby last week end had zillions of things and on sale last week end. i bought nothing then went back this week end and everything was gone, one time corner of Christmas trees, no ornaments at all. no lights. no wreath pins. walmart is empty and so is Big lots.. like a swarm of locusts hit the stores,

LC said...

Thanks for inviting us along on your visit and shopping. Lillian and her ministering to others reminds me of my late mother. Her final three years were in assisted living and she continued her caring and uplifting of others with thoughtfulness and a sense of humor. And you have a wonderful "shopping ministry!"

photowannabe said...

I love LC's remark about you having a wonderful "shopping ministry". That's a fantastic definition of you, Linda. I totally agree plus you have such a tender heart. The expressions on Lillian's face in the photos shows such delight.
I also agree totally with Sandra's definition of shopping at the stores this year. The locusts had swarmed through every aisle before we got there. Shelves empty or in total chaos of broken and trashed items.
I guess I have to shop in August too.
Enjoy your weekend and hugs to that handsome man of yours.

Carole said...

Who knew Lillian was so fashionable - my hair is really long now after months of lockdown and I'm tying it up all the time. Don't have the patience to do a proper bun though. My mother used to put hers up in a French roll ... sort of wrapped around and pinned in. Cheers

Deanna Rabe said...

You and Louis Dean are wonderful people! Lillian looks good. Happy.

That little tree is so cute. Hobby Lobby is a great place for seasonal decor!

Debbie said...

i'll bet your heart was happy, but lillian's must have been bursting with joy and love. she is so lucky to have you guys, and you lucky to have her. lillian's tree is beautiful, the perfect size. i went to target the other day and the shelves are wiped clean. i was so surprised, but, i was able to pick up the few things i needed and a few i did not!! hehehehehe

during this very busy season, it is wonderful that you made time for lillian!!